Ramen Delivery for your Ramen Quarantine Cravings in Manila! (Updated)

Still got a hankering appetite for ramen during quarantine? Well, we’ve got you covered! These famous ramen houses are still open for delivery/takeout to help you soothe your noodle cravings at home. So, dish those instant noodles out and order your favorites now…   FOOD DELIVERY Series: CHINESE CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-UpJAPANESE CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-Up FILIPINO CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-Up FROZEN MEALS: Delivery & Pick-Up PARTY PACKS: Delivery & Pick-Up BURGERS: Delivery & Pick-Up CAKES: Delivery & Pick-UpBREAD: Delivery & Pick-Up DESSERTS: Delivery & Pick-Up RAMEN: Delivery & Pick-Up SAMGYUPSAL: Delivery & Pick-UpDATE NIGHT (Restaurants) Delivery & Pick-Up Online GROCERIES    

MENDOKORO About Mendokoro Ramenba MENDOKORO RAMENBA is the “serious ramen” reincarnation of Ramen Yushoken in Makati, by Elbert Cuenca and Ryan Cruz. The concept is inspired by the authentic ramen houses in Japan. Their rich and flavorful ramen broths are what keeps folks queueing back for more. But they’re about to change the ramen game with their new Take Home Ramen Kits ensuring the same quality and freshness. Now, anyone can soothe their ramen cravings in the comfort of their own home. Menu: Delivery/Pick up: Call or text them at (0917) 502 0894, (0917) 626 3731 or (02) 8478 9625 to order. Pick up is available at their Makati Branch and deliveries are available within Metro Manila.    How to Pay: Cash and credit card payments are accepted for pick up transactions. Cash transactions only for delivery.   Mendokoro Ramenba Facebook: mendokororamen Instagram: @mendokoro_ramenba    TSUKE-MEN (The Grid Food Market) DIY Tsukemen Kit 🍜 We loved this! The broth was thick enough to coat the noodles, and it was also bursting with flavor. The noodles have a good bite to them as well.  The Take Home Tsukemen Kit by Tsuke-Men, Stall #4 at The Grid is the store’s way of bringing your favorite tsukemen and ramen to your home so you can have them whenever you want. The kits are good for two people and come in four variants. Tsukemen lovers can choose between Gyokai (P840) and Spicy Gyokai (P860) while those who prefer ramen can choose between Tonkotsu (P780) and Tan Tan Men (P840). Each kit contains noodles, broth, and toppings, which are made fresh daily to maintain their quality. You can also customize yours with more add-ons like Tsukemen Noodles (P70), Ramen Noodles (P70), Braised Chasyu (P100), and Aji Tamago (P60). To order, call 0917 707 7459 or 0917 702 2534, or visit thegrid.eunoiaph.com and look for Take Home Kits. Gyokai, Spicy Gyokai and Tan Tan Men available starting June 24 (Wednesday).Tonkotsu available for pre-orders for June 29 (Monday).   How to order: Order via bit.ly/takehometsukemen   How to pay: Credit card if order is placed through thegrid.eunoiaph.com Bank transfer or GCash if order is placed through phone call.   Tsu-ke Men The Grid, Power Plant Mall Mobile: 09177077459 or 09177022534 Facebook: thegridfoodmarket Website: thegrid.eunoiaph.com        

IPPUDO IPPUDO is the most popular Hakata-style Tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen in the world. It was founded in 1985 by Ramen King Shigemi Kawahara in Fukuoka City, Kyushu. Its name literally means “One Wind Hall” and is symbolic for the restaurant’s going against the wind and revolutionizing the ramen era of the time. It was the first shop to offer ramen in a carefully crafted setting, so that both men and women can enjoy an elegant bowl of noodle soup. It was also the first to refer to its broth by colour Shiro (white) for the classic and Aka (red) for spicy.   Menu:   How to Order: Ring in an order for curbside or courier pick-ups by messaging us on Viber and get 10% off your order. IPPUDO PHILIPPINES Websitewww.ippudoph.com FacebookIppudo Philippines Instagram@ippudoph Twitter@ippudoph

  RAMEN NAGI About Ramen Nagi RAMEN NAGI offers a gourmet version of ramen that is hailed as the best in Tokyo. It has been awarded the top spot in the National Ramen of the Year Competitions for the last two years (2011 and 2012). In Hongkong, the Ramen Nagi franchise is known as BUTAO, after its popular signature ramen, which Filipinos line up hours for just to get a taste.   Menu: Delivery: Pick up and delivery are available through calling (02) 8403-8548 or by placing an order on their website. Delivery available throughout Quezon City, San Juan, Pasig, Caloocan, Pasay, Makati, Taguig, Manila, and Mandaluyong.   How to Pay: They accept Paypal, Credit/Debit Card via PayPal, Cash on Delivery, or Online Bank Transfer.   Ramen Nagi Concept Store Website: https://ramennagi.com.ph Facebook: Ramen Nagi Manila    

SANTOUKA RAMEN RAMEN SANTOUKA is one of the best ramen franchises originating from Hokkaido, north of Japan. It is named after a famous poet’s pen name — Santōka Taneda .   Menu:   How to order: Order here.  www.santouka.ph/order (<— CLICK THIS) or contact 0945-1480546 or 02-77281381 to order.    

MENYA KOKORO About Menya Kokoro Menya Kokoro, the first Tokyo Mazesoba specialty shop in Manila, was born in Tokyo back in 2013. With their specialty in Mazesoba, which literally translated to mixing noodle, their modern approach to ramen with their lighter noodles coupled with a ramen-like sauce without the broth.   Menu:   Delivery/Pick up: Delivers through GrabFood or Foodpanda. For areas not covered by GrabFood or Foodpanda, call 0919 00 19392 or 277586493 and your order may be delivered through GrabExpress, Lalamove, Or Angkas Padala. Pick-up are done at their Uptown Mall branch (10am to 7pm)   How to Pay: Payment via BDO bank transfer or Gcash   Menya Kokoro – Tokyo Mazesoba 3rd Floor Uptown Mall, Taguig PM: m.me/menyakokoroph Email: menyakokoroph@famedishinc.com  

HANAMARUKEN RAMEN About Hanamaruken Ramen “Hanamaruken was created by a family of butchers in 1982. It is a subsidiary of the Arakawa Pork Company, a reputable supplier of high-quality meat in Osaka, Japan. Our Signature Happiness Ramen was inspired by creating a distinct marriage between meat and ramen. It is topped with a dark, tender, slow-braised soft bone pork rib that has gained a devoted following. With over 40 branches in Osaka, Hanamaruken strictly follow the philosophy that ramen should be made with excellent meat and prepared by passionate chefs.”   Menu: Delivery/Pick up: Delivery and pick ups are available through FoodPanda or by calling the your nearest Hanamaruken branch and choosing your own courier service.   Payment: Accepts payments through BDO or Gcash once order has been confirmed.   Hanamaruken Ramen Facebook: hanamarukenph Instagram: @hanamaruken_ph  

RAMEN DAISHO About Ramen Daisho Another ramen joint that’s back in business during the quarantine is Ramen Daisho! RAMEN DAISHO offers ramen that may not only be familiar in name but also in taste.  Daisho comes from a coined word meaning dai=”big”, sho=”fly” or “fly high”. Their ukokkei (“Silkie” chicken) ramen recipe is the same recipe bought by the Ukokkei Ramen Ron owners years ago from Japanese Master Chef Funatsu Yasuhiko, ultimately stirring the pot of the neverendless ramen craze in the Philippines.   Menu: Delivery/Pick up: Foodpanda or GrabExpress Pabili Pick-up at their Shaw Branch from Wednesday to Sunday (10 AM – 4 PM). Call them at 09178817471 or (02) 8633 2280 for orders.   How to Pay: Payments via Cash, Credit Card, Gcash or Paymaya are accepted.   Ramen Daisho Facebook: ramen.daisho.ph Instagram: @ramendaisho    


“Our in-house delivery is within Alabang, Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, and Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons only while for other areas, delivery is thru Lalamove, Grab Express or other delivery services to be paid by the customers.
Sigekiya Ramen originated from Yokohama, Japan. The Alabang branch opened on April 5, 2016. We are popular for our signature ramen, the Sigekiya Ramen, and Tsukemen. Our ramen and tsukemen has a very distinct taste that you cannot find in any other ramen shops. Our recipe is specially made by Sugizaki-san, the owner of Sigekiya Japan. Our special sauces and ingredients are coming from Japan.
During this ECQ and maybe even GCQ, we have limited menu for ready to eat and ready to cook. The ready to cook ramen and tsukemen kits can be prepared easily at home and cooking instructions are provided. We also created a video instructions on how to cook our ramen and gyoza at home and these are available in our FB page (SigekiyaRamenPH).”
How to Order:
Facebook: SigekiyaRamenPH


***UDON WILD CARD (NOT RAMEN)** Yes, we know this isn’t ramen… But who can resist their wide selection of toppings, rice bowls and udons? Last but not the least of this list is none other than the one-of-a-kind udon joint– Marugame Udon!

MARUGAME UDON About Marugame Udon Marugame Udon Manila, also known as Marugame Seimen back in Japan, is a famous world-class udon chain with over 1000 stores and counting. With their freshly made Sanuki-style thick udon noodles and crispy fried tempura along with reasonably priced sets, Marugame definitely upped its game for ramen fanatics.  Their self-service, canteen-style restaurant offers customers a live experience of their open kitchen– making their orders customizable and fresh as the staff cook and serve everything from scratch.    Menu: Delivery/Pick up/Takeout Takeout, pick-up and delivery (via GrabFood or GrabExpress Pabili and Lalamove Pabili services) are available in the following branches:   Bonifacio High Street: (0916) 6627 0275 or (02) 7799-9184 The Podium: (0917) 822 2394 or (02) 7586-2804 U.P Town Center: (0917) 872 1280 or (02) 7968-2932 Store hours: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM   How to Pay Payments via Cash or Gcash are accepted.   Marugame Udon & Tempura website: www.marugameudon.com Facebook: marugameph  

FOOD DELIVERY Series: CHINESE CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-UpJAPANESE CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-Up FILIPINO CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-Up FROZEN MEALS: Delivery & Pick-Up PARTY PACKS: Delivery & Pick-Up BURGERS: Delivery & Pick-Up CAKES: Delivery & Pick-UpBREAD: Delivery & Pick-Up DESSERTS: Delivery & Pick-Up RAMEN: Delivery & Pick-Up SAMGYUPSAL: Delivery & Pick-UpDATE NIGHT (Restaurants) Delivery & Pick-Up Online GROCERIES     Live an Awesome Life, ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights. P.S. Please email us if you have comments, suggestions or additions to this post. 

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