Who’s Cooking: 11 Chefs X 11 Caterers in one Epic Banquet! @TheBlueLeaf

What happens when Manila’s Biggest Caterers collaborate with Manila’s Top Chefs for one night of Epic Celebration Banquet? If you are getting married, celebrating a milestone occasion or organizing a Christmas party for your company come 2020 and beyond, you can’t miss this One Night Only event—11 Chefs x 11 Caterers at The Blue Leaf. Yes, it is now possible to have your favorite chef cater your big banquet with 500 persons and up. We are taking Catering Creativity and Collaboration to a whole new level! Our Awesome Planet and The Blue Leaf proudly presents “Who’s Cooking? A Chef x Caterer Collaboration.” A never-before-attempted collaboration between The Blue Leaf partner caterers and Manila’s most sought-after chefs, the result is a creative intersection of traditional catering techniques and top-notch culinary innovation! Chefs X Caterers Collaboration 5-Course Dinner The Blue Leaf Filipinas (beside City of Dreams) 500 guests (by invite only) July 27, 2019 4:30 PM – 10:00 PM Saturday Follow the Official Hashtag: #ChefsXCaterers Who’s Cooking: Meet & Greet Who’s Cooking: Chefs X Caterers is the next level version of the 5-time running The Big Banquet event at The Blue Leaf. We revealed the 11 Chefs and 11 Caterers partnership with a private meet and greet among the chefs and caterers. It was awkward at first, like a culinary greats of Manila soiree. The caterers prepared a taste of their pass around appetizers, main dishes and desserts to welcome their partner chefs. Caterer and chef are partnered together: they take an idea-filled creative journey then jointly produce a mouth-watering menu to be exclusively offered to Blue Leaf clients. We had a surprise reveal activity where each partnership was given the same picture of fruits and they had to find these in the mayhem. Together with my hosting partner Eugene, I announced the 11 Chef X Caterers partnerships…  

Chef Niño Laus X K by Cunanan About K by Cunanan Catering K by Cunanan is a contemporary catering brand in Manila. Known in the wedding and events industry for combining understated tasteful décor together with heartwarming dishes spun with new flavors, K by Cunanan has been integral in catering companies in Manila today, growing from mere food suppliers to becoming valuable partners in completing the overall look and mood of an event. K by Cunanan crafts gatherings out of a craving, a personality, an imagination and a vision. To us, it is always an affair of food, experience and service—a trifecta. Top 5 Dishes: • SALMON AND TUNA ABURI • RASPBERRY SORBET WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE SOUP • SLOW COOKED ANGUS BEEF, PONZU SAUCE, TRUFFLE BUTTER, ONION RINGS AND MASHED POTATO CAKES • GRANA PADANO CHEESE WHEEL PASTA WITH TRUFFLE CREAM SAUCE • ROAST WAGYU, CROSTINI, FOIE GRAS, ONION CONFIT, PLUM SAUCE  

Chef Ed Bugia X BIZU About Chef Ed Bugia Chef Edward Bugia is the head of the F&B division of MFT Group of Companies, a private equity group that has a healthy portfolio in the food and hospitality industry. He is the Executive Chef of their flagship restaurant Mimi & Bros in BGC. He also oversees the expansion of several other brands for them such as Salad Stop! in Spain and Vietnam, and La Lola Café and Churreria in Singapore. Chef Edward is also Executive Chef and co-owner of PINO Group of Companies which includes Pino Restaurant, Pipino Vegetarian, BRGR: The Burger Project, Pi: Breakfast and Pies and Malingap Central Food Hall that are mostly located in the heart of Quezon City. He is also part of a quaint little coffee shop in Alabang called Bean & Yolk in the Westgate area. You can find Chef Ed on social media as @chefedward or watch his very simple kitchen tutorials on his YouTube channel: Food Hacks by Chef Edward Bugia!   About Bizu Bizu Private Caterer is an offshoot of the Bistro or Café concept. It was created because of the demand of our customers to bring Bizu to their homes, events and offices. The brand itself carries with it very powerful evocations of warmth and pleasantries brought about by our philosophy of Joie de Vivre. This concept is literally translated as the “joy of living” where in life’s little moments are savored, cherished and celebrated with nothing held back. CHEF RONNIE REYES Chief Culinary Officer & Senior Managing Director CHEF ALEXANDER TANCO Managing Director & Product Officer CHEF JORGE DALTON Chief Culinary Officer for Pastry Top 5 Dishes: • PRIME USDA RIBEYE STEAK • TRUFFLE PASTA ON PARMEGIANA WHEEL • SMOKED SALMON W/ CREAM CHEESE AND SOFT SHELLED CRAB TEMPURA W/ MANGO AIOLI • BIZU’S SIGNATURE CARVERY STATION A. PORCHETTA B. 10 HOUR ROAST BEEF BELLY • DESSERT PLATTER – OPERA CAKE AND CHOCOLATE CUP W/ PISTACHIO CREAM STRAWBERRIES AND MANGO  

Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou X Juan Carlo About Juan Carlo Catering Engr. Alex Michael U. Del Rosario, the owner and president of Juan Carlo, comes from a family of caterers in Cavite. His father operates a catering business in Imus while his Aunt Cely operates a catering and flower shop in Tanza, both towns in Cavite. These family catering businesses developed an aspiration which steered Alex to raise capital in Saudi Arabia. It was there that he met his wife, Teresita Macatangay Del Rosario, a medical technologist by profession, and together they honed their skills in Saudi Arabia by putting up a mini-restaurant in Al-Khodair campsite and doing small catering projects for Filipinos and foreigners as well. They learned the intricacies of exotic Arabian, Egyptian, Indian, Pakistani, Palestinian and Tunisian dishes from chefs in the Kingdom, contributing a lot to their knowledge of international cuisine. They apprenticed with Filipino chefs, processed dried fish, served food to go and engaged in commercial ventures to sharpen their business acumen. In August 1995, with the catering knowledge, skills, experience and capital they gained, the Del Rosario family finally came home to settle for good in the province of Batangas and fulfilled their lifelong ambition. Thus, JUAN CARLO – THE CATERER, INC. is born. Top 5 Dishes: • GALLOWAY BEEF • KING AND QUEEN SCALLOP IN MAGNIFICENT AURORA • SEAFOOD SYMPHONY WITH FLOWING VELVETY SOUP • PAN-GRILLED CHILEAN SEABASS, CONFIT CHERRY TOMATO, CHAMPAGNE DUO CAVIAR WITH CRUSHED JERSEY POTATO • VOLCANIC MELTS  

Chef Chele Gonzales X Mesclun About Chef Chele Gonzales José Luis “Chele” Gonzalez is driving force of Gallery by Chele. Chele was born in Torrelavega, Spain, and received his culinary degree from Arxanda in Bilbao. Before embarking on his cooking career, he was a marketing major in college, and, as a huge fan of electronic music, organized parties and moonlighted as the resident DJ. He even opened a nightclub immediately after graduation, but sold it after three years to indulge his fascination with food and pursue his dreams in the culinary scene. Stints at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants—including El Bulli, Arzak, Mugaritz, and El Cellar de Can Roca, just to name a few—have honed his approach to cooking into a complete philosophy. This philosophy revolves around the twin impulses of his adventurous spirit and a deep, enduring respect for local culture, flavor, and technique. It was this love for adventure that brought him to the Philippines, and his love for its unique culture that made him stay. After brief forays into the kitchens of several of the country’s best hotels, Chele decided to put his own unique approach to cooking to the test and set up Gallery Vask. Gallery Vask went on to earn some of the local and international dining scene’s top awards, including two back-to-back accolades in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’ prestigious annual list. Chele’s philosophy now finds its ultimate expression in Gallery by Chele, an evolution of Gallery Vask that upholds the restaurant’s principles of innovation, creativity, and respect for Filipino flavors—but this time, in a setting that is more responsive to the needs of its guests. From multi-course tasting menus to bar bites and small plates, Chele creates innovative dishes that both honor and elevate local traditions and flavors. Inside the kitchen and Stvdio Lab, Gallery by Chele’s hub for creation and innovation, Chele also continues his storied collaboration with his culinary partner, Carlos Villaflor. Having worked together since their days at Gallery Vask, they now continue to push the boundaries of the Filipino gastronomic experience. Outside of the kitchen, Chele maintains his spirit of adventure. Constantly on the lookout for ingredients, inspirations, and techniques, he travels all over the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Ever the explorer, he aims to bring the collaborative spirit out from the four walls of his restaurant and into the world. Chele lives and works in Manila, The Philippines, happily married to his wife, Teri.   About Mesclun Events Catering + Styling Mesclun (mes-klən) is a French word that literally means “mixture.” In the culinary world, it refers to “mixed greens.” And what is gastronomy without mixing? A harmonious marriage of colors, flavors, textures and even cuisines—these are the fine things that Mesclun PH celebrates. With over 13 years in the business, Mesclun PH ensures that every significant choice you make will last a lifetime. CHEF KATRINA KUHN-ALCANTARA Owner and Executive chef of Mesclun Catering + Styling • Alumna of Le Cordon Bleu, a Culinary Arts school in Paris • Restaurateur with Aruga Cafe by Mesclun, CDP Global Table, Chuck’s Deli and LIT Manila under her name • From the family behind renowned Arce Dairy Ice Cream Top 5 Dishes: • WATERMELON AND FETA ROQUETTE • BUFFALO BALLS • SISIG SPAGHETTI • CHIMICHURRI CHICKEN • NAKED CARROT CAKE  

Chef Josh Boutwood X Hizon’s Catering About Chef Josh Boutwood Alchemist by heart. Chef by choice. Josh Boutwood was born at Bedford, England. He has lived a nomadic life. Moving from Europe, the tropical beaches of Boracay, and Spain, he found what he was passionate about – working for his mother’s restaurant as a dishwasher and prep cook. His love for food brought him to culinary school and made him experience menial kitchen jobs. In constant search of his calling, he knew he was destined for something. So when he became a father in Sweden, he decided he’ll move his young family to Boracay. In 2010, he started his own restaurant called “Alchemy” and the rest was history. But it didn’t stop there. All it took was an email from The Bistro Group, and Chef Josh Boutwood knew he’s in for the ride of his life – again.   About Hizon’s Catering Hizon’s Catering is an off-premise caterer specializing in corporate events, weddings and private parties. Since our establishment in 1987, our guiding philosophy has been to consistently provide clients with quality food at competitive prices and to provide a service that is efficient, friendly and courteous. Our operations are housed in a fully equipped 3,500 square meter commissary where a highly trained culinary team meticulously prepares every dish, assuring you that during your affair, the food that you and your guests will bite into is delicious, fresh and, most importantly, properly prepared. The same attention to quality goes into the way we handle clients. Our dedicated customer service team will assist you in every aspect of an event down to the smallest details. Our goal is to give you something priceless—worry-free planning that is as enjoyable as the event itself. CHEF DAVID HENRY HIZON Executive Chef CHEF MAR MICHAEL “MIKE” SANTIAGO Sous Chef/Research and Development (R&D) Chef Top 5 Dishes: • THRICE COOKED PORK BELLY • BEEF LENGUA • SLOW ROASTED US BEEF • BAKED FISH FILLET WITH SPINACH AND BECHAMEL SAUCE • APPLE BRAISED PORK BELLY  

Chef Francis Lim X Tjioe The Caterer About Tjioe The Caterer Tjioe The Caterer has been an established catering company in Metro Manila for over two decades. It got its humble beginnings from one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the Philippines, QuikSnack located in 637-639 Carvajal Street, Binondo, Manila. QuikSnack Restaurant was established in 1967 by clan matriarch Pilar Ferrero Lim Giok Ki (1909-2012), fondly known as Ahma Pilar. From a small family owned restaurant in the heart of the World’s Oldest Chinatown in Binondo, Tjioe The Caterer subsequently became the offshoot of QuikSnack to handle the catering service. Our business model is based on the traditions passed on from generations. We pride ourselves in incorporating traditional dishes with modern and innovative applications. “Think globally and act locally” is still our mantra to date. In addition, we search the best ingredients we can find from home and abroad to produce quality meals for our clients. CHEF JEFF TEH A management graduate with a passion for the culinary arts, Chef Jeff started out as a kitchen helper back in the early ’90s at their family-owned restaurant, Golden Rod Seafood Restaurant. Top 5 Dishes: • CRISPY SHELL WITH CHICKEN ALA KING • GRAND MA’S KIAMPONG • SPECIAL MISUA GUISADO • SEABASS WITH MANGO YOGURT DRESSING • US DUCK BREAST WITH FIVE SPICED GLAZE  

Chef Robby Goco X The Creamery About The Creamery Catering The Creamery has been specializing in Kiddie Parties in our restaurants since 2006. Due to the special demand from our valued Clients, we launched our off-premise catering on February 9, 2013. We aim to provide quality affordable products, delivered with unique customer experience. The founders are armed with extensive backgrounds in the food service, management and retail industry. Armed with a strong desire to bring global experience to the local market, they rallied a team of local and international consultants to take charge of Research and Development for their latest products. Every new project is a testament to their mantra: “We opt not to consider the cost but the quality of serving.” CHEF BERNARD JERIC S. GAUDINEZ More than twenty-five years of hands-on experience in the food and beverage industry, covering all aspects of the industry. Top 5 Dishes: • 8 HOUR SLOW COOKED ROASTBEEF • BRAISED BEEF SHORTRIBS WITH HUNGARIAN SAUSAGE IN GARLIC PAPRIKA SAUCE • SIGNATURE KOREAN STYLE BEEF STEW • BAKED SALMON IN GARLIC CREAM SAUCE • PESTO INFUSED GRILLED CHICKEN TOPPED WITH MELTED MOZZARELLA  

Albergus X Chef Kel Zaguirre About Albergus For many years, Albergus has been giving families and companies the perfect setting to celebrate milestones and fresh beginnings. It upholds a reputation rooted in skilled event planning, a full range of services and, of course, creative cuisine. Fond memories of meals and gatherings with families and friends inspired Frank and Ancis Unson to start their own catering company. Opened in 1977, Albergus became the venue where the couple expressed their passion for great food. Word of Albergus’ culinary magic and personalized service spread, and business flourished. Today, Albergus’ team has grown to over 150. It operates an ultra-modern 9,000 sqm commissary that is capable of serving 30 functions and 18,000 guests per day. Even after three and a half decades of having clients celebrate with us, Albergus still innovates and introduces more delicious food. They are best known for their Top 5 Dishes as follows: • BAKED ALMOND CRUSTED SALMON • POPIAH • ROAST PORK CRACKLING • PENNE WITH WILD MUSHROOM ALFREDO • CLASSIC SLOW ROAST SIRLOIN OF BEEF WITH ROSEMARY AND GARLIC CRUST  

Chef Kalel Chan X The Red Chef About Chef Kalel Chan Corporate Chef, Raintree Restaurant Group After graduating with a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree from DLSU-College of St. Benilde, Chef Kalel Chan first worked as a hotel front office executive, only to promptly resign 9 days after realizing that it just wasn’t the job for him. He then followed what he was truly passionate about and eventually joined the pioneering team of the Raintree Restaurant Group’s M Café, where he started whipping up delicious dishes for its discriminating diners while learning the ropes of restaurant management. Under the glorious wings of then M Café’s executive chef, Sau Del Rosario, Chef Kalel’s career soared and until this day, continues to do so at incredible heights. Now the corporate chef of The Raintree Restaurant Group specializing in Asian and Western cuisine, Chef Kalel is on top of various innovative concept restaurants such as Chelsea Grand Cafe, Chelsea Kitchen, Stella, Rocketroom, Saboten, Kabila, Simple Lang, Providore, and M Café where he started. This proud Ilocano is also responsible for whipping up newer and exciting flavors for the Japanese restaurant and bar Chotto Matte/Izakaya Sensu; and the Filipino restaurant that gained popularity and accolade for being Let’s Eat’s Best Restaurant of the Year 2018, Friends & Family. Then there’s Cha-Cha’s in Boracay, and the new concept restaurant, Motto-Motto. Chef Kalel’s kitchen style and genius has earned him various accolades and successful brand ambassadorships such as for Oster, Lock & Lock and the US Potato Board, among others. He was also one of the featured chefs at the F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City for their LuzViMinda food festival and the Conrad Centennial in Singapore where he did an all-Filipino food promotion, handpicked as one of the Miele Master Series chefs. Currently, he is the brand ambassador of Fly Ace Corporation’s Doña Elena Olive Oil and Universal Food Solutions Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise. Very recently, he was one of the chef ambassadors chosen by Knorr Test Kitchen to launch their newest product, Savor Rich. Embodying creativity, Chef Kalel’s innovative kitchen flair continues to evolve. And for such a young culinary artist who is never afraid to experiment, he still manages to value cherished dining traditions he learned from his family. His boy-next-door charm is definitely a plus together with a positive, smile-ready presence that greets diners as he does his restaurant rounds and duties. Humility is one of his most admirable qualities, as he prefers to keep a low profile while dishing out impressive plates that only speak of his undeniable passion for food. Exuding an air of quiet confidence, Chef Kalel never fails to cook with heart and this is clearly evident with happy and contented diners who find more and more reason to come back for and talk about his well-loved concepts and dishes.   About The Red Chef The Red Chef and Events Specialist is a catering and events management company privately owned and ran by individuals who are driven by their passion for excellent food and unique events. It assures you of a delightful dining experience and a memorable event, whether it’s an intimate simple family dinner or an extravagant wedding or whether it is a small party at home or a corporate event in a posh hotel. It is committed to giving you professional customer service at its best. From its inception, only one thing is constant—value for money. CHEF MICHAEL ALBERT PROFETA Executive Chef and Co-Owner Top 5 Dishes: • POT ROAST BEEF TOPPED WITH HERBED MASHED POTATO AND MOZZARELLA CHEESE • CALLOS • SMOKED PORK BELLY WITH PINEAPPLE BASE • ROAST HERB CHICKEN WITH AU JUS SAUCE • STICKY RICE WITH MANGO, JACKFRUIT, RICE CRISPIES, FRESH COCONUT MILK AND CARAMEL SAUCE  

Chef Natalia Moran X Passion Cooks About Chef Natalia Moran Behind the kitchen doors is this strong, beautiful and endearing woman, who is always cooking up something delicious and interesting. Chef Natalia enjoys being in the middle of the restaurant hustle and organized kitchen chaos, creating mouth-watering dishes for people to enjoy. Chef Natalia Moran has been known for making delectable fresh ravioli pasta at food markets and entertaining guests at her home for private dinners, in her earlier years in the industry. She has, since then, joined forces with other restaurateurs to create restaurant concepts we now enjoy and have come to love. In Boracay, she has co-created crowd favorites such as The Sunny Side Café, Spicebird Piri Piri Grill, Supermagic Burgers, Streetmarket Food Hall, and Little Wave Café. She is also the newest Executive Chef of PizzaExpress and Your Local, of the Tasteless Group of Restaurants in Manila. With the diversity, delicious food and attention to detail this Chef has shown us, we are definitely in for more surprises, as more restaurant concepts are slowly simmering, with Chef Natalia at the forefront. RESTAURANTS CURRENTLY HANDLED: The Sunny Side Cafe, Sands Hotel, Station 3, Boracay Spicebird Piri Piri Grill, D’Mall, Station 2, Boracay Supermagic Burgers, Station X, Hue Hotel, Station 2, Boracay Popo Teahouse, Station X, Hue Hotel, Station 2, Boracay Your Local, Legazpi Village, Makati PizzaExpress Philippines Streetmarket Food Hall, Station X, Hue Hotel, Station 2, Boracay Little Wave Café, Station X, Hue Hotel, Station 2, Boracay   About Passion Cooks Passion Cooks was established last January 2010 by the mother and daughter team of Laura Martinez and Maja Martinez. Whether it’s an intimate reunion, a blessing of a new business venture, or a simple/grand celebration you’d love to share with your family and friends, we offer you a delightful service and, above all, food cooked with passion. CHEF LAURA ROXAS MARTINEZ Chef Laura is the humble heart behind Passion Cooks, a catering and event styling company that came to fruition more than 10 years ago. Her passion for cooking though started long before that, 40 years ago to be exact. She set up a canteen in 1979 when she realized her love for food. Top 5 Dishes: • SLOW COOKED ROAST BEEF, MUSHROOM GRAVY • BAKED PRAWNS THERMIDOR • TENDERLOIN TIPS, FRIED GARLIC, BUTTERED CORN AND CARROTS (BEEF SALPICAO) • HUNGARIAN PAPRIKA CHICKEN • THREE MUSHROOMS PASTA  

The Lechon Diva X Center Table Catering Inc. About The Lechon Diva I came up with a lechon that had a stuffing that most Filipinos loved to eat but was never put inside a lechon, and I cooked it in a pugon. Needless to say, my first “lechon experiment” was a success! The meat was tender, the skin was crispy like potato chips, and the binagoongan rice stuffing tasted divine. I came up with more stuffings for the lechon after this. Taba ng talangka rice with chorizo; Richman’s lechon-truffle rice with foie gras; Birthday Lechon with pancit stuffing; Chestnuts with cashew rice stuffing; Laing rice; Lechon Tagalog with garlic, tanglad and calamansi; truffle rice; the lechon that we cook only on Halloween, dinuguan rice stuffing; and my newest lechon is probably my healthiest lechon, stuffed with lumpiang gulay—vegetables which you wrap. Each one is different, but all of them are delicious. I joined Anton Diaz’s Our Awesome Planet’s Ultimate Taste Test and shared my binagoongan rice stuffed lechon. When I joined this, I had no plans of turning it into a business. It was just something I enjoyed doing, and I just grabbed the opportunity— what could I lose by joining? It got high marks, so people started blogging about my “trial lechon,” and everything started from there. After that event, the Lechon Diva was born. I would always ask my friends to taste my new lechon variant and would serve them other dishes to go with my lechons. Spanky Enriquez urged me to start my Filipino Degustacions. Luckily, people loved it too! Now my degustacions have been to sold out dinners in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our HAYOP na Degustacion, a 12-course degustacion was named Best Dining Experience in the Philippines in the Best of Philippines issue of Lifestyle Asia 2015. I just recently started my newest Filipino pride—the Philippine Boodle Feast which Filipinos and foreigners love! I never call it a Boodle Fight because with Lechon Diva, its always a FEAST and never a FIGHT. 🙂 I would constantly add other Filipino dishes to my Food To Go menu. Even my Filipino inspired dessert creations have been included 5 years in a row in Lifestyle Inquirer’s Best Desserts List. Pepita’s Lechon was awarded in London’s Tastiest Dish in Asia by the Chowzter Group, giving Filipino Food a chance to be known to the world. Anthony Bourdain loved the binagoongan lechon served to him on his last trip to Manila. He loved it so much he even took home the leftover lechon! Adam Richman fell in love with Filipino Food when he tasted the Super Suman, Mango Trifle, Hiplog and the degustacion together with the truffle lechon he had in Pepita’s Kitchen. Michellin-starred Chefs have tasted and raved not just about our lechons; 🙂 they loved our crab gulong gulong, hiplog (shrimps), even our sabachara and labuyo sauce. I am not a chef, but my love for eating and cooking has given pride to Filipino cuisine. I believe that every Filipino chef or cook, if given the right opportunity, can help push Filipino food to the world.   About Center Table Catering Inc. Established in 1987 and incorporated in 1999, Center Table Catering, Inc. has been an active and innovative member of the catering industry in the Philippines. Aside from providing quality food and service for a multitude of functions, Center Table is also known for its beautiful, elegant and lavish setups. Client satisfaction rather than profit is what the company strives for. Through the years, the company grew through word of mouth. Every satisfied customer resulted in more prospective clients. Presentation is very critical to any event the company caters; it should represent the founder’s influence. Service should be elegant; and the food, delicious and visually appetizing. Center Table, Inc., through its founder and President Rosalie Natividad Valera, is an active and founding member of the Food Caterers Association of the Philippines (FCAP). They are best known for their Top 5 Dishes as follows: • CALLOS ALA MADRILENA • PASTEL DE LENGUA • SOPA DE PAMPLONA • PAELLA • SOPA SECA ITALIANA  

An Invitation Don’t miss the inaugural #ChefsXCaterers Collaboration on July 27, Saturday at The Blue Leaf Filipinas! I’m so excited to partner with The Blue Leaf team, Manila’s Top Chefs and The Biggest Caterers in Manila! Chefs X Caterers Collaboration 5-Course Dinner The Blue Leaf Filipinas (beside City of Dreams) 500 guests (by invite only) July 27, 2019 4:30 PM – 10:00 PM Saturday Follow the Official Hashtag: #ChefsXCaterers   Live an Awesome Life, Anton Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com  Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights. P.S. It is by invitation only, so let us know if you want to be part of this Epic Banquet event.

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