ALAMAT BF: 💯Best Filipino Food + 🍻Craft Beer and Spirits in the South!

As featured in 10 Best NEW Homegrown Restaurants in Manila of 2019!

ALAMAT BF, a Filipino Bistro by Chef Niño Laus and southern partners, is the restaurant version of the famed Alamat Pub in Poblacion. Paulo Sayo transformed this old Aguirre St. house into a beautiful glass bahay kubo restaurant.

Alamat is a story of Filipino Pride championing Filipino Food (with focus on tribal and ancestral) and Craft Drinks now in the South.

Since most of the food was good, we had to go back twice to check out everything. Here are our favorites and what we recommend.


Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli
240 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque City
Operating Hours:
Open Daily for Dinner 6.00pm to 2.00am (except Mondays)
Mobile: +63 917 625 8451
Facebook: Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli

First Things First

In the southern tradition, the 2nd floor restaurant is family-friendly with a come-as-you-are vibe…

Alamat BF Menu: Tinuhog Skewers, Ulam: Viand, Pulutan: Beer Snacks, Tagay | Kalye Espesyal Cocktails, Smoothy Slushy Series | Delicatessen, Kanin, Juices, Pinoy Cocktails, Drinks, Filipino Spirits

… just like hanging out with your friends in your own home.

A warm southern welcome to Chef Niño Laus, Wahoo Sotto and Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio!


Salted Egg Chicken Skin
Salted Egg Chicken Skin (₱200) with Pinoy salsa

This—crunchy chicken skin coated in salted egg then paired with white salted egg salsa—was literally gone in 60 seconds. Must order!

Rebusadong Talong
Rebusadong Talong (₱290). Smoked Mussels, Dilis, Aligue, Pako

It was like mussel tempura with Pinoy flavors.

Indi Chips
Indi Chips (₱280). Sweet Potato, Cassava and Purple Yam Chips

What made this special was the aligue cheese dip!

Baked Talaba
Baked Talaba (₱270). Pinoy Sauce, Chicharon, Kinuday, Kulitis

The talaba was big and richly topped with cheese and their penoy sauce; it was quite a mouthful.

Bacon Bagnet Hotdog
Bacon Chorizo Sausage (₱280) served with homemade sauerkraut

When we asked the boys what their favorite was, all of them voted for this hotdog!

Rache loved the sauerkraut which is like fermented cabbages and wondered how to make this at home 🙂

Maligayang Maginhawa
Maligayang Maginhawa (₱250). Gin, Lambanog, Green Mango, Basil, Citrus, Pomelo

We like sour cocktails to start, and this gin-based green mango inspired by Maginhawa street was on point.

Tinuhog (Skewers)

Alamat Poblacion is famous for their Filipino skewer plates which is like a yakitori-tapas Alamat innovation.

Tiyula sa Itum
Tiyula sa Itum (₱155/stick). Burnt Coconut, Beef, KBL

This was the best skewer, bursting with burnt coconut flavor, tender beef and kadyos, baboy, langka base to complete it.

Adobo sa Pula
Adobo sa Pula (₱145). Chicken Oyster, Salted Egg, Salsa Pako

One of the most sought after part of the chicken was a round piece of meat regarded as the most tender and flavorful part located at the back near the thigh. Best to eat with salted egg and some pako.

Sirena Blue Pea Gin & Salted Caramel Kanto Vodka
Sirena Blue Pea Gin (₱220/shot, ₱1,500/bottle), Salted Caramel Kanto Vodka (₱220/shot, ₱1,500/bottle)

It was awesome to know that the man behind our Boracay favorite Sirena Blue Pea Gin and Salted Caramel Kanto Vodka was no other than Kalel of Destileria Barako himself. Have you tried this?

They also have the best craft beers in the Philippines on tap!

I would recommend Brew ng Ina Mo (₱325) a local IPA from Parañaque or the double xxIPA, De Puta Madre (₱380) from Alabang.


Kila Winner
Kila Winner (₱250). Cold Smoked Malasugi Swordfish, Pomelo, Coconut Milk

One of the best malasugi kilawins we’ve tasted because of the different combination and crunchy swordfish daing.

Sisig (₱290). Grilled Pork Ears, Pork Cheeks, Pork Brain

What made this sisig special was their special sauce and the Chicharon topping. Sarap!

Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata (₱760). Bicol Express, Sauerkraut

It was good pulutan to just get bits and pieces of the knuckle meat dipping it with the Bicol express sauce.

Ulam (Viand)

Balbacua (₱520). Braised Shank, Tripe and Skin Bone Marrow

Best to get a bit of the marrow and eat it with the 7 hours cooked braised beef and tripe with pork broth and nut sauce. Ang sarap!

Kansi (₱530). 7 Hours Braised Beef Shank, Kansi Gravy, Jackfruit

Another winner with the 7 hours braised beef shank but this time with the kansi sauce with batwan.

Piaparan (₱310). Mud Fish, Clams and Mussels, Adlai

I liked the big meaty clams and mussels paired with adlai and turmeric coconut sauce.

Lengua (₱400). Langka Seed Puree, Mushroom, Coco Aminos

There was a lot of things going on but at least the lengua itself was good.

Crispy Palabok
Crispy Palabok (₱230). Crispy Bihon, Shrimp with Pinipeg

A crunchy type of palabok with big king prawns and pour over Palabok sauce.

Panghimagas (Desserts)

Taho Cheesecake
Taho Cheesecake (₱240). Tofu Cheesecake, Arnibal Syrup, Sago

It was a light cheesecake with tofu texture, and the arnibal that was not too sweet—the perfect dessert.

Make sure to reserve in advance because this always goes out of stock or come only when this is available.

Ginataang Monggo
Ginataang Monggo (₱280). Tasted Mongo, Cream, Jackfruit, Pandan, Fresh Milk

Monggo, seriously? This Filipino milkshake was the best.

Buy a Larcy’s or Conti’s Birthday Cake to complete your southern celebration!

Final Thoughts

I love that they expanded the Alamat menu to cater to family dining and pushed the boundaries of Filipino food by Chef Niño and Filipino drinks by Liquido Maestro Kalel. While Alamat is focused on innovating Filipino food, their sister restaurant Agimat focuses more on Filipino ingredients and re-inventing Filipino food. The food is good and on point, but some ingredients and combinations can be simplified.

Our favorite from Alamat BF: for pulutan, go for the Salted Egg Chicken Skin and the Bacon Bagnet Hotdog; Tiyula sa Itum and Adobo sa Pula for the Skewers; Kila Winner in the Tagay menu paired with craft cocktails and craft beers if you are hanging out with friends.

If you are going for dinner, I would recommend the Balbacua and Kansi. End the meal with Taho Cheesecake or  Ginataang Monggo for dessert. Budget about ₱800/head for food and drinks.

Congratulations to the Alamat BF team for creating one of the best Filipino restaurants in the south!

Did you know that Alamat ng Gamugamo was Jose Rizal’s favorite bedtime story as a child? And that when he got older, he related himself to the gamugamo in the story (he had to fly into the “fire” to show his brothers how dangerous it was)?

Ang ganda at ang sarap! Congrats, Alamat. 🙂


Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli
240 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque City
Operating Hours: Open Daily for Dinner 6.00pm to 2.00am
Mobile: +63 917 625 8451
Facebook: Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli


Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef Niño.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. If you are a milk tea addict, end with the Royce Cheese Milk Tea below Alamat BF. (See Royce Tea Menu.)

Royce Cheese Milk Tea
Royce Cheese Milk Tea (₱180). Black / Green / Oolong Tea  

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