HUI LAU SHAN: Opens in the Philippines!

Hui Lau Shan PH

Hong Kong’s mango dessert expert Hui Lau Shan opens its Philippine flagship store in SM Megamall on March 23!

Hui Lau Shan 許留山 is a household name in Hong Kong globally known for their 200+ innovative dessert creations and refreshments using Philippine carabao mangoes.

The first store started as a traditional herbal tea shop in the early 60s, selling herbal jelly and a variety of herbal teas, which are believed to provide Chinese medical health benefits. With their passion for innovation, they made a product breakthrough by adding the mango sago in the 90s, catapulting Hui Lau Shan to fame and earning them the title of Hong Kong’s Fresh Fruit Dessert Pioneer.

As a frequent flyer to Hong Kong, I found no difficulty spotting all the Hui Lau Shan shops located around the touristy spots. With over 300+ international stores in China, Malaysia, South Korea, Macau, Canada, Taiwan, Paris, Vietnam and Melbourne, it only makes sense that the Philippines should be part of the growing chain.

Here’s a list of our favorite menu items…

Hui Lau Shan PH
SM Megamall Atrium, Level 4 beside Army Navy

Hui Lau Shan PH

The branch is located at SM Megamall Atrium, Level 4 beside Army Navy.

Hui Lau Shan has vibrantly lit shops with modern seats that make a bright interior.


It has a playful wall, telling the story of Hui Lau Shan’s mangoes around the world.

The mangoes used internationally are locally sourced from Guimaras and Davao depending on the season, so there won’t be any problem with the taste.

With the mango overload on the menu, here are my personal favorites to narrow down the list!

Menu: Drinks  | Desserts


1. B3 (R Php120 | L Php 130)

Hui Lau Shan

For the beverage, order the “B3” made of aloe jelly, mango juice and coconut milk.

Tip: By mango juice, they mean mango slushie.

The frosty mango beverage is topped with a generous layer of milky slushie coconut goodness, aloe jelly (pandan), and sweet juicy mango chunks. You can taste the enhanced fragrance and flavor of the drink because of the coconut.


2. Mango Chewy Ball (Php 150)

Hui Lau Shan

My favorite dessert items are the glutinous rice balls in mango juice with extra mango chunks.

The mango slushie dessert comes with mini glutinous rice balls and cubes of fresh mango topped with yummy egg-free mango ice cream! It’s definitely a mango lover’s dream!!


3. Mango Mochi (3Pcs Php90)

Hui Lau Shan

Hui Lau Shan makes the best mango mochi dessert that I always crave for—a squishy rice flour dessert covered with sweet shredded coconut and stuffed full of real mango chunks inside! There’s so much mango inside you can really taste the fruit in each bite!


A must order and a great choice for take out!


4. Mango Romance (Php170)


Mango romance is a combo of the three signature desserts. It’s perfect for those who are having trouble making up their mind.


5. Mango Pudding

Hui Lau Shan PH

For pasalubong, I super love their mango pudding! There’s 35% more mangoes added in, so you can actually taste the fresh mangoes.


Hui Lau Shan PH

They also have fresh fruit teas which I’m excited to try next time!



Visit the first Hui Lau Shan store in the Philippines on its launch on March 23, 2019 at SM Megamall. Thanks to Josiah’s Catering through the Fat Daddy’s Group for taking Pinoy pride back home and bringing Hui Lau Shan to the Philippines!

Come to the store on the 23rd to win amazing prizes! The first buyer wins a one-year supply of Hui Lau Shan drinks and desserts; the second, 6 months supply; and the third, fouth and fifth, 3 months supply.

Plus, the first 200 customers get the famed A1 or B3 drinks for only Php50!

Hui Lau Shan PH
SM Megamall Atrium, Level 4 beside Army Navy


Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We were media guests of Hui Lau Shan Ph.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.


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