10 Quarantine Healthy Food Finds in Manila!

To celebrate this year’s International Chefs Day 2020, we are featuring our Healthy Food Finds in Manila during the quarantine! Healthy Food is very important in the post pandemic world to boost our immune system as our defense for the Corona Virus for both the seniors and our kids.

Martin Lindstrom predicted that:

We’ll all get fat (in fact, we’re already getting fatter by the day)

We’ve never gained as much weight as we have in the last few months of 2020, and nothing indicates this trend will change. The industry term for this is “Mindless Munching.”

– Martin Lindstrom
Author, Buy•ology for a Coronavirus world

We need to make a conscious decision to eat healthier with better choices of food when we are snacking or indulging our cravings or celebrating with the family.

Here are our 10 Quarantine Healthy Food Finds in Manila:

1. Salmon Caviar @kamikalu_ph

2. Salmon Cake @salmon.hq

3. Chinese Fresh Lumpia @mayaskitcherrific

4. Baked Shrimp & Mussels @cheesywifey

5. Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio @ngon.vndeli

6. Olive Oil Cakes @_gourmei_

7. Heathy Foods and Snacks @simplefoodsph

8. Homemade Kamote Chips @thchips

9. Frozen Fruits @thegoodbasketmnl

10. Healthy Hotdogs @healthyhogsph

Let me know if you have more healthy food finds during this quarantine season in Manila! Follow our Instagram @ourawesomeplanet

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

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