10 Best Home-Based Food in Manila (that Are Better than Restaurants)!

Manila’s home-based food scene is getting better and here are the ones better than restaurants:



Ginataang Kuhol, anyone? Cleaning kuhol (snail) is never an easy task. So when we got reconnected with @auntiemays we immediately ordered her ginataang kuhol! No questions asked! Just buy! ₱390 a tub of 1000ml. Need lots of rice because the sauce needs it! And you need it too!


Auntie May’s bestseller is their Angus Beef Salpicao cooked with minced garlic aplenty and special seasoning.  An original recipe by Auntie May’s family made from Certified Angus Beef. They serve it with rice and also sell it in frozen packs with 3 individual sachets with a “how to cook guide”. It an easy prepare meal you can cook straight from the freezer. The salpicao was a pleasure to eat as well because the meat was tender and juicy. (₱390 -3 single serve)



Certified Angus Beef that is cubed and cooked with lots of minced garlic and their secret seasoning, which is serve
on top of garlic fried rice. The salpicao was a pleasure to eat as well because the meat was tender and juicy. I was surprised to find out that this was Auntie May’s first foray into the food industry. “To be honest, I cook a lot but this is my very first [business] venture in food. We are kitchen people—my family and siblings. We are very fortunate because my mom really trained us. Sinanay niya kami sa kusina.”

All the raw meat they use are also being sold in their home-based deli where they offer a myriad of marinated meat and other products, including their original specialty, gourmet bagoong. “The name Auntie May’s stemmed about when we started selling bagoong because we had to identify it. We started it because of the demand of our friends.” The husband-and-wife team would make their own bagoong from scratch and give it to their friends as gifts. The business evolved from there—20 years ago.


How to Order:



Check the full menu here : EasyHomeCookingKits

Email:  easyhomecookingkits@gmail.com
Viber: +63 998 869-8459
Facbook:   www.facebook.com/EasyHomeCookingKits/



Have you tried good bicol food in Manila? Marhay na Adlaw means Good day! in Bicol.

We have known @querica.ph way way back then and we just got re-united during our #ultimatetastetest2018 — she was one of the winners too! We believe that @querica.ph are truly built on passion (to produce Bicolano fine-tasting brand products), community (forging partnerships) and authenticity (true to its rich culinary traditions).

On the table:
1) Sinantolan – our favorite becoz its creamy and best with rice but my Bicolano mom said it needs more santol flavor;
2) Vegetarian Laing – good healthy version and just add your own sili labuyo if you like a spicy kick like a Bicolano;
3) Pineapple-Cured Tocino – the boys wiped this out; and
4) #Bicol Express #Longganisa – a good alternative to the laing longganisa.

Proud to be a Bicolano here! Dios Mabalos!



Being a regional food brand, Que Rica prides itself for forwarding Bicolano delicacies. Maricar Buenaflor, a Le Cordon Bleu Paris-educated owner, is the woman behind the deli’s famous Laing Longganisa.

This hybrid combines longganisa as we know it with the creamy-spicy Bicolano favorite, laing. Known for being a side dish, Chef Maricar decided to induce laing into a known viand—longganisa in this case—so it can stand alone. I personally think an innovation such as this is only one of the many reasons why Ultimate Taste Test keeps thriving even after ten years of introducing and reintroducing food to the market.



See full menu.


How To Order:

Visit our website, they  deliver from their hub in Makati.www.querica.ph

Que Rica’s
Facebook: querica.ph
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/querica.ph/
Website: www.querica.ph



The famed Tex Mex Tuesday by the Andayas of @soop.kitchen in the South. Chicken Enchiladas (creamed poached chicken with enchilada sauce) with refried beans, Mexican rice, salsa and sour cream all lovingly made from scratch. Only offered/ made once a month.

Grab your two-6x8in trays for ₱650. Good for 2-4 pax. I love how the home-based food movement is offering uniquely delicious food, fresh and quality ingredients made from scratch, and priced competitively vs restos.


How To Order/ Contact Details:

Facebook: soop.kitchen
Viber: +63917 899-5863
Instagram: soop.kitchen



Have you tried the Best Filipino Pancit in Manila? @bettysbestph

It comes in two version: the bestseller Sotanghon Sisig #UTT10 winner and Betty’s Palabok. The secret is in the type of noodles they use and the secret sauce by the founder, the late Dennis Nakpil.

On the table:
1) Sisig Sotanghon – eat it with sisig or just slurp the noodles! Love it!
2) Pancit Palabok – still saucy even it was re-heated. Disclaimer: we need to re-heat it because delivery was early for the shoot and we ate it during the evening live chat.
3) Bbq – tender bite juicy bbq! The only fat was at the end of the stick.
4) Bibingka made wtih glutinous rice and lotsa tender loving care of the butter.

All comes in different packages so you can just order the small sizes if you want to try everything!

PS. The business named after Dennis and Doris 2nd daughter Betty who is still in college.



Home of the BEST Sisig Sotanghon! We deliver the perfect combination of Palabok Special, Tender Pork Barbeque, and Mini Bibingka Galapong!




How to Order:

Call them at +632 8570-2000 or +63 917 800-1865. Delivering from Pasig (via courier).

🕙 Tue-Sun 10AM to 4PM
Click on the link for their order form!bit.ly/BettysBest

Betty’s Best
Instagram: @bettysbestph


5. JAM FOODS/ Chef John

@chefjohnph has been cooking since he was 14 years old. Professionally cooking since 1990. Batang bata!

He is known for his Perico’s Thanh Long-Style Crabs and Angus Beef tapa. Established @jamfoods with his mi amore @mncuunjieng — the true boss. He cooks anything, give him any ingredient, he will give you a full and happy stomach! From Paella Valencia, Angus Salpicao, Pollo La Latina, 10hour Angus Roastbeef Belly, Baby Back Ribs to Buttered Clams, anything! In the photos are his old fashioned Callos, Angus Korean beef stew and makalumang Menudo which call for cups and cups of rice.

This is how we cook @jamfoods angus beef and pork bacon tocino. We don’t cook it too much like you do but we are very happy with these meats! Smoky meats — lovin’ and wishin’ we got more than one pack! Even just for only the missus and me! If asked to choose between the 2, we just got converted to the angus beef bacon tocino from their pork bacon tocino but just the same, we love ‘em both!

Smoky taste, tender and juicy because of the fat…and of course, rice galore should always be beside those meats!



JAM Foods & Co. is a food consultancy business that provides premium ready-to-cook meals.


Frozen Ready to Cook Menu:
Angus tapa original P650 700g
Angus tapa spicy P750 700g
Premium lean Angus tapa P750 600g
Angus salpicao P750 600g
Angus Rib Eye Steak P1,100. 1 inch thick.
Prime Angus Rib Eye P2,200. 1 1/2 inches thick 
Tomahawk Steak P2,900 per rack 
Average 1.5kg 
Angus Burger P750
pack 8 pieces. Approx wt 1kg depending on meat moisture 
Garlic Pork P650 700g
Bagnet Chips P450 300g
Chicken Fingers P650 1kg
Chicken Tocino P265 300g
Homemade Sweet Garlicky Longganisa P650 1kg
Available until supplies last.


How to Order:

Order through call or contact them through their facebook page:

Jam Foods
Facebook: JAMFoods
Mobile: +63 917 533-1371


6. MAMA V Delicious

Mama V Delicious founded by Tina Vitas is an online food delivery service specializing on Filipino home-cooked meals, comfort food classics with 60+ year old heritage recipes from Mama Vitas. They are best known for classic Filipino food that brings back nostalgia for Gen Xers (40+ above) and finding a new millennial audience (ages 25 to 34). Mama V Restaurant has been serving home-cooked food in Malate (across DLSU)  since the early 2000s as a passion project by Mama V who turned 80 years old this year.



Delicious home-cooking, Filipino comfort food, from a woman whose recipes have over 60 years worth of history, at your doorstep!

How to Order:



Mama V Menu: Ready to Eat (Party Trays) | Solo Rice Meals Menu | Cook at Home Menu


Mama V Delicious
Delicious at Your Door Step
Telephone: +632 7502-4210
Mobile: +63 917 811-7580
Email: mamavdeliciousph@gmail.com
Instagram: @mamavdelicious.ph
Facebook: MAMA V Delicious Meals



Reminiscin’ this oven-baked parmesan crusted salmon, baked the way we like to eat our salmon — definitely not overcooked and not dry at all! @benedictokitchen.ph creamed corn is its perfect partner, I tell you. Get more than one order.

Salmon price range from P1,050 to P3,900 depending on the size (0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2kg)



Benedicto Kitchen started out with a curious mind fueled by the love for food. After numerous failed experiments, and driven by the idea of approaching things differently, BK broke out with its own roast beef recipe and baked salmon. After almost two decades in the corporate world, the founder discovered his passion and took a leap of faith in 2018 to pursue his passion full-time and has never “worked” since. We believe that serving great food is as important as great service. Happy customers is the most important thing for us.


Menu/How to Order:

Order from their website and see full menu here benedictokitchen.ph

Benedicto Kitchen
Instagram: @benedictokitchen.ph
Website: benedictokitchen.ph


8. AlimangoOnTheGo

Look at the aligue in this crab from Roxas City, Capiz! Seafood capital! Crabs cooked with buttered chili garlic sauce by Alimangonthego are ₱800 per order.

Seafoods from Roxas City, Capiz never fail — never fail to make me eat more than I should kasi dapat tig-isa lang kami, never fail to get scoops after scoops of carbs 😷 after which I regret it with a full stomach.

Does this photo make you want to buy shrimps or even order this kind of shrimps (cooked in buttered chili garlic) from @alimangonthego ? They can take care of your seafood cravings!


How to Order:

Delivers around Metro Manila, Laguna & Rizal

Instagram: @alimangonthego



Scratch & Sniff: The best smoked meats delivered to your home! @smokestationph

One slab of Smoked (for 7 hours) St. Louis Pork Ribs rubbed with @smokestationph crafted dry rub before being smoked by cured fruitwoods – santol chunks and apple wood chips. After it is smoked on the day itself, it is vacuum-packed and frozen ready to be delivered to you. Thaw for a few minutes and you just need to dip it in freshly boiled water for 15 minutes. I love how they figured out how to transport this baby.

The meat is super tender with a pinkish medium color covered by charcoal-smoked rub and all the flavors are infused into its core. Dip it into Smoke Station Signature sauce for maximum satisfaction. You might want to ask for extra sauce when you order.

Support this two-Woman team of Malor and Jen for the home-based smokin’ hot venture! Congrats! ₱1,500 per slab. Order now for delivery during the weekend.



In Smoke Station PH, we craft flavorful smoked meats from scratch. No short cuts — it is authentic low and slow BBQ.



How to order:

We deliver via grab/lalamove/happymove. The delivery fee is c/o the customer

Instagram: @smokestationph
Facebook: smokestationph



I’m on a See Food Diet!  Who misses Zamboanga Curacha crab and their addicting Alavar Sauce?

@astridstable Mixed Seafood Full Platter comes with, Curacha Crab, Chilean Black Mussels, Shrimp and Corn in their special sauce. The sauce is a mix of Alavar Sauce and their secret recipe to make it their own.

The crabs, they use are Zamboanga curacha crabs and for the mussels, they use black mussels which is fatter and tastier than the usual green ones.The sauce is made with coconut milk and is best paired with rice! My rice was literally bathing in sauce.



My partner is a culinary graduate. He’s actually a pro athlete but since COVID stopped all sporting tournaments, his basketball career is also on hold. So he figured he will use his culinary background which resulted to Astrid’s Table. The name naman is of course after our baby Astrid. We treat her as the boss ng business. We only started in June but we got really good reception from customers.
The Crab and sauce combo is actually a famous dish from Zamboanga. It’s quite hard to find curacha here in manila so we’re so happy na we got a supplier for that. Our sauce naman are also from Zamboanga and we just tweak it to make it our own. For our crab dishes, we use curacha and for our mussels, we use black mussels which is fatter and tastier than the usual green ones. 


Astrid’s Table
Instagram: astridstable
Facebook: astridstable


Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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