10 Ways to Help the Environment at Home

We cannot afford to be apathetic anymore about the impacts of climate change on our environment and the kind of world we are leaving for future generations. As Bill Gates said, “COVID-19 is awful. Climate change could be worse.


What are you doing to fight climate change? Here are 10 ways to do it at home with the family:

1. Speak Up for Nature: The Earth Hour Habit

Watch Youtube: đź”´ What Can We do to fight Climate Change today? with Atty. Angela Ibay and Mikee Cojuangco

When was the last time you spoke up for the environment among family and friends or in social media?
Do you even participate in the annual symbolic switch off of lights during Earth Hour every last Saturday of March?
Have we learned our lessons from Covid? Do we know how can we be better prepared for the coming climate change war?

Time to speak up or speak louder because every voice helps in building a momentum to address climate issues.

2. Turn Off Wifi, Avoid Overnight Charging and Go Solar

Our parents always taught us to save electricity, but how are we teaching our kids to be conscious about saving electricity? Sometimes lights are turned on even if there’s no one in the room or the electric fan remains operational even if no one is on the desk.

Do you turn off your wifi at night? I’m guilty, and I’m aware that we all have to make a conscious effort to change this. Did you know that one of the major causes of fire is a cellphone left charging overnight? Seriously, think about going solar at home, the cost of which has drastically declined over the years to offset your electricity consumption. Save electricity!

3. Use the Tabo Challenge to Save Water

We take water for granted, thinking that this natural resource is unlimited. One practical way to save water is to use tabo and timba instead of the shower that runs the whole time when you take a bath. Especially during the summer season when most people take baths twice a day, take the tabo challenge in the next few days (until it becomes a habit).

4. Avoid Plastic and Re-use Single Use Plastic

We hate plastic but the lockdowns and pandemic protocols increased the use of plastic containers, single-use plastic water bottles and plastic packaging due to increased delivery requirements. Recycle every single-use plastic you get. We also need to campaign for a legislation to be passed banning single-use plastic!

5. Shop Only when Needed and Support Eco-Friendly Companies

To reduce delivery packaging, think first if you really need to buy that product. If it is not essential and you can live without it, just don’t buy it anymore. If you really need to buy it, look for eco-friendly companies to support. If you invest in the global stock market, invest on companies that have high ratings on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. Let’s vote wisely with our money and let companies know that we demand environmentally sustainable products.

5. Separate Food Waste and Compost to Make Soil

Honestly, do you separate the food waste from the non-food waste? That’s only the first step. Do you compost your food waste using Bokashi or other means of your own and convert it into soil? Did you know that if you send your food waste to the normal landfill it will emit dangerous gases to our environment?

It’s hard to start doing this, but if you don’t do it, you are contributing to making our world warmer each day. You can outsource the entire composting process to Green Space and become a Soil Mate advocate. No day but today.

6. Eat more Vegetables from your Own Rooftop or Indoor Garden

One thing that we learned during the pandemic is to start building our wartime food source. Build your roof deck or indoor garden and use the soil from your food waste compost. Start to eat more raw vegetables for more enzyme nutrients to strengthen your immune system to fight against Covid and future pandemics. Build a farm-to-table eco-system for your home in preparation for the next war or pandemic.

8. Binge Watch on Environmental Videos with your Family

Do you watch a lot of anime, K-drama or time-wasting B movies? Why not allot 30 minutes of your movie night with the kids learning more about climate change and how to protect our environment? Let’s support movies or watch videos that educate on the latest trends on how to fight climate change.

Be a part of climate change education and build your knowledge with resources like DepEd’s Climate Change Education.

9. Go Out and Get more Vitamin D direct from Sun!

I’m guilty of spending a lot of time indoors. In fact, when we did our Vitamin D check, we were way below the required levels. Instead of taking Vitamin D supplements, why not just spend more time outdoors? With each moment you spend outside, you lessen the use of electricity indoors and you get much needed immune-boosting power from the sun. Go out twice a day—in the morning around 10am while playing with the kids outdoors, and in the afternoon at 3pm until sunset.

10. Use Eco Bags, Water Bottle & Your Own Utensils/Chopsticks/Straws

By now, you should have your own water bottle to drink from even at home, eco-bag with which to shop while supporting your local community stores and markets and re-usable set of spoon, fork, chopsticks and straws. Make sure to have these for every member of the family and instill the habit of using these among the kids.

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

Disclaimer: We are an official media partner of Earth Hour Philippines 2021.

P.S. To have more meaningful progress in our fight against climate change, let’s start to think about the politicians we will vote for in the next elections and support those who champion climate change initiatives for our country.

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