George Town SUPER STEAK: How Mibrasa-Cooked Meats Ruined the Steak Experience Anywhere Else

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George Town Super Steak is a steak house specializing in steaks and seafood cooked in the Spanish Mibrasa closed charcoal grill oven. The Mibrasa-cooked meats have a nice sear and are not dry because the oven keeps the juice sealed into the meat. Once you’ve tried it, it would be hard to appreciate other meats cooked on a normal grill.

La Cabrera, the Argentinian steak house, uses their own charcoal grill oven, and the steak houses in hotels often use a similar Josper grill to cook their steaks. George Town SS aims to make higher quality Mibrasa-cooked steak more accessible with better value for money in a mall setting.

We visited Super Steak with the family and here are some tips to make your visit memorable…

First Things First

The flagship Super Steak store is located in the prestigious One Bonifacio High Street Mall (Philippine Stock Exchange).

George Town Super Steak (Meat and Seafood)
3rd Level, One Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday (7.00 am – 10.00 pm)
Friday – Saturday (7.00 am – 11.00 pm)
Telephone: +632 8363-1447, 8361-3937, 8293-5562
Mobile: +63 917 532-0000
Facebook: George Town Super Steak
Instagram: @georgetownsupersteak

George Town Super Steak Menu: Appetizer, Soup | Salad, Flat Bread | From the Fire | Mibrasa Mains | Burgers & Sandwiches, Pasta, Sides, Fries | Desserts & Sweets | Drink List | Beer by the Bottle, Hot Beverages | House Pour | What’s your Cocktail?

The ambience is casual, and the story of the fire mural on your right greets you as you enter.

Don’t miss the Mibrasa oven in the open kitchen on your left, cooking meats, seafood and vegetables over an enclosed charcoal grill.

An alfresco area overlooks the Fort Strip where George Pua’s other restaurants are located: K-Pub, Thai BBQ and Ogawa.

You can reserve the private room for an intimate steak session with the family.


Complimentary long bread, with butter and tomato salsa, was served.

Triple Cheese Potato Skins
Triple Cheese Potato Skins (₱215). Crispy potato skins, mild cheddar, parmesan, bacon dressed microgreens, sour cream dipping sauce

You’ll love this appetizer of potato skin topped with cheese and bacon with sour cream, a good alternative to fries.

Golden Brie Basilico and Tomato
Golden Brie Basilico and Tomato (₱460). Breaded Brie, Sundried Tomatoes, Basil Pesto

Half brie cheese was fried until golden brown. Best if you slice it in pieces and eat with the tomato and greens.

Mozzarella Cigar
Mozzarella Cigar (₱280). Mozzarela Sticks, Marina Dipping Sauce

The mozza though did not have any taste, but it was a good appetizer alternative if you don’t want to get stuffed with carbs.


French Onion Soup
French Onion Soup (₱180). Gruyere, parmesan, brandy

It was so cheesy, and you could taste the onions in the soup.

Wild Mushroom Soup
Wild Mushroom Soup (₱215). Mushrooms, cream

This was creamier in flavor, with a subtle taste of the mushroom.


Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad (₱210). Caesar dressing, parmesan, croutons

You can order this a la carte, but it can come as a side to the steak meats.

Sonoma Hill Salad
Sonoma Hill Salad (₱360). Salad greens, aged red wine vinaigrette, pecans, dehydrated cranberries, green apples, blue cheese crumbles

Loved the combination of the vinaigrette with the blue cheese and cranberries.

Burgers & Pasta

Super Steak Signature Burger
Super Steak Signature Burger (₱455). 100% Angus beef, signature sauce, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese

The burger patty was so good—so tender, and still juicy, and you could really taste the flavor of Angus beef.

Porchetta Carbonara
Porchetta Carbonara (₱420). Crispy porchetta, pancetta, parmesan

It was like your all-time favorite creamy carbonara but served with a slab of fried pork belly on the side. (The boys loved this.)

Ask for their fresh juices, like fresh guyabano or green mango shake, to refresh the palate before the main steak meal.

Mibrasa Mains

The meats were all cooked in the Mibrasa, carefully grilled and served smoking hot on your table.

Fire-Grill Baby Back Ribs
Fire-Grill Baby Back Ribs (Half – ₱650, Full – ₱1,245). Coleslaw, pickles, Padron chilies, steak fries, basted with a choice from black or red peppery sauce, sweet-savory, sweet whiskey & original

They say that the baby back ribs are a lot better than Tony Roma’s.

The baby back ribs meat fell off the bones, and who could resist licking the sauce off it?

Norwegian Salmon Fillet Skin-On
Norwegian Salmon Fillet Skin-On (₱710). Served with grilled potatoes, Padron chilies, roasted garlic, aiolo, flip vinegar, water crest

The salmon was not overcooked, and you’d notice how tender and juicy the meat, with crisp skin, was.

Seabass Fillet (₱640)
Seabass Fillet (₱640)

Likewise, the seabass meat was juicier and was not dry. Best eaten with a bit of the charred skin.

From the Fire

Dry-Aged Ribeye
Dry-Aged Ribeye 700 grams (₱6,300). Pure Black Angus prime USDA (USA) comes in a set with two sides of choice served with mushroom soup, Caesar salad & cast iron chocolate chip cookie

First thing you’d notice was the steak was quite tender, still juicy and you could really taste the beef meat.

The steaks were cooked medium rare by default because you wouldn’t want your meat to be done well.

You could cook the steak meat further on the hot stone grill provided for each guest to achieve the doneness you enjoy.

For chili-heads, best to eat the Padron chilies in between steak bites or just papakin throughout the meal.

Wagyu A5 Ribeye
Wagyu A5 Ribeye 375 grams (₱3,800). A5 Wagyu Beef, Japan

We also tried the Wagyu A5 Ribeye which was more tender than USDA, but I would request to have it cooked medium next time.

Order the baked mac & cheese on the side to go with the steak if you are with your kids.

Don’t forget to ask them for their Iberico pork meat options in their secret menu.


Strawberry Pretzel Mousse
Strawberry Pretzel Mousse (₱265). Salty caramel pretzel, mousse, strawberries

This dessert with a chewy pretzel base would grow on you as you chew it, and it was not sweet.

Tiramisu - To Pick Me Up
Tiramisu – To Pick Me Up (₱195). Chocolate tuiles, mascarpone, brandy

This tiramisu was served as a glass of mascarpone cheese topped with chocolate crisp. Nice. 🙂

Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie (₱245). Toasted nuts, vanilla ice cream chocolate sauce

Your typical American dessert of cookie a la mode with lots of nuts.

Creme Brulee - Chocolate Financier
Creme Brulee – Chocolate Financier (₱175). Burnt sugar, chocolate cake

This was just a simple dessert, often best paired with coffee.

For the boys, they preferred vanilla milkshake as their choice of dessert.

Final Thoughts

Overall, after enjoying the Mibrasa-cooked meats, it’s hard to enjoy other grilled meats in other places because you’ll look for that seared tight juiciness in your meat. I love that the ambiance is down-to-earth but with high quality of steaks you can only taste at steak houses in hotels.

Our favorites include Triple Cheese Potato Skins for the appetizer; Super Steak Signature Burger, Fire-Grill Baby Back Ribs, Dry-Aged Ribeye 700 grams, Norwegian Salmon Fillet Skin-On for the meats; and the Strawberry Pretzel Mousse for dessert. Budget about ₱1,500/head. Best to go with a group to share and try more dishes.

Congratulations to George Pua and the No Limits Food, Inc. team for an awesome home-grown steak house concept!

George Town Super Steak (Meat and Seafood)
3rd Level, One Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday (7.00 am – 10.00 pm)
Friday – Saturday (7.00 am – 11.00 pm)
Telephone: +632 8363-1447, 8361-3937, 8293-5562
Mobile: +63 917 532-0000
Facebook: George Town Super Steak
Instagram: @georgetownsupersteak


Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of George Pua.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Can you find the boys’ signatures on the wall? 


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