Announcing…. The Manila Podcast!

Finally, we launched our city podcast dedicated to our beloved Manila and the Philippines with my good friend Spanky Enriquez.

We wanted to talk about life and culture of Filipinos and people living in Manila to inform, entertain and serve as a historic snapshot of the emotions and authentic sentiments of life circa 2020.

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Here’s our first episode in Spotify:

S01 E01:  Introducing… The Manila Podcast!!!
What are Podcasts and why now is the best time to start listening to these sources of information and entertainment and positivity.

Our premiere episode discusses this new era of “Movies for your Ears” and the reasons why you should start tuning in.

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Here’s our second episode recorded during the quarantine:

S01 E02: Living Life with Love Under the ECQ

How has it been for you and your loved ones these past weeks? Anton and Spanky talk about how best to live life with continued optimism during the lockdown: from taking care of seniors and children, maintaining a positive attitude, and tips and activities on how to beat the lockdown blues.

We Will Win, Philippines!!!

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Join Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and Spanky Enriquez of The Philippine Star for the MNL POD, everything about Metro Manila and anything about the Philippine Archipelago too!!!

Official website:


Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, Our Awesome Planet

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