SEDA LIO: Palawan’s First Sustainable 5-Star Resort

By Sean

Seda Lio, the latest undertaking at the acclaimed Lio Tourism Estate, is a bold project that not only offers the best in luxury and relaxation but also happens to be the first fully sustainable resort in the Philippines.

It’s a wonderful beach resort that prides itself on responsible eco-tourism and sustainability in a country that is already feeling the effects of climate change.  This is why Seda Lio stands out as one of the best new resorts, and why it’s our pick for one of the top resorts to visit in the Philippines for 2020.

Let’s be perfectly honest, words like, sustainability, eco-friendliness, green-tourism, etc. are popular terms that have become a sort of catchphrase that clever marketers use to tap into an ever more environmentally conscious tourism industry. While the terms themselves may be tossed about to appeal to certain consumers, it’s always great to come across an establishment that actually puts these ideas into practice.

This is a big deal as the Philippine government is slowly in the process of rehabilitating the hundreds of tourist destinations in the country in a fight that hopes to preserve what little pristine real estate is left.  It’s an uphill battle that can be won with common sense and deep respect for the environment, putting Seda Lio at the forefront in a world trying to cope with man-made climate change.


Lio Tourism Estate
5313 El Nido, Palawan
Phone: +632 7956 8888
Facebook: @sedalioresort
Instagram: sedahotels

SEDA Lio Vlog

Seda Lio is located in the heart of El Nido Palawan, arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Philippines.  We enjoyed our stay at Lio, and what put the cherry on top was an island-hopping day trip through our friends at El Nido Yachting Club.  



The rooms are what you’d expect in a 5-star beach resort—nice and spacious with large sliding doors that seem to invite the beach into your room.

There are, of course, a variety of rooms to choose from.

If you’re like me who judge hotels by their restroom facilities, I’m glad to say that the ones provided in the rooms we stayed in were spacious and well kept.  There wasn’t a bathtub however, but I guess you really don’t need one when you have the entire ocean to bathe in.


You can keep that beach body in shape in the state of the art gym.

And if you want to kick back and relax indoors, there is a recreation room with plenty of games and activities.


Food & Drink

The food at Lio does not disappoint.  The restaurant serves up delicious Western and Asian dishes, and the best part is that almost everything is sourced locally.

Breakfasts are typical of a beach resort.

But where the food really shined was on the dinner menu.  So many great options and everything we tried was pretty damn good.

Around the Estate

There are plenty of activities around the estate and, while shuttles are available, we recommend trying out the eco-friendly and proudly Filipino Bambikes that are available for guests at reception.

Kalye Artisano highlights Arts and Crafts from different parts of Palawan, giving visitors a chance to purchase goods directly from locals and help boost the local industry.

A collection of shops showcase works from various artisans.

The handmade crafts are beautiful and make for the perfect memento.

There are a number of restaurants at the commercial center near the beach, just walking distance from Lio.

We particularly wanted to try Shaka, a rather famous vegan restaurant that serves up a variety of delicious and healthy dishes.

You absolutely have to try their vegan lasagna, and if you’re on the fence about vegan food being delicious, this beauty will definitely change your mind.

Their vegan burgers are also very good.

Shaka is also known for their fresh fruit smoothies and shakes, perfect ways to beat the tropical heat.


El Nido by Yacht

El Nido is made up of groups of islands and islets, each distinct from one another. The only way to really appreciate El Nido is to do a bit of island hopping.

You can book island hopping tours through the receptionists at Lio and they will provide you with a list of tours that are sure to fit your budget.

We booked a group tour with our friends at El Nido Yachting Club and had a complete blast.

We spent half a day sailing between islands, and it was absolutely worth it.

For inquiries, click here —> El Nido Yachting Club

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed our stay at Seda Lio.  And we highly recommend paying them a visit on your next vacation to El Nido.

It’s refreshing to actually see an established brand actually engaging in practices that not only benefit the guests but, most importantly, the island and the surrounding environment.  Seda Lio has set the bar high that I hope other resorts in the country will follow.

Seda Lio
Lio Tourism Estate
5313 El Nido, Palawan
Phone: +632 7956 8888
Facebook: @sedalioresort
Instagram: sedahotels


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Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of the good people at Seda Lio.  I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions and insights.


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