TXOKO ASADOR: Best Lechazo (Roasted Lamb) Experience in Manila!

Txoko (Chock-O) is a modern Spanish restaurant in Manila specializing in Basque and Castilian cooking as inspired by Basque gastronomic societies where members come together to cook and experiment together like a family. It was recognized as Best New Restaurant for 2022 by Tatler Dining Philippines.


Here’s what to expect to help you plan your awesome dining experience at Txoko.

About Txoko

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of a building in the quaint neighborhood of Legaspi Village. From the outside it looks like a home with big glass windows enticing you to come in and eat.

102 Esteban street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Philippines
Mobile: +63 956 047 3224
Email: info@txokoasador.com
Facebook: Txoko
Instagram: @txokoasador
Visit http://www.txokoasador.com/

As you enter, you feel like you’re in a big sala with a family dining vibe. The spacious distance between tables is also worth noticing. There are family table setups in every corner but the best one is their private room for added safety and privacy.

I loved the whole vibe of the place—just like eating in a modern Spanish home with impressive lighting fixtures, nice acoustics and friendly welcoming vibe.

Txoko Menu: Cold Starters | Hot Starters, Salads | Paellas, Mains | Desserts

At the helm of Tsoko Asador is a talented female culinary artist, Chef Kimberly Suva of Cicchetti and Belle & Dragon fame.

Upon reservation you have to pre-order their Lechazo, Cochinillo, Besugo or Grilled Tomahawk because these are cooked for hours on the same day.


The bread service comes in a nice pouch of different breads—sour dough and crisp breads served with olive oil.

Pan con Tomate Y Jamon (₱495). bread pillow, tomato foam and Serrano ham with Iberico oil

This came in highly recommended, meant to be enjoyed with two fingers and one bite because the tomato foam explodes in your mouth together with the flavors of good quality jamon. Sarap!

Boquerones (₱750). black bread, boquerones, olives

It’s a crisp black bread with fresh anchovies, to be eaten with the olives, aioli and herbs. It was so good that our friend Jomag loved it so much and we had to oder another serving.

Marques de Valparaiso Crianza (₱320/glass, ₱1,950/bottle). 2015, Ribera Del Duero, Spain

Drinks Menu: Sparkling | Rose | White | Red | Cocktails, Mocktails

Loved this crianza from Ribera del Duero with bold oaky berry notes, pairing well with the lamb and tomahawk though it was also enjoyable to drink on its own.

Gambas Asadas Al Ajillo (₱580). grilled shrimp, parsley, garlic, olive oil

Loved their gambas because it is served with the head that absorbs all the garlic olive oil goodness.

Canelones Txangurro (₱765). crab cannelloni, seafood béchamel

A savory cannelloni filled with crab meat and creamy seafood sauce.


Callos (₱750). Ox tripe, pork mask, trotters, chorizo, egg

Their callos version is very saucy, with the egg overpowering the flavors of the ox tripe, pork mask and trotters. Get a piece of the bread and swipe the sauce off the bowl. 🙂

Paella Campero (₱890). chicken, chorizo, mushroom, crispy chicken skin

The Paella is always the centerpiece in any gathering in a Spanish restaurant.

We loved this paella topped with chicken chorizo and crispy chicken skin that go well with the soccarat or the tutong (caramelized rice bottom).

Paella Negra (₱830). black rice, cuttlefish and shrimp

The black ink paella is very creamy, with toppings of cuttlefish, shrimp and aioli. We prefer our Paella Negra to have more taste of the squid ink though.

(Note: The paella is good for 3-4 persons so we had to order two for a bigger group.)

Pulpo A la Brasa (₱890). grilled octopus, black potato

Tender and firm and served in big tentacle portions on a bed of black mashed potato. Perfect with the black paella.

Cuarto de Lechazo (₱7,500). suckling lamb quarter, potato panadera

Roasted Spanish baby lamb cooked sous vide for 12 hours for tenderness and flavor. Served with lamb jus.

I actually loved the ribs and the meats clinging to the bones. The skin is crispy and you don’t need the sauce for flavor at all. Ang sarap!

Make sure to pre-order and give instructions to serve this first before the paella. Goes well with the Paella Campero.


Espuma de Yogur Y Fresas (₱225). yogurt foam with macerated strawberries and red wine reduction

One of the best healthy but satisfying desserts. Yogurt is served in a velvety foam with fresh strawberries. It refreshes your palate and, at the same time, satisfies your craving for a sweet ending.

Coulant de Chocolate Y Foie (₱420). chocolate coulant with foie, sweet corn cream, caramel candied peanuts

We loved this chocolate lava dessert with a mix of foie and pairing of sweet corn and caramel candied nuts flavor to cut through the creaminess. Perfect ending to the awesome meal.

Final Thoughts

Our friends raved about each dish and the entire experience. That is what’s nice about Txoko—it’s a high end restaurant with really good food and you go home satisfied with food memories that you can’t wait to share.

Pre-order the Lechazo that’s best to eat at the resto with a group of friends to enjoy.

I recommend the Pan con Tomate Y Jamon and Boquerones to start as cold tapas. I would go with the callos paired with the bread and the pulpo as hot appetizers. Order two different paellas to enjoy with the Lechazo. For dessert, order the Espuma de Yogur Y Fresas and Coulant de Chocolate Y Foie. Budget about ₱2,500/head plus wine.

Congratulations to Txoko Asador for a well-deserved award as one the best new restaurants in Manila! The restaurant has a beautiful homey vibe with friendly service and Spanish food to rave about. Parking is easy and free along Esteban St. when dining during dinner time.

Txoko opened right before the lockdown and the pandemic has severely affected them. Glad to see that they kept on fighting to continue to offer this awesome experience to the dining public. Congrats!

102 Esteban street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Philippines
Mobile: +63 956 047 3224
Email: info@txokoasador.com
Facebook: Txoko
Instagram: @txokoasador
Visit http://www.txokoasador.com/

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Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

Disclosure: Thank you to our friends from Txoko Asador for our awesome Txoko experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. When I invited people to Txoko, they thought it was a txoko-late cafe. Best to also mention Asador which means a roasted meat place.

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