List of Volunteer Organizations (💯Legit) in the Philippines! #GOVolunteer

Performing Arts and Recreation Center (PARC) Volunteers

Volunteering is both a selfless give-and-take act because you work for free to contribute to the community but in return, you discover yourself while your love tank is filled by the people you helped.

But these days, you have to be careful about which volunteer groups to join because some exploits the community they work with by making them dependent on volunteers instead of making the community better.

iVolunteer Philippines is the leading organization that connects volunteers to the rightful NGOs and communities for the last 10 years. Every year, they hold a GO! Volunteer Expo to showcase and meet the different volunteer groups. This is a great opportunity also for volunteers to look for where they can offer their skills to the group that would benefit the most.

This year, the GO! Volunteer Expo will happen at Glorietta Activity Center on April 6 & 7, 2019.

This time, iVolunteer Philippines is making it an even bigger event that will celebrate everyday Filipino heroes and the timeless act of giving back. iVolunteer believes that when given the opportunity, Filipinos are always willing to answer the call for help.

Here’s the complete list of Volunteer Communities that you can join:

Why Volunteer?

We naturally have different reasons why we choose to volunteer. We also choose to do it at different times in our lives. However, what we all get out of doing these selfless acts aren’t really that far apart from each other.

Volunteering gives us fresh insights and irreplaceable experiences that we won’t get elsewhere. It helps us discover ourselves socially, emotionally, and psychologically in a unique way. It teaches us how to connect to people, help others, and be more self-aware. It is never easy or glamorous, but it is undeniably beneficial and uplifting.


What to Expect in Go! Volunteer Expo?  

• Volunteer Fair – a chance for volunteers to find the NGOs that support their advocacies and learn about volunteering opportunities straight from volunteer leaders.

• Hero Museum – an exhibit of inspiring #EverydayHero stories that new volunteers can learn from and relate to.

• Performances from Communities – a showcase of talent by the communities, NGOs, and guest performers who support the campaign of a better Philippines through volunteerism.

• Inspirational Talks – guest volunteer leaders who will share their stories and insights to inspire everyone to start their own adventure and discover new possibilities.


Where to Volunteer?

1).  2KK Tulong Sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation

Everywhere, there are people who dream about making a difference – whether it’s for a Filipino child, family, community, country, or the world. TULONG SA KAPWA KAPATID (2KK) is a group of young and committed volunteers who make this dream a reality.

Why should people volunteer with you?

2KK is a community of volunteers working together to empower the underprivileged youth by providing opportunities to enrich their education.

For more info, contact via email:


2). Amnesty International Philippines

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected for everyone

For more info, contact Tiffany Suniga via email:


3). Aral Pinoy

ARALPINOY.ORG INC. is now non-stock, non-profit organization newly registered under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 11, 2010. ARALPINOY.ORG INC. promotes and serves both the public and private school teachers in enhancing their skills, knowledge and attitudes through FREE trainings on learning and teaching strategies using various methodologies in General Education courses like: Math, English, Filipino, Science, Social Studies, Information Technology, Values Education, etc. .

For more info, contact Fe Matullano via email:


4). ATD Fourth World (All Together Dignity)

ATD partners with communities, indicidual groups, and academes to find solution to eradicate poverty. We empower through knowledge with our street libraries, forums & workshops, art activities, festival of learning. We are ATD (All Together in Dignity).

Why should people volunteer with you?

We are an NGO composed of volunteers who work with impoverished communities to create solutions together to fight poverty. People volunteer with us because we welcome volunteer at any stage of thier volunteering journey. Our volunteers grow with us.

For more info, contact Mae Ann Reginaldo via email:


5). Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc.

ChildHope Philippines is the first international movement founded in the country which advocates for the cause of street children. The organization’s main objective is to empower street children and help them gain access to a brighter future. It employs street educators who go out into the streets of Manila and provide counseling and basic education to street kids through alternative learning sessions.

Why should people volunteer with you?

Below are some of the reasons why people choose to volunteer with us. We, Childhope Philippines provides an opportunity to:
1. give something back to an organization that has impacted on a street child’s life, either directly
2. make a difference to the lives of street children
3. help others less fortunate or without a voice mostly children in street situations
4. feel valued and part of a team
5. spend quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle
6. gain confidence and self-esteem.
7. using one’s professional skills and knowledge to benefit others
8. social benefits (meeting new people and making new friends
9. a chance to socialise
10. getting to know the local community.

For more info, contact Jemcy Tumbaga via email:;


6). Citizens’ Disaster Response Center Foundation, Inc. (CDRC)

The Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) is a non-government organization that pioneered and continues to promote community-based disaster management in the Philippines. CDRC operates nationwide through a network of regional centers affiliated with the Citizens’ Disaster Response Network (CDRN) and through people’s organizations. Organized in 1984, CDRC focuses its assistance to the most affected, least served and most vulnerable sectors of the population through preparedness and mitigation, emergency relief, and recovery and rehabilitation programs. CDRC responds to minor disasters and major emergencies, among these, are the 2013 super typhoon Yolanda, Typhoons Vinta and Urduja in 2017and 2018 Typhoon Ompong and Usman. Through the years, since 1984, CDRC has touched the lives of millions of Filipinos through its programs.

Why should people volunteer with you?

CDRC volunteers help people help themselves. They serve the most affected and least served communities during disasters. Disasters happen when hazards strike a vulnerable community. CDRC volunteers help strengthen the capacity of communities and reduce the risks for disasters. They participate in all phases of the disaster management cycle, i.e. Disaster Preparedness, Prevention and Mitigation, Disaster Response and Recovery/Rehabilitation. They play a role before, during and after any disaster! Be a CRDC volunteer and help make the Philippines a disaster-resilient country.

For more info, contact Ma. Elna Corazon Jazmines via email: ;


7). Coalition of Services of the Elderly

The Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE) is a Non-Government Organization working to promote Community Based Programs of the Elderly. In addressing issues of poverty, exclusion and invisibility, COSE is privileged to help older people, especially the poor ones, in enabling them to bring about conditions that they may live in dignity.

For more info, contact Jeff Balistoy via email:


8). National Resource and Logistics Management Bureau (DSWD)

National Resource and Logistics Management Bureau is an office under the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

For more info, contact John Jasper Sanchez via email:


9). Edicute Inc

Edicute Incorporated is a nonprofit volunteer organization committed to empowering Filipino indigenous people with equal opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of others. Our mission is to promote education by providing services that address and reduce the illiteracy rate of Filipino indigenous peoples. We support the establishment of sustainable community-based literacy schools to make basic education service accessible, contribute to the reduction of malnutrition and promote health and sanitation amongst indigenous peoples. Yearly,  Edicute Incorporated conducts (3) major outreach projects, Balik Eskwela every May, Oplan Sagip Karunungan every August and Edicute ang Pasko every December.

Why should people volunteer with you?

Edicute Incorporated focuses its efforts on Filipino indigenous people, particularly on IP children’s education. We have conducted outreach programs all outside the Metro that benefited more than 5,500 IP schoolchildren and over 2,700 families. Edicute offers out-of-the-ordinary outreach activities that will challenge any volunteer. Our activities involve a long travel to the location via different modes of transportation (i.e. roro, dump truck, habal-habal) and trekking, carrying donations, preparing meals, conducting grade-level specific activities for the kids, and immersing with the community through foster families. We take pride in the IPs that we’ve provided for or helped and the friendships that we built with fellow volunteers. Our current and past volunteers can testify to this life-changing opportunity.

For more info, contact Ly Ann Agulan via email:


10). Feeding Change Philippines

We are a community of people who love to give back to society the best way we can little by little. We cater six sectors of the society: environment, people, education, animals, building and medical.

Why should people volunteer with you?

We are inviting individuals who are passionate about helping different sectors of society. We offer a variety of outreach programs depending on one’s passion. At Feeding Change, you don’t only fulfill your passion but you get to gain more friends, have fun while volunteering and learn a lot as an individual.

For more info, contact Lhanz Barcenas via email:


11). Grain Foundation for PWD Inc.

Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit organization that gives free opportunities to persons with disabilities (PWDs) communities to study, live and work without discrimination. GFPI main program are the following: Joy Disability School, Vocational Training, Dunamai Social Enterprises, Family and Community Social Enterprises and Disability Ministry Course.

Why should people volunteer with you?

Have you ever felt the need to lessen the discrimination most especially for people who cannot voice out their thoughts? Did you hear or say the word “mongoloid”, “abnoy”, “baliw” and many degrading terms for persons with disability then after hearing these words you felt the urge to fight for their rights but doesn’t know how? Then this is your chance to spread awareness to your community. You can be OUR voice to spread that PWDs CAN and they are ABLE to do something.

For more info, contact Pearl Angela Soriano or Marjorie Lebatigue via email:


12). Habitat for Humanity

More than just four walls and a roof, Habitat for Humanity Philippines builds strong and resilient structures that make our homeowners feel secure. Safe and decent homes uplift a family’s standard of living by giving them a true sense of ownership and pride. Through the years, our organization has also expanded its services by providing volunteer opportunities, community development projects, youth programs, water and sanitation facilities, schools, health centers, libraries, and multi-purpose buildings that can benefit the whole community.

Why should people volunteer with you?

Habitat for Humanity opens its doors to individuals and groups who want to lend their time, skills, and hearts to help build homes, nd advocate our mission. Together, we help transform lives, and give hope to families in need. Everyone deserves a decent place to live.

For more info, Contact Beatriz Javelosa via email:


13). Juan Portrait

Juan Portrait is an organization of photographers, writers, and other volunteers from all walks of life who have banded together to use their individual skills to contribute to the development of communities throughout the country.

For more info, contact Guia Tomaneng via email:


14). Karinderia ni Mang Urot

Karinderia ni Mang Urot (KMU) is a soup kitchen here in Metro Manila committed to feed the hungry and homeless since 2012. Our objective is to end hunger.

For more info, contact: Erwin Angeles via email:


15). Let’s Do It Philippines

Let’s Do It! Philippines is a nationwide civic-led mass movement to clean the entire country in one day. It aims to mobilize five million Filipinos across the nation to unite and make the grassroots action to combat illegally disposed solid waste.

For more info, contact Dann Diez via email:


16). Make a Wish

Make-A-Wish® Philippines is the first and only nonprofit wish-granting foundation in the country. We are an affiliate of the world’s largest and most respected wish-granting organization, Make-A-Wish Foundation® International

For more info, contact Aleah Ortiz via email:


17). Performing Arts and Recreation Center (PARC)

The PARC Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2015 that spearheads the development of performing arts in the country by enabling Filipino artists to succeed. We do this by providing our artists with a HOME: a hub with creative spaces for use, opportunities through our various programs, mentors and partners for collaboration, and events and production support.

Why should people volunteer with you?

Performing arts—it’s the song you have on repeat, the actors in your favorite movie, the play you watched recently, the dance video that went viral online. It is the inspiration and the foundation supporting your other passions and pursuits. Without us fully realizing its impact, performing arts is an integral part of our lives. Imagine a world without performing arts. Do you see a world you can live in? Do you see a life you can enjoy? So many people say that they can’t live without music, dance, and theatre, yet they put little value into it and feed into the “starving artist” stigma. Performing arts should be fueled. It deserves a platform that allows it to flourish. It’s about time we changed the image of the “starving artist.” Here at The PARC Foundation, we provide the platform to support the people who bring performing arts into our lives. PARC is here to give them a HOME where they can create more and pursue more of the things they are passionate about.

For more info, contact Sofia Santiago via email:


18). Philippine Jesuit Prison Service (PJPS)

PJPS is based in New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa with a mission of rebuilding lives and rekindling hope to our incarcerated individuals and their families.

For more info, contact Henry Palmones Jr. via email:


19). Progressive Assistance Canada

PAC is a Canadian-based organization operating in the impoverished community of Barangay 128, also known as Old Smokey Mountain, which is located in Balut, Tondo, Manila, Philippines. PAC offers 10 assistance programs, such as an after school (every Sunday morning); distributions of powdered milk, cereals and multivitamins (sponsorships – every four weeks); scholarship program starting June 2019; and other programs like community meals; and clothing, book, toy, and food package distributions as donations become available.

Why should people volunteer with you?

PAC is an organization that embraces diversity, regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and nationality. Diversity brings strength to our organization and its mission, and also reflects the very composition of our organization, bringing together two different cultures and nations (Canadian & Filipino). Our team sees PAC as a conduit for volunteers to express their caring, loving and kind nature through our service for others, and regardless of their social classes, they could make a real, positive and lasting effect in a child’s life, all while having fun and making great friends.

For more info, contact Philippe Blanchard via email:


20). Project Pearls

Project PEARLS is a Philippines and U.S. registered non-profit organization in existence since 2010. Our mission is to help the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines achieve a better life through education, literacy, empowerment, nourishment, nutrition, and healthcare.

Why should people volunteer with you?

People from different walks of life who want to make a difference, whether it may be a small or big way, should volunteer with us. It is because we can help them in having their time, talent and treasure be appreciated and valued by amazing children from different communities we serve.

For more info, contact Karen Viel Beblañas via email:


21). Pusod Inc.

Pusod envisions a world where people and communities are energized by their cultural and ecological wealth; live with reverence for the earth and all life; and naturally prosper in diverse, self-sustaining local economies in which all beings thrive.

For more info, contact Ann Hazel Javier via email:


22). The Red Whistle

The Red Whistle is a collaborative platform for people to come together and show their support to those living with HIV and AIDS. It is also an agent and partner for brands to show their support to HIV and AIDS advocacy. As HIV advocates, The Red Whistle aim to empower and inspire people to come together and help each other in the battle against HIV and AIDS. Using pop culture as a way to change mindsets, we hope to start discussions among the youth so that they will sound the alarm and spread the word that HIV is here — and that it must be stopped.

For more info, contact JF Escobañez via email:


23). Storytelling Project

The Storytelling Project is a nonprofit organization that conducts storytelling programs, library projects, and reading clubs in the community.

For more info, contact: Rey Bufi via email:


Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired to volunteer and make this summer a meaningful one to remember!

For more info, visit the official website:

Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is an official media partner of iVolunteer Philippines.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Bring your kids to volunteer to the different groups this summer.

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  3. Hi, Finally I have searched volunteer work in Google and i find this website and group and I’m happy to discover it on my own… I would be glad If I can join you to do volunteer work to the environment and for arts!

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