Cangrejos Locos: Going Crazy over Crabs and Paella in Manila!

CANGREJOS LOCOS is the best NEW Spanish restaurant concept in Alabang by a powerhouse collaboration among Chef Robby Goco x Manny Torrejon x Raymund Magduyo of the Red Crab Group, featuring the best crabs in Manila and the 12-minute cooked Barcelona-style paella.

It’s another winning and fun Spanish concept by Chef Robby Goco, and the perfect place to celebrate our son Aidan’s 15th birthday is the best new Spanish restaurant in Alabang!

Here’s how to get crazy at Cangrejos Locos…


Molito Lifestyle Center, Muntinlupa City
Operating Hours: 11.00 am – 3.00 pm, 5.00pm – 11.00pm
Facebook: Cangrejos Locos
Instagram: @cangrejoslocosmnl

First Things First

Cangrejos Locos is located in the new wing of Molito Lifestyle Mall in front of The Perfect Pint.

The Cangrejos Locos menu features Paellas by Chef Robby, Crabs by Raymund and Spanish Recipes by Manny.

With Chef Robby’s magic touch, they are able to cook delicious paella from scratch in 12 minutes!

They serve paellas with a thin layer of Japanese rice (or Bomba upon request) on a paellera that’s good for 3.


Salpicao (₱598). Beef tenderloin, bone marrow and roasted garlic and chili

The best tapas to start with is the Salpicao with tenderloin cubes in a thick sauce and bone marrow!

Red Sangria
Red Sangria (₱185)

An order of Sangria is a must to start having fun and to prepare for the big meal ahead.

Croquetas Locos
Croquetas Locos (₱240). Crispy bechamel fritter and cheese

Something light, soft and cheesy with a crispy crust to tease the palate.

Chipirones Fritos
Chipirones Fritos (₱210). Baby squid deep fried in evoo, garlic and chilis

You could taste the crispy batter more than the squid itself, good for pica pica.

Manchego Plate
Manchego Plate (₱380)

Sometimes a good Manchego cheese could transport you to Barcelona.

Platos de Cuchara

Callos (₱330). Spanish beef tripe stew with chickpeas, bell peppers and chorizo

Loved the rich stew with a generous serving of beef tripe and chorizo!


Iberian Chicken
Iberian Chicken (₱500). Slow roasted chicken, garlic cloves, herbs and spices, roasted potatoes

The Iberian chicken was also good, but it was overpowered by the rich flavors of the Callos and Salpicao.

Costillas de Cerdo
Costillas de Cerdo (₱650/half slab). Slow roasted pork ribs, agro dolce and roasted potatoes

One of the best pork ribs roasted Spanish style. Best to pair with the paella. 🙂

Cangrejos Locos

Roasted Garlic Angulas
Roasted Garlic Angulas (₱280/100g). Fried crab with angulas, mushroom, sundried tomato, loads of roasted garlic and spices

The 700g crab cooked with lots of garlic and angulas was the main highlight of the meal.

The flavor was infused into the crab meat. Served with garlic oil sauce.

Scoop bits of the garlic and oil and add to the paella for extra umami that’s guaranteed to make you crazy.

Paella and Fideua

Sea & Mountain (Mixta) Paella
Sea & Mountain (Mixta) Paella (₱695). Red sofrito, squid, chicken, shrimps, mussels, clams and green beans

The Mixta Paella is the standard paella with chicken and seafood. Best to mix the soccarat to fully enjoy the dish.

You’d love the aroma, the flavor of the rice and the colors like those of the Spanish flag. 🙂

Paella Negra Paella
Paella Negra (₱590 – good for 3). Shrimps, clams, mussels and squid ink

Our favorite was the Paella Negra with seafood, string beans and squid ink flavor.

We liked the Japanese Rice more, but if you want it to be more authentic, add ₱30/head for Bomba Rice.

Seafood Marinera Fideua
Seafood Marinera Fideua (₱670 good for 3). Redfish fillet, squid, river prawns, saffron stock, and shrimps, clams and mussels

Here’s a tip: order the fideua (dry noodles) version and pair with the garlic angulas crabs!

We added the garlic oil from the crabs and ate it with the crab meat. 🙂 Sobrang sarap!

White Sangria
White Sangria (₱185)

Wash the paella down with white sangria to aid in digestion.


Churros Con Chocolate
Churros Con Chocolate (₱130). Spanish fritters, rolled and dusted in cinnamon sugar, paired with dark chocolate sauce or butterscotch

The churros were a bit soft, and I like them crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Strawberry and Chocolate Cake
Strawberry and Chocolate Cake by Marlene Monfort

Order the best Bacolod cakes made by Marlene Monfort—not too sweet but rich and decadent. 🙂

Queso Flan
Queso Flan

Also instead of the Crema Catalana, request for the Queso Flan by Marlene.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cangrejos Locos is a fun Filipino-Spanish restaurant concept like La Picarra but much cheaper, more relaxed and with the fastest paella service in town (without compromising quality and flavor).

We went crazy over the Garlic Angulas Crabs and the Seafood Marinera Fideua combination. Can’t wait to go back with the family! Make sure to order the Salpicao, Callos and Costillas de Cerdo to pair with the paella. Rache liked the white sangria more than the red. Budget about ₱500/head.

I suggest that you order 2 types of paella: the Paella Negra and the Marinera Fideua for variety. Upgrade it to Bomba rice. The kids loved the Japanese version though. Go crazy with the paella and add chistorra sausage and the garlic sauce from the crab.

For dessert, you’ll love the cakes by Marlene Monfort from Bacolod, perfect for a birthday celebration.

Congrats to the dynamic trio of Chef Robby, Manny Torrejon and Crab King Raymund Magdaluyo!

This is a winning restaurant concept for 2020. Thank you for opening your flagship store in Alabang. 🙂

Molito Lifestyle Center, Muntinlupa City
Operating Hours: 11.00 am – 11.00pm
Facebook: Cangrejos Locos
Instagram: @cangrejoslocosmnl


Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef Robby Goco.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. It’s worth the drive all the way to Alabang and a good excuse to visit your friends in the south.

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