Maremegmeg Beach Club: The Chillest Beach Resort in El Nido, Palawan!

Tucked away in a quiet beach just outside the busy town of El Nido is a small family-owned resort that offers the perfect escape to a tranquil getaway in the island—intimate yet accessible with an awesome view to match and, quite possibly, the best and only swimmable beach in this side of town.

Maremegmeg Beach Club is the future of eco-luxury beachfront resorts in El Nido, Palawan!

Maremegmeg Beach Club
Sitio Maremegmeg, El Nido, 5313 Palawan
Contact: +63 918 257 2981

The resort is situated on a cliff overlooking the majestic El Nido group of islands.

Maremegmeg Beach Club is the newest eco-luxury resort that has it all—a white sand beachfront, genuine hospitality, good food, awesome view and stylish eco-inspired design.

And even though it was raining the whole time during our stay there for 3 days, we still had a great time enjoying this piece of paradise.

The rooms were exceptionally simple yet beautiful. It felt like a vacation the moment we checked in, and we didn’t feel like leaving.

Everything from the comfy bed to the locally designed furniture made us feel right at home. But, most importantly, the rooms were eco-conscious with small cuts of organic soap, shampoo dispensers, glass bottled waters and even bamboo toothbrushes!

Even the pocket bathroom was spacious and inviting! The overall design of the room and the quality was probably the best, if not my favorite, in Palawan. Every detail in the resort was incredible!

But the icing on the cake for me was the big veranda overlooking the beach with El Nido’s famed limestone cliffs in the background. On a good day, the sun would usually set directly in front of the resort but, nonetheless, it still looked surreal even in this weather.

The place looked like a scene out of a movie, with walkways covered in plants and trees. The walk to your room alone was a treat on its own.

With barely any tourist in-sight and the white sand beach just a few steps away from our room, we surely felt like living in our own private island.

I also applaud their efforts in regularly maintaining and cleaning their beachfront because, if it weren’t for this swimmable beach, Marememg would just be another regular fancy hotel in El Nido.

And, of course, it also helps that the whole facade of the resort is covered with greens, like a modern-day hanging garden.

Also, if you ever get tired of the beach, the inviting infinity pool is just a stone’s throw away from the comfort of your room.

The pool is open all day and is reserved only for checked-in guests and, because this is a relatively small resort, oftentimes you’ll have the pool all to yourself.



Located directly beside the pool is the wood laden restaurant/bar.

Breakfast was included and checked-in guests have a choice of either Filipino, Continental or American set meals. We went for the Filipino and American options for a good mix of both.

After breakfast just before the sun sets, the restobar becomes the “go-to” bar for tourists with its inviting warm lighting, hanging rope chairs and relaxing music. All in all, we were really digging the ambiance of a chill bar scene.

Everyone is welcome. However, the bar closes just around 11 pm to give checked-in guests their much-needed privacy and peace of mind. After all, they do pay a lot of money for the exclusivity and privacy of the place.

Given that they are a small establishment, the food service, I might say, was kinda slow but the warm and friendly staff certainly did make up for it. Or it might just be the perfect excuse to mingle and socialize with other tourists, right?

The food, on the other hand, was probably one of my favorites in town, and the cassava cake was to die for! It literally melted in the mouth!

For starters, don’t forget to try their Tropical Ceviche (PHP 320) served with fish of the day and a simple mix of peppers, lime, cucumber, onions and other spices.

As for the other dishes, our favorites that night included: Creamy Blue Cheese with Chicken (PHP400)…

…and Pork Skewers with a selection of sides (PHP400). Sadly, we didn’t get to try their signature tomahawk and baby back ribs when we were there, but I guess it’s just another reason for us to go back!

Although some of the dishes were a bit pricey, the food and drinks at the restaurant were really really GOOD! So I guess it kind of justified the price.

Nonetheless, we still enjoyed every meal that night. Dining right beside the beach complete with the sound of the waves hitting the sand while gazing at starry skies made the experience extraordinary.



Lastly, aside from the incredible beachfront, you’ll never run out of things to do in Maremegmeg, and the staff welcomed the opportunity to assist you in booking 3rd party island tours and services like massages in town, without you ever leaving the resort.

The resort also offers customized and private speedboat tours from the comfort of their own beachfront. Also, kayaks are free to use for all checked-in guests.

And if island hopping is not your thing, you can always opt to book the adventure-packed “Canopy Walk” with them, which will safely bring you up to Taraw Peak.


Final Thoughts

In here you can enjoy a short guided ascend up the ancient limestone cliffs of El Nido and be rewarded with the best view in town.
Here you can enjoy a short guided ascend up the ancient limestone cliffs of El Nido and be rewarded with the best view in town.

Overall, I absolutely loved our stay at Maremegmeg! Everything was just perfect—from check-in to check out, everything was superb!

Aside from the short commute to and from town and, not to mention, the flight of stairs that you have to conquer just to get to your room, there really wasn’t anything that I didn’t enjoy in Maremegmeg.

The good food, exceptional service, comfortable rooms, stylish exterior and awesome beachfront view certainly crown Maremegmeg as my new favorite resort in Palawan.

But, most importantly, the swimmable and intimate white beach seals the deal as the perfect resort for couples and small families who wish to experience a piece of paradise.

After they finish all their exciting future developments this coming 2020, there is no doubt that Maremegmeg will soon be a very popular spot in El Nido, Palawan.

I’ve been to many resorts in the Philippines, and this is one of the best resorts I’ve stayed at. I would definitely come back here again!


Maremegmeg Beach Club
Sitio Maremegmeg, El Nido, 5313 Palawan
Contact: +63 918 257 2981


Live an Awesome Life,

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NICO of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of Maremegmeg Beach Club. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. And just in case you’re wondering, Marememgeg means Malamig lamig in local dialect (Cuyunin).

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