Hard Rock Cafe Manila Reopens in S Maison!

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I still remember when the first Hard Rock Cafe opened in Glorietta just across our P&G 6750 office. We used to go rockin’ there every time there was a celebration, and we always looked forward to dancing to the music of the live rock band.

Fast forward to the end of 2018, Hard Rock Cafe—now run by Bistro, one of the best restaurant groups in the country—finds a new home at S Maison.

Here’s what happened during the special Bistro sneak preview last night before its official soft opening tonight…


Level 2, S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay, Philippines
Telephone: +632 836-7141
Facebook: Hard Rock Cafe Manila

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Hard Rock Cafe Manila opens on Level 2 of S Maison on top of Buffalo Wild Wings just in time for the New Year fireworks at SM Mall of Asia.

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The ambiance is younger and more family-friendly. The best sofa seats, with a nice view of the stage, are near the kitchen.

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You’ll love the Hard Rock fine cotton T-shirt from the Classic Logo Tee which is the best-selling travel souvenir.

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The Hark Rock Roxstars (1,595 each) are now here in Manila: Buddy Jr, Skiddley, Sir Kingston, Styler and Razzi.

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The bar is located up front and is not as dark as the old one. I loved the more natural light coming in from the glass windows.

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Drinks Menu: Jam Sessions | Signature Cocktails | Mojito Mojo and Margarita Madness | Alternative Rock, Wine | Beer

Electric Blues (295). SMIRNOFF Vodka, BACARDI Superior Rum, Beefeater Gin, blue curacao and sweet & sour, topped with Sprite.
Fruitapalooza (325). Malibu Coconut Rum, Creme de Banana, sweet & sour and strawberry puree topped with Sprite.

It’s a good place to watch a live band while enjoying drinks with your friends & family.

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There’s an acoustic band that performs at 7pm; and a rock band, at 9pm. Make sure ICE Bucket is performing.

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You can have a signature snack sampler from Hard Rock Cafe while you watch the band.

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Rockin’ Wings (half Tangy, half Heavy Metal sauces)

I loved the spiciest wings but the kids liked the tangy sauce. We were able to order half/half.

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Tupelo Chicken Tenders

You’ll notice that some of the American food taste like the ones you usually enjoy in other Bistro American restos.

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Good thing our fave Chef Josh Boutwood of Helm and Savage fame is in charge of the kitchen of the new Hard Rock Cafe.

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Sizzling Sisig

Chef Josh ensured that the classic sisig and other pinoy comfort food favorites are in the new menu.

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Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese

For something both kids and parents would enjoy.

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Original Legendary Burger

I like my burger cooked medium. This was served with bacon and onion rings.

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We watched Bohemian Rhapsody together, and it was cool to introduce the boys to the rock music we grew up with through a live performance.

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I loved how ICE Bucket performed rock classics like Mr. Roboto and, of course, all the Queen songs!

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The second set started with songs like Love of My Life, We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody to get the crowd dancing.

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The whole crowd erupted into a dancing frenzy. I must admit, it’s been a while since I really enjoyed dancing with Rache, all the more with the family now.

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Hot Fudge Brownie

Sometimes you just need a classic American dessert to end on a sweet note and a Gen X smile.

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Congratulations to the Bistro Group for successfully opening Hard Rock Cafe in Manila with better food, better line of rock bands and more family friendly ambiance!


Level 2, S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay, Philippines
Telephone: +632 836-7141
Facebook: Hard Rock Cafe Manila

Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: Our sneak preview visit was courtesy of our Bistro friends. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. The boys love the Hark Rock Roxstars, and they’re hoping to get the band to play in our home.

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One thought on “Hard Rock Cafe Manila Reopens in S Maison!

  1. It was yesterday we AGAIN visited Hard Rock Cafe here in Manila. Reason was AGAIN great band called Ice Bucket. Great music, great covers and very nice people who know how to entertain. Why I highlighted word AGAIN? We are returning customers so we know the place, band and food. Despite that, AGAIN yesterday we were tried to cheat with the final bill and AGAIN it was the same waiter called Crystal. “Accidently and because of she was tired” according to her this happened AGAIN. When we mentioned about double billing in in 3 gin tonics (billed 6), she was really rude etc… Her behaviour and especially attitude is absolutely underrated and should be fired from wonderful place to chill out. In addition when we gave tip to boy who was doing excellent job as a cleaner, he had to go and give his tip to waiters. Shocking! I guess we are not the only ones who have faced this kind of service there.

    – music especially when Ice Bucket is there
    – cleaning especially in toilets when that young lad is working

    – Food
    – atmosphere

    – service when Crystal is working
    – attitude

    Personal message to Crystal. Dear Crystal. I really hope that you can change your attitude. With your attitude you are ruining the reputation of a nice place REPEATEDLY. You can expect tipping when service is good, but please don’t take tips by double billing automatically. Another thing. Stop chasing the stars. When VIP people are there, act normally and with dignity. You don’t have to show off on front of everyone your willingness to offer all kinds of side services to VIP”s. Get a boyfriend and stick to him, do your work in a nice, calm and professional way like most other colleagues of yours.

    We as a group of foreigners just want to warn you about your reputation. You have nice place, so please do not let one person to ruin it. I hope her name is Crystal. That badge she carried yesterday. If you don’t want to fire her, please move her to work as a storage clerk instead away from customer service.


    Samuel N.

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