Mövenpick: Your Next New Boracay Staycation

By Sean
Having started as a humble yet revolutionary restaurant chain in Switzerland, Movenpick has since gone on to become one of the world’s most trusted and recognizable brands today.  The Swiss chain, which has successfully branched into the hotel and resort business, has prime locations at some of the best destinations in the world.

Boracay is probably one of (if not) the busiest tourist destinations in SE Asia.  Having won numerous awards for Best Island in the World, it’s a no brainer to find some of the world’s top resort chains here, carving out a name for themselves in a market that is incredibly competitive.

Enter Movenpick.

The world-class resort is perfect for families and anyone wanting to experience everything Boracay has to offer with the added bonus of privacy.  Situated at what’s informally known as “Station Zero”, the world-class resort boasts the island’s largest pool, cutting edge health and wellness facilities, a number of restaurants and cafes and, to be quite frank, the island’s best pizza!

Plan your next stay at Movenpick Boracay and enjoy the quieter, more family-friendly side of the island.

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay
5608 Malay
Punta Bunga Cove (Station Zero)
Brgy Yapak, Aklan Boracay Island
Hours: Daily
Phone: +63 36 288 2256
Email: hotel.boracay@movenpick.com
Facebook: Movenpick Resort Boracay
Instagram: movenpickboracay


Rooms in Movenpick are cozy and typically what you’d expect from a modern day higher end beach resort.

There are a total of 312 rooms at the resort, starting with the 27 square meter Superior to the larger, more lavish Sol Marina Beach Suites. Booking a room that suits your vacation shouldn’t be a problem though we recommend booking in advance specially during peak seasons.

(WiFi is available in all rooms, and it worked just fine during our stay.)

The restrooms are quite large, and they come with all the perks.

Of course, the size of the room you book dictates the size of the restroom.

The larger rooms come with full bathtubs.


The resort’s prized feature and claim to Boracay fame is certainly their pool.  This massive 3,300 square meter behemoth is absolutely gorgeous!

We really loved the pool, and the fact that it’s such a big pool, which means there is ample space and it won’t be so crowded, especially during peak seasons.

The Little Birds Club is ideal for vacationing families.  Your little ones will have plenty of fun-filled activities to keep them entertained while you get boozed up on the beach.

(Hey, you’re on vacation after all! You deserve a little quiet time.)

Looking to keep fit while on vacation?  Head to their state of the art gym.

Sagay Spa is just the stop for a bit of relaxing and some well-needed pampering.  

The rooms are very well-kept and, most importantly, clean.

(Couple massages are also available.)

Go for the holistic Sagay massage.  Something unique and very islandy.  The massage incorporates Sea Snail Shells (try saying that 3 times fast) which are slightly warmed then used for the massage.


I firmly believe that a hotel or resort is only as good as the food they serve.  For me, food is a deal breaker, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the fanciest establishment on the most beautiful real estate in the world—if the food sucks, there is no point going back.

That being said, I think it’s safe to say that Movenpick Boracay is serving up some of the best food on the island.

The F&B team know exactly what they are doing, serving up an assortment of delicious cuisines that is sure to please anyone’s palate.

I can go on about how much we enjoyed our meals prepared by Executive Chef Amber Al-Ali.  Like the Grade melt-in-your-mouth grade 7 Wagyu steak (which was excellent btw).

What really stood out though was Mövenpick’s latest endeavor into carving a name for itself into Boracay’s highly competitive culinary scene, is the restaurant Brezza.

Helmed by Italian chef Francesco Leone, Brezza brings authentic Neapolitan style pizza to the island.

Cooked in a traditional wood oven that Chef Leone had imported from Italy, the pizzas only take around 3 minutes to cook and are made with fresh imported ingredients too ensure classic Italian flavors.

Light and crispy, and full of choice ingredients, the pizza at Brezza is some of the best we’ve had in the Philippines and certainly the best you’ll find on Boracay.

While the pizzas at Brezza are excellent,  some of the pastas were a tad bit salty but, other than that, it’s a pretty darn good restaurant.


Final Thoughts

Having a bit of a rocky start with the closure and reopening of Boracay, Mövenpick has cemented itself as a successful family-oriented resort that caters to Boracay visitors who enjoy a bit of privacy from the hustle and bustle of the island.  Best for family or romantic getaways, be sure to book early as the resort tends to fill up fast, especially during peak seasons.  

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay
5608 Malay
Punta Bunga Cove (Station Zero)
Brgy Yapak, Aklan Boracay Island
Hours: Daily
Phone: +63 36 288 2256
Email: hotel.boracay@movenpick.com
Facebook: Movenpick Resort Boracay
Instagram: movenpickboracay


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Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of the good people at Movenpick Boracay.  I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions and insights.


Chocolate hour is everyday at 4pm so indulge and finally have a reason to hit the gym! 🙂 

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