YOKI’S FARM: The Biggest Hydroponics and Coolest Zoo with All-Day Breakfast Restaurant!

After 10 years, we were able to go back, with the boys this time, to Yoki’s—now the biggest hydroponics farm in the Calabarzon area, the coolest zoo in the vicinity of Tagaytay and a bed & breakfast with all-day breakfast dining restaurant as well.

It was 2008 when we first discovered Yoki’s Farm and its Treasures during our Ultimate Tagaytay tours. It was only Aidan who we were able to bring with us.

Here’s why you should visit Yoki’s Farm on your next trip to Tagaytay’s Mendez area.

Mendez, Cavite (Founded in 1996)
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Email: yoki_farm@yahoo.com
Facebook: Yoki’s Farm

All Day Breakfast Restaurant

Yoki's Farm 2019-2.jpg

The restaurant is quite homey, like going into the large living room with an open kitchen of a modern house.

Yoki's Farm 2019-3.jpg

You can reserve the long table beside the window to have a garden feel and order from the All Day Breakfast Ala-Carte Menu.

Yoki's Farm 2019-16.jpg

Spinach Mushroom Dip with Assorted Bread (₱280).

Start with the Spinach mushroom dip made from farm harvests and assorted bread baked fresh from the kitchen.

Yoki's Farm 2019-23.jpg

Spinach and Ricotta Crepe (₱225). organic spinach, ricotta, grilled tomato.

This savory crepe oozed with melted ricotta. The spinach balanced the flavor.

Yoki's Farm 2019-15.jpg

Stuffed Squash Blossoms with Marinara Sauce (₱280).

Another good appetizer was the ricotta-stuffed fried squash flowers.

Yoki's Farm 2019-14.jpg

Spinach and Strawberry Salad (₱390). organic baby spinach, butter lettuce, strawberries, feta cheese, balsamic dressing.

The vegetables were picked fresh from the farm and served with a simple dressing.

Yoki's Farm 2019-8.jpg

Tenderloin Beef Tapa (₱290). homemade beef tenderloin tapa, fried egg, garlic rice, salted egg, and tomato relish. 

The tapa was lean, tender and well marinated—very comforting to eat with the cool weather.

Yoki's Farm 2019-11.jpg

Oats Caldo (₱135). arroz caldo made with oats, boiled egg, fried garlic bits.

This was the best tasting healthy arroz caldo I’ve tasted, and it was made with oats, not rice. A must order.

Yoki's Farm 2019-13.jpg

It’s good to have lunch first before going around the farm to burn the food you ate.

Yoki's Farm 2019-22.jpg

Banana Nutella Crepe (₱135). banana, Nutella, whipped cream.

The desserts were comfort classics, like banana and Nutella crepe.

Yoki's Farm 2019-19.jpg

Mulberry Cheesecake (₱150).

The mulberries were picked from the farm right before being added to the cheesecake.

Yoki's Farm 2019-20.jpg

Cookie Skillet  (₱380). with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Sometimes you want to end with a comforting American dessert of cookie ala mode.

Yoki's Farm 2019-24.jpg

Hot Chocolate (₱100).

The desserts went well with their coffee and hot chocolate.


Yoki's Farm 2019-27.jpg

Yoki’s signature installation is the biggest laughing Buddha in the Philippines.

Yoki's Farm 2019-33.jpg

Peacocks roamed freely in the Buddha’s courtyard that was full of lion, dragons and different statues.

Yoki's Farm 2019-38.jpg

You’ll get mixed feelings of blessedness and weirdness with the different religious symbols.

Yoki's Farm 2019-41.jpg

The best part is the private collection museum of Chinese jade, antiques, replicas, ceramics and other kitschy items.

Yoki's Farm 2019-43.jpg

As you enter, you are welcomed by the Large Chinese Carved Jade Twin Dragon Boat.

Yoki's Farm 2019-45.jpg

Can you tell which ones are real, antique or replica?

Yoki's Farm 2019-46.jpg

A collection of old billiard tables used as foundation for the Buddha altar.

Yoki's Farm 2019-47.jpg

The most expensive item in the collection is this Green Jade Dragon Boat…

Yoki's Farm 2019-50.jpg

…with intricate details and some surprises.

Yoki's Farm 2019-51.jpg

Terracotta warriors replica and Filipiniana Baro’t Saya.

Yoki's Farm 2019-53.jpg

Scales of Justice with a quirky collection of deodorant balls.

Yoki's Farm 2019-55.jpg

The most precious stuff is securely stored within a glass enclosure.

Yoki's Farm 2019-60.jpg

Some are a bit creepy like this baby doll.

Yoki's Farm 2019-62.jpg

Some are a bit funny.

Yoki's Farm 2019-63.jpg

This is a collection of old typewriters, computers and other appliances.

Orchidarium, Aviary & Reptile Park

Yoki's Farm 2019-67.jpg

They have a budding collection of birds and orchids…

Yoki's Farm 2019-68.jpg

Brahminy Kites…

Yoki's Farm 2019-70.jpg

…and baby reptiles that the boys loved—

Yoki's Farm 2019-71.jpg


Yoki's Farm 2019-72.jpg


Yoki's Farm 2019-75.jpg

…and snakes.

Hydroponics Farm

Yoki's Farm 2019-76.jpg

Yoki’s is the biggest hydroponics farm in the Calabarzon area and they supply vegetables to most of the markets in the region.

Yoki's Farm 2019-79.jpg

It was cool to point out to the kids where the vegetables they ate came from.

Yoki's Farm 2019-77.jpg

They have different kinds of lettuce and other vegetables.

Yoki's Farm 2019-82.jpg

You can learn how to be a hydrofarmer for ₱1,500/person.


Yoki's Farm 2019-115.jpg

The best part of the farm is the Savannah where your boys can sing “Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O.”

You can have a farm tour for ₱200/person plus ₱100/group for the tour guide.

Yoki's Farm 2019-93.jpg

All kinds of ducks: local ducks, Peking ducks and those from Rouen, France.

Yoki's Farm 2019-89.jpg

Local wild black pigs.

Yoki's Farm 2019-92.jpg

Small cute ponies…

Yoki's Farm 2019-90.jpg

…that kids can feed with hay.

Yoki's Farm 2019-98.jpg

Yes, they have ostriches that kids can feed with leaves.

Yoki's Farm 2019-106.jpg

They also have a Cassowary which is the third biggest flightless bird next to the Ostrich and Emus.

Yoki's Farm 2019-108.jpg

The main attraction are the zebras with their black & white stripes.

Yoki's Farm 2019-111.jpg

They were very friendly and even young kids could feed them.

Bed & Breakfast

Yoki's Farm 2019-129.jpg

You can sleep in the farm now. It offers a big family room with three beds.

Family (5 Pax) = ₱9,000 overnight including breakfast and farm access.
Premier (4 Pax)=  ₱7,200 overnight including breakfast and farm access.
+ ₱1,000 for additional person with farm access only

Yoki's Farm 2019-128.jpg

The restroom is simple and clean, with shower, toilet and bidet facilities.

Yoki's Farm 2019-122.jpg

There’s also a single room for an intimate couple stay for ₱4,500/night for 2 pax including breakfast, farm access, and night garden/pool access.

Yoki's Farm 2019-121.jpg

Pool and play area for kids.

Yoki's Farm 2019-118.jpg

A nice garden and a koi pond.

Yoki's Farm 2019-120.jpg

They are now building the new grand entrance with a nicely paved driveway as part of their expansion.

Final Thoughts

Yoki's Farm 2019-131.jpg

This is a great place to bring the kids for a farm-to-table experience, interaction with animals up-close and exposure to the farm’s quirky collection.

The food options were limited, and I do hope they soon offer Filipino family comfort food favorites which are perfect for a family outing in the farm.

You can stay overnight to have a feel of farm living and to enjoy the place all to yourselves. Make sure to bring your family to Yoki’s.

Mendez, Cavite (Founded in 1996)
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Email: yoki_farm@yahoo.com
Facebook: Yoki’s Farm

Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: Our meal and farm tour was courtesy of Yoki’s Farm.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. We did not like the Paella and the Grilled Beef Tenderloin Skewer (a bit dry). Hope they can improve these.

Yoki's Farm 2019-10.jpg

Chorizo and Chicken Paella (good for two – 595).

Yoki's Farm 2019-6.jpg

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Skewers (₱385). tenderloin beef, onion, bell pepper, garlic yogurt sauce, pita bread or buttered rice. 

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