Our Chef HIM-Possible Experience

I still can’t believe that we were able to prepare our favorite Thai dishes at home thanks to Chef Him who made this possible. What makes this remote cooking training session effective is that it is targeted to common people at home using common ingredients at home, and if needed sourcing the specialized ingredients.


Here’s our experience with HIMPossible Recipes…

About Chef Him Uy de Baron


Meet Chef Him Uy de Baron on the inspiration behind HIMPossible recipes and the remarkable turnaround from his ex-ABS CBN project that got discontinued during the pandemic.

Watch here: 🔴 The Story of HIM Possible with Chef Him Uy de Baron

Himpossible Recipes
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Himpossible Recipes

It is in the ingredients and simple secrets @himpossible.recipes shared during our BKK Escape Repeat cooking class that made these dishes spectacular! We have been to Thai cooking classes (even in Thailand!) but every time was different. 

@mrsawesomeplanet thought that this was just the one offs but she admittedly it was a bit tedious to prepare, so many things prior (that she got some ingredients mixed up!🙃) but the results were unexpectedly good and very tasty!!

Chef Him also shared where he gets his authentic ingredients. And oh, we learned some tricks from our classmates as well which we will try on our next Bangkok meal! 

Last sharing, the 4-hour cooking class costs ₱3,850 including the ingredients. You think so too? It’s value for money, right? With Chef Him’s knowledge and experience, it’s like you are just paying for ingredients! 

Bangkok Dinner at Home

On our table were Pomelo Shrimp Salad, Green Curry Chicken and Pad Thai lovingly cooked by Rache for the family!

Green Curry Chicken

I personally love the Green Curry Chicken and this will definitely be part of our menu rotation at home 🙂

Tip: The curry tastes better after several days! 

Pomelo Shrimp Salad

A classic Thai salad for a refreshing starter. It makes sense to to have a Thai theme meal because the dishes pairs well together and you get to fully satisfy your Thai craving.

Pad Thai

Admittedly, we had a harder time with the noodles and now we appreciate better the restaurants serving really good pad thai. But for now, home-made freshly cooked pad thai is the way to go.

HIMPossible Recipes Ready-to-Heat

@MyKusinaKapamilya x Chef @himpossible.recipes – ready to heat 🔥

@MyKusinaKapamilya x Chef @himpossible.recipes collaboration, created and established to assist ex-ABS-CBN employees who lost their jobs and put up a Co Op so they can have a business at this time, carries the official frozen ready-to-eat meals based on Chef @HimPossible.Recipes.

Khao Soi (Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup) – ready to heat 🔥

To those people who just wants to enjoy and eat curry than to do a DIY cooking, here’s something for you to try and get hooked!

Let us help our Kusineros to bounce back after losing their jobs from the Kapamilya Network. From here, the story continues…

Green Curry Chicken – ready to heat 🔥

We love it when our dishes comes with a sauce especially with coconut milk not to mention the crunchy noodles to add texture and add authenticity ☺️

Warning: Prepare 🍚 🍚 para hindi bitin!

Final Thoughts

Anton & Rache Diaz with Chef Him Uy de Baron in Lemoni Cafe, Boracay

Indeed, in HIM, our Awesome God, all things are possible specially during this pandemic. I admire Chef Him’s resilience and faith in the Lord which reflects on the quality of his work and his service to his students and ex-officemates. Congratulations Chef Him!

Himpossible Recipes
Learn to cook online with us! Ingredients are delivered straight to your doorstep!
DM us or message +63 923 237-2973
Instagram: @himpossible.recipes 

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

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