2021 Food Trends: What’s Trending in Manila Now?

What’s Trending in Manila 2021

The home delivery food scene is leveling up this 2021. It’s more fun to food trip at home with trending innovations in Manila today from Collaboration Kits, Lechon Baka, Cochinillo Craze, Limited Edition Pies and much more.


If you are looking for the next delicious food to enjoy at home, make sure to try each trend on the list for your next celebration or weekend family lunch.

If you are a food entrepreneur, check-out what’s trending and learn what’s working now in Manila then apply to your business.

Here are the 10 food craze trending now in Manila:

1. Limited Ed. Collaboration Kits

Lobster Pasta Kit

Can’t believe we were able to cook this awesome collab homekit—locally-sourced lobster on a bed of homemade squid ink pasta with spicy tomato vodka sauce!

We are getting the hang of these complete home kits that we do not need to think what other ingredients we need to gather to have one good meal. The best food is still the one you freshly cook at home.

Though I must admit it was challenging the first time we handled the lobster—removing its head, cleaning its intestines and removing the tail. We still need to figure out how to make lobster bisque from the head.

@noodlelab.ph with their homemade squid ink pasta collaborated with @seasourceph for their lobster sourced from the Philippine islands and @burgoshomemade for their spicy tomato vodka sauce to make this kind of meal in the comforts of your home!

Highly recommended and awesome dish to prepare at home for a special occasion or as a surprise for your loved one.

₱2,490 for the kit, good for 3-4pax.

Available on all Saturdays of July in limited quantities. Order cut-off is every Thursday. For special date requests (within July),

Noodle Lab PH
🍝 Fresh artisanal pasta, made to order.
💡 Est. March 2020
Instagram: @noodlelab.ph

Sea Source PH
• local & fresh off the hook lobsters 🦞
• sourced from 📍Bicol; pick ups: New Manila, QC
Instagram: @seasourceph

Burgos Homemade
🔖 Serving good homemade food
‼️ Next day delivery (7PM cutoff)
Instagram: @burgoshomemade

Twice-Cooked Beef Inasal Tadyang

Collaboration of @sarapmanilainasal, @itsnatmoran x @himpossible.recipes for this Twice-Cooked Beef Inasal Tadyang! Ang sarap nito!

Do you know why it’s twice cooked? It’s been marinated and long simmered until tender then grilled over charcoal. Indeed, the beef ribs are tender and very flavorful.

And do you know why this meal is deadly? Deadly because of the grilled bone marrow! The boys enjoyed it with the garlic rice and beef. Agawan time again!

Mixed with garlic rice, whole roasted garlic, sauteed kangkong and soy coconut sauce.

₱1,850 good for 3-4pax.

Order via www.manilainasalgrillhouse.beepit.com. Limited special until July 31. Available thru Beep & Grab.

Manila Inasal
Online Filipino restaurant
San Juan City | Makati
Makati – http://manilainasal.pickup.ph
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 7:30pm
+63 998-9981987
Instagram: @sarapmanilainasal

Chef Natalia Moran @tsnatmoran

Himpossible Recipes
Family-approved. Kitchen-tested.
Learn to cook online with us.
Ingredients delivered straight to your door!
DM or message +639985732724
📍Metro Manila
Instagram: @himpossible.recipes

2. Lechon Baka Craze

Andok’s Litson Baka

From the Litson Manok to the Litson Baka, Andok’s has started a Lechon Baka Craze that cuts across demographics. What’s more, you can enjoy it anywhere—at home, at the office, at the beach and even during Zoom sessions.

Yes, the lechon baka hype is legit with the organic word of mouth setting this craze.

Andok’s has become the standard in what lechon baka should taste like, and it’s still the best, with the quality of their beef and Andok’s signature litson flavor (₱350/order).

With its wide distribution network across Metro Manila, you can get access to its Litson Baka even when you are in Laguna.

Congrats, Andok’s on your #BakaNaman innovation!

Official Instagram Account of Philippines’ #PambansangLitsonManok #ChibokNgPuso #PusongAndoks #BakaNaman
Instagram: @pusongandoks


3. Cochinillo Craze

The Yellow Kitchen Cochinillo

Excited na ba kayo? Kami excited!! 🥰 Cochinillo by @theyellowkitchen2020.

Weighing 3.3 kilos pre-cooked then down to 3 kilos cooked, it travelled from QC to Laguna. Malasa siya ha kahit lean; may konting taba. The crispiness of the skin depends on how long it travelled—usually 1.5 hours or less and you have to eat it immediately. 🍽

Mas lalo siyang sumarap when we put the green chili garlic sauce (parang garlicky atchara)! Nope, it’s not too hot, but since we 💚 garlic, we 💚 this sooo much. Naunang maubos ang sauce sa 🐷 meat.

My youngest son ate only the duck fat rice because he refused to eat the cochinillo. He did not even want to see the face 😬 BUT he loved the rice!

Cochinillo mini is good for 2-4pax and comes with a medium-sized tub of duck fat rice and a small round tub of chili garlic sauce at P4,500.

P.S. We also loved their Butter Chicken. 💚

The Yellow Kitchen
Kitchen/CookingHomecooked food for the heart & soul
Est. 2020
Instagram: @theyellowkitchen2020

The Party Plate Cochinillo

Another popular contender in the Cochinillo craze in Manila is @partyplateph.

Indeed, the 5-6kg cochinillo’s meat was tender and juicy and I loved how the lemongrass flavor near the ribs was evident. 💚 Yep, simo’t sarap to the bones!

Some of the parts you need to pair with their 3 signature sauce. Choose from:
1️⃣ mango cilantro
2️⃣ citrus honey garlic
3️⃣ cochinillo sauce
(I liked the combination of 1️⃣ & 2️⃣ )

The rice choices: Chicken Inasal Rice with flavorful chicken oil topped with grilled chicken inasal bits and crispy chicken skin and the Shrimp & Mushroom Tartufo Rice drizzled with truffle oil and sauteed shrimp and mushroom. I loved the inasal rice while the kids and @mrsawesomeplanet liked the Tartufo Rice.

Some portions of the skin were not crispy anymore probably because it was delivered all the way to Laguna and we had to take pictures first. 🙃

Cochinillo with the Signature Cochinillo Sauce is at Php8,000. You may add on other dishes to pair with the cochinillo as well as the sauces.

You may inquire and order via
☎️ 8244-0255 / 8256-3078
📲 0917-5379388

(P.S. We enjoyed having this for lunch, then air-fried the rest for added crunchiness and then cooked into Lechon Paksiw the next day.) Sarap!

Party Plate PH
Food & Beverage Home to the Crispy Cochinillo and 3 Signature Sauces
The @heartsnbells team that brought you celebration cakes now brings you celebration food tinyurl.com/partyplatemenu
Instagram: @partyplateph

4. Limited Ed. Home-Based Exclusives

Hey Pie People

One of those pies that make you indulge in the crust more than the filling. Don’t get me wrong, the filling tasted good but the crust was just soo croissant-like!!! Delicious crust indeed. My sons were asking who wanted to give up his share of crust but no one replied. 😂

So imagine taking a bite! It was like dunking and dipping the croissant into a tablea chocolate drink and more… that chewy creamy chocolatey pie, oh my!

This home baker, Raeanne, deserves all the raves she’s getting and she continues to convert skeptical foodies to fans.

Double Chocolate Pudding Pie (₱2,200) @hey.pie.people
64% Auro chocolate in signature pudding base topped with chopped chocolate on a flaky French butter crust.

Note: You can order every 10am Saturday for the pie of the week. Add a non-refundable ₱1,000 to guarantee your slot. Check her IG account out for more exact and updated details because she might have a special pie lined up!

Hey Pie People
Dessert Shop
(Weekly Pie Exclusives)
Pickups in Ayala Alabang
Instagram: @hey.pie.people

5. Legit Healthy Indulgence

The Kabute Farms Mushroom Sisig

One of the best mushrom sisigs in Manila! @thekabutefarm

The oyster mushroom sisig had the texture of real sisig meat that even our boys loved. It’s a healthier alternative without compromising taste. Ang sarap!

Proudly made by The Kabute Farm (formerly GMCS Farms) located in Mt. Banahaw, Lucban, Quezon.

Mushroom Sisig (Php400) 300g
✅ Pure Oyster Mushroom
✅ Cooked / Frozen
✅ Lard Free
✅ Organic
✅ Pride of Lucban Quezon

Get it from their online store thekabutefarm.com at 30%off until July 31, 2021. #awesomecertified

The Kabute Farm
Our love for Filipino food and continuous search for healthier options have undeniably been our core.
TKF Farm to Fork #MushroomSisig

6. Fun Frozen Desserts

Fried Chicken Ice Cream

Choose your drumstick and be surprised!

The boys were thrilled to bite into this @thefriedchickenicecream and were wondering if it would taste like fried chicken! Same with the adults. 🧐

Bite into the crunchy crushed sugar cones and taste the creamy vanilla flavored ice cream. A chocolate stick is in the middle to break the monotony of the vanilla ice cream and to provide the drumstick form.

Bucket of 3️⃣for ₱448
Bucket of 6️⃣ for ₱868
Bucket of 1️⃣2️⃣ for ₱1,688

The Fried Chicken Ice Cream
Ice Cream Shop
Instagram: @thefriedchickenicecream

Cannoli by Kristine Tanyag

Quite unique to enjoy these well-crafted cannolis at home!

Food indeed transports us to a different place and this is why Kristine @ktskitchen11 decided to share these goodies with us. She missed traveling especially to Italy so she made Cannoli.

Make sure to keep it in the chiller/ref when you get it. We loved the pistachio the best because of the surprise flavor but order the cioccolato and the classic for variety. 💚

Made with the finest ingredients—creamy mascarpone and ricotta as advertised.

Box of 4 for P500;
Box of 6 for P720;
Box of 12 for P1400.

This was delivered with ice packs to chill it on the way to the South.

KT’s Kitchen
Cannoli🔹 Beignets🔹
Homemade with Love 💜
For orders please text/viber 0917-8434454
Instagram: @ktskitchen11

7. Hand-Crafted Fresh Donuts at Home

Pufft Donuts

Really lives up to its name- @pufftdoughnuts when you bite into it, definitely an uber-filled doughnut! Choose your filling (vanilla cream, mango cheesecake, tiramisu, dulce de leche, lemon curd and milk chocolate) and good luck in loving the fluffy doughnut! ☺️

Most of us liked the Tiramisu then the Dulce de Leche.

Eating Tip: Have a plate at the bottom to catch the falling debris because no matter how careful you are, the filling just comes out! Lick and do not waste the cream filling to enjoy your doughnut experience with these babies!

Tip: Best to consume on the day of delivery. So do not order any other dessert!

Filled Mix & Match by 6s for ₱630.

Available for pre-order at www.pufft.ph. #awesomecertified

PS. We love the square sturdy box packaging to make sure it travel nicely to your home.

Pufft Doughnuts
Pufft is our ode to the Doughnut
Handcrafted and hometested, Pufft is a fresh & grown-up take on a kiddie classic
Instagram: @pufftdoughnuts

Bread Lounge

DOUGHNUT worry, Be Happy!

It’s been a year since we’ve tasted @breadloungeph doughnuts and I remember how soft and chewy they were even if they were waiting for the last customer 🤣at home.

The new flavors were great. @mrsawesomeplanet liked the Banana Q and Matchio while the boys still liked the original flavors like the Berry Happy and the Vanilla Glazed.

One of the best doughnuts in Cavite—baked fresh daily, no preservatives and no artifical flavoring.

Doughnut prices range from P55-P90 per piece.

Facebook: breadloungeph

Breadlounge PH
Doughnuts & Pizza
Fresh Daily
📅 Tues-Sun
🕐 1pm – 6pm ( unless sold out )
📍Imus, Cavite
🛵 Cavite, MM, Rizal & Laguna | GRAB FOOD
Instagram: @breadloungeph

9. Old School Cakes

The 💯 legit Cookie Monster Chocolate Cake is back—@cakes.bylouise by the original founders of this nostalgic hit!

I remember enjoying it during birthdays or special celebrations in our house or our friends’. The moist chocolate cake is topped by a thick smooth chocolate fudge with their signature filling. Ang sarap!

The packaging is well thought off: a blue sturdy box with cake monster eyes that survived the delivery test to Laguna.

Budget ₱1,000/cake.

Cakes by Louise
BLAST FROM THE PAST! From the original founders and bakers of your childhood chocolate cake back in the 70s, this iconic chocolate cake is back.
Instagram: @cakes.bylouise

Cakes by Marlene Monfort

Burnt Butter Sponge Cake with French Pastry Cream, Fresh Mangoes and Nilla Wafers covered with Whipped Cream Frosting.

Just the right sweetness, light and creamy. Easy to finish.

₱1,500 for the whole cake

Cakes by @marlenemonfort

10. Authentic Street Food at Home

Boracay’s Original Chori Burger

The Best 💯Boracay Choriburger in Manila! @sameoldchori

We have tried a lot of choriburgers (patties) that tried to be better than the Boracay version. But the original on sticks is still the best, from the same suppliers of choriburger in Boracay. Ang sarap! 😋

Just cook on a charcoal grill with their special sauce. Eat solo or with a bun and splash with the secret sauce (also from Boracay). Best to enjoy during sunset inuman sessions or beach grill bonding with friends. Panalo!

₱399 per pack of 9 chori sticks (500 grams) with 60 ml secret sauce.

P.S. Stock up at home and just keep it frozen.
Chori Shelf life: 5 months while the SECRET SAUCE for 2 months

– Thaw out before cooking.
– Best enjoyed if grilled. Grill on lowfire until caramalized and red.
– For frying, use minimum oil and fry until cooked.
– Reheat the secret sauce as needed (microwave or in cooking pan).
– Best matched with toasted buns with a spread of the secret sauce! 🙂

Same Old Chori
Food Stand
Boracay’s Original Chori Burger now in Manila! On sticks, not patties. Of course, we got the secret sauce too!
Instagram: @sameoldchori

Manong’s Fishball

Rekindling our addiction to streetfood fish balls 🍡 at home—thanks to @manongsauce for the authentic fish ball and sawsawan.

Manong’s Sauce
“The taste i grew up with.”

Congratulations to all food entrepreneurs for making our food at home deliciously awesome!

Please let me know if you have comments, suggestions or additions to these yummy food trends.

Fill this up if you want to be featured in Our Awesome Planet: https://bit.ly/supportawesomebusiness.

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Home-based food is leveling up to Hotel quality like these French Tarts:

Awesome French Tarts by a home-based business elevating her pastry game – whoa!! Surprised and excited to try when we saw it! Amazing job, Marife @le.bonpatisserie

We knew it was something special by the transparent packaging she used, the attention to every little details and how pretty the tarts with a hotel-like quality in taste and presentation.

Le Bon is a homage to her roots in the quaint village of Catubig, Northern Samar, called LIBON. The name aims to evoke the memories of warmth and sweetness of care and love uniquely felt in homely baked goodness prepared ala maison. ❤️

Marife started the business last April 8, 2021 after she enrolled at Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts Philippines. She never let her disability with Lymphedema and her lost of business due to the pandemic hinder her from creating these French Tarts, gaining a loyal fan base this 2021.

My favorite is the chocolate tart, @mrsawesomeplanet and Joshua loved the lemon meringue, while the other boys love the fruity toppings like the mango, peaches, kiwi, berries and cherries. I like the full crusty base that’s good for delivery but some might prefer a softer crispier one.

₱1,350 for a box of French Tart while ₱890 for the mini French Tarts. Order a mix of flavors to have something for everyone.

Make sure that you use a car to pick these babies 😍 They need to be refrigerated immediately because it melts, so it can’t travel for a long time.

DM her thru @le.bonpatisserie IG or send message thru her viber 📲0917-5059406.

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