Haunted Manila Halloween: Official Festival Guide!

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Here’s the official guide for the first-ever Haunted Festival Manila! See you there!

About Haunted Manila

Haunted Manila Festival offers 6 nights of festivities simply because one night is not enough. #HMF2019 celebrates Filipino culture with music, film, and adventure with a jam-packed schedule of events that promise escalating shrieks of terror and tawa-iyak moments epic stories are made of.

From October 26 to 31, at the Filinvest City Events Ground, you can run for your life at the country’s biggest zombie run, Outbreak Manila. Experience terror and test your problem-solving skills with haunted escape rooms and a giant scavenger hunt by Breakout Philippines. Watch Classic Pinoy Horror Movies in our open-air cinema, Pelikulagim.

Hang out with your family, barkada, and officemates in our Gayuma Food Bazaar and Trick or Treat Game Stations. And top off the entire experience and enjoy a SANTELMO Halloween Music Party with your favorite  OPM bands.


First Things First: Buy Your Tickets now with Promo Code: OAPxHMF

Attraction passes give you access to just one event during #HMF2019. A ticket to Pelikulagim is P100 per person, Breakout Haunted Escape rooms are P300 per head, Outbreak Manila is P800 per zombie-bait errr runner, the Scavenger Haunt is P1,000 per person, and Santelmo tickets are P1,500 each.

Get the better deal and enjoy big savings with all-access festival passes. You get to join ALL the events throughout 6 nights and achieve Halloween #squadghouls big-time! Batkada Rates (3 or more friends) give you low rates of P2000 each for the 6-night festival pass, and P4000 each for the VIP festival pass.

Festival passes are still open for limited slots on a 40%off promo from 2,500 to 1,500. VIP passes are already sold out.


Oct. 26, Saturday: OUTBREAK MANILA (One Night Only)
Run and Scream for your life — protect that flag!

Get those vocal chords ready for lots of screaming, laughing, and maybe crying! You can walk or run, but keep one thing in mind. The zombies of Outbreak Manila are after your brains — your life flags. You start the race with 3 flags.

Expect zombies to pull them off you one by one at every twist and turn. The objective is to finish the run with at least one life flag intact! While screaming might not save your flags, it could distract the undead for a while, enough for your quick get-away.


Face your worst fears!

Halloween is never complete without a haunted house experience. Don’t worry, #HMF2019 won’t be yelling “Where is your report?” or “Deadline was yesterday” at your scared faces– those are extreme nightmares right there! Instead, Breakout Haunted Escape Rooms will test your quick-thinking escape skills under the slow gazes of white ladies, aswangs, kapres, and manananggals. Watch each others’ backs (and fronts and sides), because when Breakout sets its mind to do something, they don’t disappoint.


October 27: BREAKOUT SCAVENGER HUNT (One Night Only)
Enjoy a few treats, but watch your limits.

Who are we kidding? Go and let loose! It’s #HMF2019 after all! Get ready for treats by taking on tricks at the Trick or Treat Halloween Game Stations.

Take on a bigger adventure by joining Haunted Manila Festival’s version of an amazing race, the Scavenger Haunt. Wear comfy clothes and rubber shoes, watch the map, and enjoy every minute of this massive search. Did
we tell you that epic prizes are in store for winners?


October 27-30, Saturday: BREAKOUT SCAVENGER HUNT (4 Nights)
Don’t ever say “I’ll be right back!”

At Pelikulagim, it’s always best to stick with your gang. Got to go to the bathroom? In need of a new drink or some more popcorn? Cut your losses and stick with a group. You might not be right back when you come face to face with monsters and mythological demons roaming in the dark. We warned you.


October 31, Thursday: SANTELMO (One Night Only)
The Halloween Music Party of 2019!

Six days of Halloween activities won’t be enough if you don’t stay and enjoy the Santelmo Halloween Music Fest on October 31. #HMF2019 has gathered our most favorite OPM bands to make enough music and noise to raise the living dead!

Sit back, relax (not too much), and enjoy UDD,

December Avenue,

I Belong to the Zoo,





The Ransom Collective,



One Click Straight,

Nathan &Mercury,

Any Name’s Okay,

and Aegis!


Don’t miss the first ever Haunted Manila Festival in Manila!

Haunted Manila is brought to us by its official TV partner FOX, co-presented by SIP, its official venue partner Filinvest City, official alcohol partner Bacardi, official hotel partner Azumi Botique Hotel, The Bellevue Hotel, and The B Hotel, official mall partner Festival Mall and sponsored by Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, Cello’s Doughnuts, and Havaianas.

#HMF2019 happens on October 26 to 31, 2019 at Filinvest City Events Grounds. The 6-night Festival Pass starts at Php2,500, and the 6-night VIP Festival Pass starts at Php4,000.

Register with your gang for barkada discounts and awesome deals (use promo code: OAPxHMF).  Tickets are available at www.hauntedmanilafestival.com and all Breakout Philippines branches.

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