PalengkeGo: Online Palengke that Deliver Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

It’s important to store canned and processed food in case of an emergency during this pandemic. But one important thing you should always keep in mind is having a healthy diet to keep your immune system up to have a better chance in fighting COVID-19 infection.

PalengkeGo is a one stop shop that delivers most of your basic grocery needs from fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken, cooking oil, rice and others. The online grocery was recently established to provide the community with fresh and healthy ingredients which are conveniently delivered right to your home.  It was also established to better assist local farmers get their products to the market, as well as a way to find an alternate work for their current employees, as non-essential businesses were temporarily not allowed to operate during the pandemic.

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Here’s a look at our PalangkeGo cart…

To ensure its freshness, they would buy the vegetables and fruits from the giant trucks that would arrive from Baguio at 3am in Carmen Planas the heart of “bagsakan ng gulay where their base is also conveniently located.

The delivery truck arrives 2-3 days after you order.


Product List:



Most of the produce comes from Baguio City famous for its cold climate and high-quality fruits and vegetables.


You’ll find local strawberries from Sagada or La Trinidad, as well as imported berries from Driscoll’s.


Blessed with fertile soil and good climate all year round, Davao is one of the producers for the sweetest fruits in the country. Famed as the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines,” I couldn’t help but order a good sum of my favorite fruits. I don’t think they sell durian, but they have pomelo, avocado and bananas.


Batangas Coconuts for something refreshing, but it was very hard to carry. Better bring a cart when you go down to get the delivery.


They even have watercress my fave leafy greens perfect for our shabu-shabu hot pot nights at home.


Of course, don’t forget to add the golden enoki mushroom, king oyster mushroom, and Shitake mushroom from China


Besides fresh produce, they also have frozen chicken, eggs, tuyo, noodles, and a list of condiments. Most of the basic ingredients so you wouldn’t have to go out.


Due to a lot of inquiries from customers, they have also decided to offer delivery of Jasmin and Vietnamese rice. (I had to drag this in my room! haha)


For the chocoholics, they have chocolate goodies made from 100% cacao sourced in Davao. NutraRich’s tablea and chocolates are 100% natural with no fillers and preservatives added.

It’s one of the best tablea I’ve drank. Their version of the tablea melted easily, with a flavor profile that’s very rich and chocolatey in taste, not like the roasted and burnt version that we are accustomed to.

You can also add the tablea into your chocolate brownies and pastries for that extra dark chocolatey goodness.  Besides tablea try their new milk chocolates filled with durian and dried mango chunks.


How To Order:

Order form link:
EST Pricelist:
Email to:
Text / Viber orders to: (0905) 238 9880


Payment Method:

1.) Bdo online
2.) Cash dep slip
3.) BPI app (choose “BDO Unibank” to transfer)
4.)Gcash :
5.) Paypal
6.) PayMaya



The Story of PalengkeGo

“My mom noticed “Yaya Delen”, our helper ever since I was 2 years old, who is now close to 60 years old, wakes up 3am early morning to go all the way to Manila just be able to get affordable and quality veggies.

My mom saw that she would have a hard time going through all of that effort and in carrying heavy vegetable home. My mom saw this as an opportunity to use our property located in Carmen Planas, Manila located at the heart of “bagsakan ng gulay”. She immediately tried to fulfil our own personal household veggie/ fruits orders along with orders of a few of her close friends just to see how it plays out.

Two weeks after, the government then suddenly declared a whole lockdown on the Philippines. It took us all by surprise but it was the perfect time for PalengkeGo to kickstart in selling fresh produce to the public at #palengke price with added convenience.

Our furniture business wouldn’t have orders to fulfill because the Malls were closed due to the lockdown. This meant that our employees wouldn’t have jobs to provide food for their family. My mom, wanting to be able to provide her whole team a sustainable means of livelihood, gave everyone a chance to work at the Palengke at the same time to be able to provide the community fresh produce at a very affordable price. We did not want to take advantage of the situation by selling veggies at high prices, but instead we wanted to share the blessing we had to the community and to help local farmers, as well as our staff.

March 2020, we started with just 50 vegetable items. Right now , we have reached to close to 200 vegetable items , 50 local and imported fruits, 50 diff variants of tuyo , palengke dry goods and condiments.

We also started to collaborate with different local brands such as Nutrarich Davao Tablea , Pastries by Astoria Hotel, Minola Oil, “Cook’s” by Vitarich Frozen Whole Chicken , Master Chef Premium rice, and a lot more brands in the pipeline.

I can say that we have grown so much because of the team’s openess towards learning and because we focus more on what our client needs and not profit. PalengkeGo has reached what it has reached now because of our very supportive clients who have bared with us ever since the beginning. ”

– Erika Rellera


Facebook: palengkego
Instagram: palengkego


Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Checkout this infographic on how to disinfect vegetables…













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