Dr. Wine Sunday Brunch: Best French Seafood Brunch in Manila! (2019)

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One of our most memorable brunch experiences in Paris was eating out in a neighborhood French seafood bistro in Le Marais with our friend Jen and her partner. I have always cherished that memory because of the “honest” conversations over Chablis and French oysters and really good seafood simply cooked with butter.

Did you know that, here in Manila, Dr. Wine serves the best French seafood experience? They usually open at night except on Sundays when they open at 12 noon, and that’s when you can have a lazy seafood brunch with the family.

Here’s what to expect and how to organize your own awesome French seafood brunch experience at Dr. Wine.


First Things First

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Dr. Wine is the best French wine bistro in the hip neighborhood of Brgy. Poblacion which is like the hip Le Marais neighborhood in Paris.

Ground Floor, 5921 Algier Street, Brgy. Poblacion
Facebook: @dr.winemanila
Instagram: @dr.winemanila
+63 917 567-8811 (available from 10 to 3pm)
+63 917 563-8811 (available from 3pm to 12mn)
Opening Hours:
Sunday 12.00 PM – 2.00 AM
Monday to Saturday 5.00 PM – 2.00 AM

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Sunday Brunch Menu: Appetizers & Desserts | Seafood Platters, Lobster Maine, French Oysters

They serve a special brunch menu with flown in live fresh seafood that’s never frozen to let you have the best Sunday brunch experience.

You can still order from the regular Le Bistro Du Doctor Wine Ala Carte Menu.

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Candidato Viura 2017 (₱190/glass, ₱690/bottle) and Tempranillo 2017 (₱690/bottle).

The house wines are good and easy to drink to start with but you can pick a Chablis to pair with the seafood and a Bordeaux to complete the French brunch experience.

Wine Menu: Wine by the Glass, Rose Wine, Sparkling & Champagne Wines | White Wine | Red Wine | Red Wine, Our Grand Crus



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Quiche Savoyarde (450).
French “Quiche” cooked with roasted bell pepper & sayote, gratinated with raclette cheese, served with organic arugula salad.

This is a good choice for a nice and light appetizer—a piece of the quiche paired with an arugula leaf in one bite.

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Smoked Trout & Eggs Benedict over Toasted Muffins (₱450).
Dressed with chauron sauce on the side served with buttered asparagus & marble mini potatoes.

You can go for an American breakfast favorite of salmon and poached eggs. The bread and potatoes were a bit heavy though.

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Torradas Catalanas (₱450).
Slice of toasted artisan bread topped with serrano ham, tomatoes, organic arugula & pesto sauce. 

We loved the sourdough breads at Dr. Wine. You can easily enjoy these with a slice of serrano ham, some arugula and basil flavor.

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Lobster Roll (₱690).

The best of them all is their fresh Lobster Roll on a freshly baked croissant!

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The boys with Belgian Chef Julienne Lecomte, the man behind the yummy bread and savory food at Dr. Wine. 🙂


Seafood Platter

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You can order a seafood platter that come in 4 serving sizes: single (₱1,350), couple (₱2,450), queen’s platter for 3 (₱4,300) and Dr. King’s Platter for 4 (₱6,950).

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The Dr. King’s Platter (4 Persons – ₱6,950).
• Whole Crab
• Mussels, Clams, Shrimps, Winkles (1600g)
• 6 pcs. Oysters (Fine de Claire, France)
• Razor Clams (Imported from France 300g)
• Home Made Fish Terrine

It’s good for a group of friends or family so that everyone can fully enjoy the freshest seafood offerings over a lazy wine brunch.

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Start with the fresh French oysters, mussels and shrimps. These were good as is with just lemon and white wine.

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-20.jpg

The bottom plate was overflowing with mussels and more clams.

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-16.jpg

We had to call first dibs on the lobster or apportion them properly, hating-kapatid.

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-19.jpg

We devoured the crabs last because we really had to use our hands and tools to savor every piece of meat.

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-22.jpg

All platters come with artisan bread, salted butter & assorted sauces, but we really just enjoyed it as is with lemon or butter at most and a pairing with wine.

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Frenchy Escargot Fricassee (₱650).
Burgundy snails, Paris mushroom, smoked bacon, red wine and truffle scent. 

A French seafood feast is not complete without sucking the meat off the escargot.


Meat Dishes

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Chef’s Homemade Sausage Platter (₱900).

Order their house made sausages just to break the monotony of everything seafood and to have variety in terms of flavor if you wish.

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-40.jpg

Osso Buco Gremolata served with Tagliatelle (₱980).

We ordered their Osso Buco for the boys who prefer meat and pasta over seafood.

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-28.jpg

The older boys appreciated the fresh seafood and fought with us for the oysters and the lobsters.


Sunday Kids

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The third floor events area is converted into a play area where you can leave the kids to play while the parents enjoy more seafood and wine.

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-33.jpg

Teachers from ETON International School, owned by the people behind Dr. Wine, conduct art classes twice a month, usually during mid or end month. (Please call to confirm.)

Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-39.jpg

The boys were so proud of their artwork creations during the Sunday brunch.



Dr. Wine Sunday Lunch-37.jpg

Cafe Gourmet (₱450).
A selection of maccaron, chocolate & coffee eclairs & exotic tartlets.

Loved this ending of just a bit of chocolate, coffee and mini tarts to conclude the awesome brunch.


Final Thoughts

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Congratulations to Vincent and Eva Landais for the awesome Sunday brunch concept at Dr. Wine!

This is a great place to celebrate with the barkada or family who love French food and the freshest seafood, not to mention a well-curated wine selection!  You’ll love the family-friendly morning wine bar vibe with chill music conducive to conversations.

Budget about ₱2,500/head for a group of 4 for a lobster roll, a bottle of wine, seafood platter and dessert. 

Ground Floor, 5921 Algier Street, Brgy. Poblacion
Facebook: @dr.winemanila
Instagram: @dr.winemanila
+63 917 567-8811 (available from 10 to 3pm)
+63 917 563-8811 (available form 3pm to 12mn)
Opening Hours:
Sunday 12.00 PM – 2.00 AM
Monday to Saturday 5.00 PM – 2.00 AM

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Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friend Eva.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. After brunch, go for the Kill the Sunday Blues at Kartel Rooftop, with DJ music starting at 4.30pm to set the sunset sessions vibe.

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