YOLI Better Body System Review! (Read this first before trying)

I’ve been burned so many times by transformation systems or “balik alindog” programs in the past that did not work. I’ve also tried doing it naturally by giving up all carbs or by intermittent fasting, but the impact was slow and did not work well at reducing stored fats.

When I told my family that I was going to try Yoli Better Body System, the reactions that I got went from “hindi magwowork yan, tataba ka pa rin after” to “sayang lang ang pera diyan, wala na nga tayong income” to “Multi-level Marketing Scam lang ulit yan.”

I totally understood where they were coming from but it was discouraging, honestly.

First Things First

Still, I persisted in doing the transformation because I wanted to continue playing basketball with my sons when they grow up, last during a best of 7 series, even beat them at this game.

I felt it was imperative to transform in order to survive in the post-Covid world. The death rate of Covid-19 is attributed to people with co-morbilities specially yung matatanda at yung matataba.

It also helped that my brother Rommel was the one who invited me to do Yoli and I wanted to support him.

I did get a lot of criticism from Our Awesome Planet readers not only because of how fat I was but also because of how I was making my sons fat due to our food blogging lifestyle.

I actually hated how I looked—230 pounds with a 43″ waistline. I wanted to surprise everyone with my transformation at the start of the lockdown because it was the perfect time to develop new eating habits at home.

The Transformation Kit

My first impression was that it was just like other MLM systems with a health shake, juice drink and proprietary supplements. I suspended my disbelief for the next 28 days, and claimed my transformation.

Yoli is an integrated, multi-faceted and synergistic Health Gain System, focusing on impact by supporting the Pillars of Health.

The Yoli Transformation Kit includes:
• 2 bottles of Alkalete with 60 capsules/bottle
• 1 bottle of Pure with 60 capsules
• 1 bottle of Resolve with 60 capsules
• 2 boxes of Passion for 35 servings
• 4 boxes of YES! Yoli Essential Shake with 14 packets/box
• Better Body System Workbook

US FDA GRAS-Certified (Generally Regarded As Safe)

Product Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prescribe, or imply that Yoli products are the sole answer to any person’s individual health issues, nor is it intended to assist in any self-diagnosis whatsoever. Please seek the medical supervision of your physician when undertaking any nutritional program.

Akalete is a patented pH support supplement that alkalizes the body using time release of strong mineral bases. This is exclusive to Yoli and is what differentiates it from other transformation systems.

Because of the way I eat, my body is in an acidosis state and Alkalete rebalances the body’s pH levels. There are natural ways to do this like drinking apple cider, baking soda and water.

Pure is a comprehensive digestive formula that supports the digestive tract, immune system and the detoxification pathways. It’s a probiotic, modbiotic and pre-biotic supplement for your gut health.

At home, my wife makes an awesome ginger kombucha. We also eat atchara and kimchi, fermented products that support our gut health. Don’t fall for the sugary probiotic drink kuno.

Resolve is more of a fiber supplement that promotes the feeling of fullness and bowel movement.

Honestly, I did not really feel the effect so might as well eat more fiber with more vegetables.

This Passion drink is your awesome juice drink sweetened with Stevia which provides you the energy boost without the crash.

Yes, you have to give up coffee and drink Passion instead during the 28-day transformation.

The Yoli Essential shake is one serving of protein with LeanImmune blend sweetened with Stevia.

You have to manually shake it in cold water to make sure you absorb all the nutrients in your body.


Can you Survive the Eating Plan of Yoli?

The 28 days are divided into Protein Days where you eat only proteins and Meal Days where you are allowed to eat carbs, vegetables and fruit. Yoli supports carb cycling on alternate days.

It is recommended to start on a Monday so that your Protein Days 1 and 2 fall on a Monday and Tuesday. Your Carb Meal Days 3, 5 and 7 fall during mid-week craving. And you have TGIFriday celebrations and Sunday meals with the family.

Throughout the 28 days, I needed to eat 14 servings of protein for my weight!  That’s a lot of steak or meat that you can handle.

Protein Day Strategy

In fact, I had a hard time eating that much so I had to be creative each day to achieve that amount of serving so that my body could start burning the fats.

The YES Shake is already 1 protein serving and 1 whole egg is also 1 serving. So I would eat 4 eggs for breakfast and 4 eggs in the afternoon just to meet the protein requirement.

I would initially weigh my food to know how much serving I was eating. (85g of fish is one serving.)

55g of pork tenderloin is one serving so we would eat homemade longganisa as much as we liked.

Of course, the boys also loved the longganisa so it was a constant battle, and I had to tell them that I need to eat more because of my diet.

85g of skinless chicken is 1 serving, and this became our default protein during protein time.

40g of cheese (0-3gm of fat/serving) is one serving, and this was my go to dessert when I’m craving for something creamy or a happy ending to the meal.

Meal Days Strategy

During the Meal Days on Day 3 (Wed), Day 5 (Fri) and Day 7 (Sunday), I would eat 4 servings of vegetables per day distributed during lunch and dinner. This was easy but make sure to follow the guide.

For my body weight, I ate 2 servings of complex carbs (90g Adlai = 1 serving) and 2 servings of fruit (small banana = 1 serving) during meal days.

Note: You can eat low-carb vegetables anytime. (We would eat cucumbers in vinegar every meal time.)

I kept an eating schedule to make sure I hit the required 14 servings of protein every day and 2 servings of carb, 4 servings of vegetable and 2 servings of fruit during alternate meal days.

It actually worked immediately on the first week, and the reduction in weight was noticeable. Then the weight loss plateaued, but I noticed how my old marathon shirts fitted me better and how my face looked slimmer.

Final Thoughts

Don’t do the transformation for yourself because it would be easy to lose motivation.

Do it to be able to serve your parents during the new normal like carrying them when they need it the most.

Do it for your kids so that you can show them model behavior and influence them to live healthier.

Do it for your family, friends and fans to inspire them and to create a healthy environment online.

Do it for your country because the more you become a productive citizen in the post-Covid world, the more you will be able to help the less fortunate or severely affected members of society.

My goal was to get to sub 40-inch waistline and sub 100 kg weight on my first transformation. This is not the end point but the starting point of my next 28 days of transformation.

Once you know your transformation worked, it’s addicting to continue and build momentum.

Awesome ME 28 Day Transformation Program

Join me in my next 28-day transformation and start your own transformation.

I’m launching the Awesome ME program that integrates the Yoli Better Body System with Weekday Transformation Zoom sessions with the Awesome ME team, and I’ll personally coach you to increase the impact of the transformation.

To join, please visit https://awesomeme.life or PM rache m.me/rachediaz or call/text +63917 5318949.


Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We paid for our Yoli Transformation Kit.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights. After trying my first 28 day transformation kit, we decided to join Yoli as a member.

Product Disclaimer:

This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prescribe, or imply that Yoli products are the sole answer to any person’s individual health issues, nor is it intended to assist in any self-diagnosis whatsoever. Please seek the medical supervision of your physician when undertaking any nutritional program.

P.S. Join the Transformation Wednesday Zoom calls to know more about the Yoli program.
PM rache m.me/rachediaz or call/text +63917 5318949.

P.P.S. We are talking to Sheila and Lucille tomorrow in Youtube LIVE about Yoli-fied Embracing the New Normal.

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