FLOSSOM CAFE + KITCHEN: Instagram-worthy Floral Cafe in QC!


Have you been to this absolutely gorgeous Instagram-worthy cafe in Quezon City?

There is something undeniably charming about Flossom Kitchen + Cafe. It started out in San Juan as a neighborhood cafe known for its homey vibe and chic flowery decors complemented by glorious foodporn.
Here’s a look at Flossom Cafe’s new branch at SM North Edsa…


Flossom Kitchen + Cafe
2nd Level, North Towers, SM North, Quezon City
Landline: 0977-1070493

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is located on the second floor of SM North Edsa Tower’s new wing.


The cafe was a visual feast—decorated with flowers all over its pretty pastel and white interiors and with tall glass windows filled with natural light! I just loved the simple table pieces, the giant flower walls and the bespoke designs.


You’ll find orchids being sold in the cafe. The name Flossom was adapted from the owners main business, Flossom Flowers, an orchid importer and distributor in the Philippines. (Orchids price: Php 1,700, Php 1,500, Php 800.)


The cafe typically serves comfort food with an added twist to elevate the food experience. All of Flossom’s dishes are served with their signature garnish using edible flowers.

MENUBreakfast  |  Appetizer Pasta & Sandwhich   |  Pizza & Plates  |   Dessert & Drinks  |   Wine


Soft Baked Brie, Olive oil, Thyme, Fig Jam, Baguette

The baked brie with Fig Jam was gooey, sweet and salty, all at the same time. Perfect on the toasted bread for a sweet and savory treat. Best paired with their wine selection.



Truffle Bits, Egg Salad, Fish Roe, Flaky Croissant, Bacon, Fresh Potato Chips

This is probably the most “sosyal” egg sandwich I have ever eaten. A buttery flaky croissant filled with a creamy egg explosion and distinct earthiness of truffle oil. A must order for egg sandwich lovers!



Crisp Corn Tortillas, Chili Beef, Corned Beef, Blended Grilled Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Caramelized Onions, Cilantro, Marinara, Onion Cream

The Trash Can Nachos is a must try! A great starter to make brunch exciting, the dish starts with visually stunning melted cheese poured on top from a hot skillet! Everything tasted good—the cheese, onion cream, even the corned beef.

(Watch Video)




We had the ube champorado, an eye-popping rice porridge with bright purple color. The dish was infused ube, topped with macapuno, drizzled with yema sauce and salted fish flakes to balance the sweetness.

Though visually stunning, the ube champorado was a simple dish overall, like how you would eat champorado at home.



Garlic Crab, Bell Pepper, Ebiko Parmesan Cheese, Bechamel, Marina Sauce

The risotto was good, rich in favor with distinct umami-rich crab meat. I loved how generous they were with the crab.

I heard the mushroom risotto is good also. Good for sharing.


Shrimp Scallops, Tratufatta, Sriracha Cream Sauce, Parmesan, Onions Rigatoni

The winning dish would definitely be the Sriracha Seafood Truffle pasta. It was an addicting pasta dish smothered with creamy sauce infused with truffle and tossed with juicy shrimp. Yum!



Brown Sugar Chicken BBQ, Garlic Tomato Sauce, Caramelized Onions, Mozzarella, Bell Pepper

The funny thing was the flavor of our pizza dish reminded me of CPK. Though I would prefer the crust to be much thinner.




For something sweet order the pancakes—two fluffy pancakes topped with whipped strawberry cream, fresh strawberries, slices of almond flakes and strawberry coulis.

I heard their best pancake was the Tiramisu Cream (P380), but we didn’t get to try it because they ran out of ingredients.




Color changing purple and pink lemonade! It was so cool! All the color and splendor of a galaxy in a simple drink!

(watch video)



We also loved Mommy B’s house blend iced tea, a special concoction made and served at Mommy B’s own home.


Instagrammable cafe’s are all the hit with millennials, but most of the time we’re all guilty of taking that ideal shot and never visiting again after. But Flossom Kitchen + Café proves otherwise, with its yummy menu that’ll make you want to come back over again.

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe
2nd Level, North Towers, SM North, Quezon City
Landline: 0977-1070493

Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We were media guests of Flossom. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.


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