Manila Podcast Season 3: 2021 Predictions, Tiktok Resto Controversy, Celebrating Chinese New Year & Valentines Long Weekend

We are back with my co-host Spanky Enriquez talking about life in Manila for our Season 3 Episodes this 2021. Listen to The Manila Podcast in Spotify, Apple Podcast, or Google Podcast where we talk about food, travel and lifestyle stories happening during this Covid-19 Pandemic in Manila.

Season 3 Episode 3: Celebrating Chinese New Year, Valentines & Observing Lent in Manila

đź”´ Celebrating Chinese New Year, Valentines & Observing Lent in Manila +RESOLVING THE TIKTOK CONTROVERSY

Join, watch and listen to our LIVE Recording of The Manila Podcast episode at every week. In this latest episode, we discuss suggestions and tips for the upcoming Chinese New Year and Valentines Day Celebration long weekend before the Holy Week.

Season 3 Episode 2: Is it a Prank or Is it a Crime?

Listen to the Manila Podcast Season 3 Episode 2

JANUARY 2021 is Over? How are We? 

IS IT A PRANK OR IS IT A CRIME? Influencers and their Viral Aspirations

00:00 This is the end of January 2021 episode which is a recap of what happened in life in Manila during this pandemic. 

19:30 Main Debate: Is it a Prank or Is it a Crime?

Here’s the background of the Tiktok Resto Prank Controversy:

Season 3 Episode 1: The Manila Podcast 2021 Predictions

Listen to Manila Podcast Season 3 Episode 1

The Manila Podcast 2021 Predictions by Anton & Spanky

00:00 Welcome and Recap of Ultimate Taste Test 2020

00:08 Introduction of 2021 Predictions: Manila Re-Opening

00:12 #1: Gen Z will vote become more influential and vote the next President of the Philippines

00:25 #2: Monday Food Trips and Roadtrip to Off the Beaten Path is the new gimmick.

00:32 #3: Work from Islands and Open Distance Learning from AirB&B

00:43 #4 Local Cruising Bubble Travel Trend

00:47 #5: The Air Fryer Craze in Manila

00:52 #6: Home-Based Concept & Deliveries will Continue to Win in 2021:

Korean-Filipino Craze and Plant-based Trends

1:08 #7 Start of the Next Tech Boom: Clean Technology, Financial Technology, and BioGenomics 

1:15 #8 Why Lyka Gems could be big for the restaurant and hospitality industry?

1:22 #9 Ransomeware / Hacking will be on the Rise (specially one year before the elections)

1:25 #10 More People will have Ergonomic Issues and best way it to prevent by adopting Ergonomic Practices 

1:28 Final Thoughts

When can we Watch Movies in the Cinema again vs. Home Theater watching with the family?

1:34 Romance and High Tech Sex in the New Normal?

1:37 NBA Prediction: Lakers would Win

1:40 Final Movie Recommendation to Watch

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