Marco Polo Ortigas Staycation 2022 Guide

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila (MPOM), located at the heart of the Ortigas area, is the Philippines’ first sky hotel. It is known for its world-class service, with a five-star rating from Forbes Travel Guide from 2017 to 2022.

The entire family loved the impressive view of the Ortigas skyline and the mountain views throughout our stay. The boys loved the pizza making activity at Cucina, family tea time at Connect Lounge, the indoor temperature-controlled pool & sauna, the space and awesome views from the superior suite, and the yummy food at Lung Hin Chinese Restaurant.

Book early and save more! Book your stay at least three days in advance and get 5% off your guest room rate, or book at least 21 days in advance and enjoy up to 20% off!

Ortigas Center, Meralco Avenuen cor.
Sapphire Rd, San Antonio, Pasig
📞: (+632) 7720 7777
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Here is our Marco Polo Ortigas Manila (MPOM) Staycation 2022 Guide.


Make sure to book the Superior Suite for your staycation to enjoy luxurious bedroom and bathroom space. Plus, get the connecting Superior Room if you are a big family of 6.

We stayed at rooms 3812 and 3811 with skyline views of the Ortigas area. As much as possible, we like to enjoy the room as much as we can, so we usually request for early check-in and the latest possible time for check-out.


Book the pizza making activity with the kids during your staycation weekend. Chef will explain the process of making and kneading the dough to make pizza. You can top it with the ingredients that you want with more cheese. They will cook the pizza in the kitchen and you can enjoy eating it at Cucina or get it in a pizza box to enjoy in your room.

(Tip: It would be nice if the kids can put the pizza in the oven themselves to complete the process. Also, for those eating at Cucina, maybe they can be creative with the pizza and get toppings from the buffet and not be limited to the basic pizza toppings.)


Bubbly Afternoon Tea (₱1,405)
Smoked Salmon Wrap, Chicken Curry Vol A Vent, Roasted Beef Tomato Salsa Finger Roll, Earl Grey Tea Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam, Fresh Fruit Skewer in Chocolate Ganache with Prosecco Liquor, Fresh Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry Macaron, Chocolate Hazelnut Bun, 2 glasses of Prosecco

Their afternoon tea time is one of the signature activities during the staycation, and this is perfect for 1 on 1 bonding between parents and kids. There are two sets, one of which is the bubbly afternoon tea geared towards adult tea time or romantic afternoon tea. Loved the 3-tier tea time setup where the different mini bites are served on 3 levels of plates.

Asian Afternoon Tea Set
Steamed Dim Sums: Prawn Ha Kaw and Siomai, Shrimp and Vegetable Spring Rolls, Sweet Pork Bun, Earl Grey Tea Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam, Profiteroles, Mini Cakes

The kids loved the Asian tea set (also served with scones and clotted cream) more because of the dim sum selection. Best to sit near the windows for an awesome view of the mountains during your 1 on 1. Also, go for the 3pm slot when the main check-in counter is not busy, otherwise it could ruin the tea time ambiance.

INDOOR POOL (22nd Floor)

We enjoyed the indoor pool any time of the day without worrying about the heat of the sun. We tried to swim in between meals, around 10:30am or 4:30pm, to maximize our staycation.

You can start with the heated jacuzzi and make muni-muni with the view of the Ortigas buildings. The main lap pool was a bit cold but your body gets acclimated with a few swim laps from end to end. The pool is big enough to play catch the papi with your boys.

(Tip: I took advantage enjoying the sauna for 15-minutes in the shower room to shed some of the calories gained during the staycation.)

LUNG HIN (44th Floor)

Lung Hin Menu: Violet Set Menu | Lung Hin Menu

Violet Set Menu (₱2,888++ per person)
Steamed Seafood Dumplings with Caviar
Wok-fried Soft Shell Crab with Mashed Salted Egg
Chilled Marinated Japanese Cucumber with Pomelo

Lung Hin was the highlight of our stay at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila because of the yummy Chinese food we enjoyed amid awesome views of the night skyline on the 45th floor. We tried the Violet Set Menu featuring the new dishes at Lung Hin.

We loved the first course of soft shell crab, seafood dumpling and salad of cucumber and pomelo. Ask for a serving of their XO sauce to complement the meal.

Double-Boiled Chicken with Fish and Bamboo Pith Soup
Sautéed Slipper Lobster with Ma Po Tofu

We loved the clear soup with deep flavors of chicken, fish, and bamboo. Sarap!

The lobster with Ma Po Tofu was unexpected, good and not too spicy. Went well with the rice, so make sure to ask if they can serve the rice ahead in the course sequence.

Dried Scallop Fried Rice with Egg White
Steamed Stuff Vegetarian Treasure in Inari Bag
Chilled Almond Bean Curd with Mixed Fruits

The fried rice was a meal in itself, but we liked mixing and matching it with the other dishes like the steamed stuff vegetarian inari. For dessert, we had chilled almond bean curd with black gulaman and fruit salad to end with a yummy finish.

(Tip: Make sure to schedule your staycation in time with a family milestone and celebrate it at Lung Hin. Dress up and book the private room for your family dinner.


Vu Skybar Menu: Alcoholic Drinks | Non-Alcoholic, Small Plates

We have always loved the Vu’s Skybar for romantic dates with the special someone. You can enjoy the DJ music on the skybox or the live band with ballroom music inside. There’s music to enjoy with everyone, and the bar is open until 2am. The music is loud but still good for intimate conversations.

A great place to bond with your 18+ year old kids over drinks and toast your milestone celebration.

IN-ROOM MASSAGE (38th Floor)

Our favorite time during the staycation—in room massage as late as 11:30pm.

We loved the soothing massage with the right kind of pressure with each hagod. What’s more, I got to enjoy it side by side with my special someone.

(Tip: Make sure to prepare your tip for the masseuse already.)

CUCINA (24th Floor)

Cucina serves a decent Breakfast Buffet with your Filipino favorites like tocino, crispy bacon, hot noodle soup options, egg station. There’s even a vegetarian Indian section.

Our favorite table was the long family table at the end to get away from the breakfast crowd and have a spacious private space for breakfast.

We usually ate between 8:00 and 8:30am which was when the breakfast crowd would usually start coming in. I made sure to reserve the table first and the boys came after.

We usually do intermittent fasting but we break it when we are on staycation.

IN-ROOM DINING (38th Floor)

Marco Polo In-Room Menu

One of the best parts of our stay was eating lunch in-room and having intimate family conversations without the crowd. Make sure to order in advance and plan your in-room dining food.


The Continental Lounge is perfect for business meetings or afternoon tea with the family.


Overall, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila is one of the best staycations in the Ortigas area for the family. The service was welcoming, attentive and professional, which is important to make your staycation worry-free. It’s great to celebrate a family milestone at Lung Hin and then bond over drinks at Vu’s Skybar. It’s also perfect that you can schedule an in-room massage as late as 11:30pm. We truly enjoyed this and had a restful sleep after.

The boys enjoyed the spacious room where they could have their own nook and sleep comfortably. They loved the afternoon tea with the parents, and the fact that they were able to enjoy the indoor pool anytime of the day. The pizza making activity was also a highlight, and they even had their own competition as to who made the best tasting pizza.

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Book early and save more! Book your stay at least three days in advance and get 5% off your guest room rate, or book at least 21 days in advance and enjoy up to 20% off!

Ortigas Center, Meralco Avenuen cor.
Sapphire Rd, San Antonio, Pasig
📞: (+632) 7720 7777
IG: @marcopolomanila
FB: MarcoPoloOrtigasManila

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Disclosure: Thank you to our friends at Marco Polo Ortigas for the awesome staycation. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. The parking entrance is at the back of the hotel and located on the 3rd floor. There is an elevator to bring you to the 24th directly from parking. Navigating the elevator system can be quite confusing in the beginning. It is fast, and there are different elevators accessing different floors to manage the traffic.

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4 thoughts on “Marco Polo Ortigas Staycation 2022 Guide

  1. anton, whenever we read your staycation stories it is seeing how your family has grown, the boys look all handsome and you and Rache haven’t lost the lovelight in your eyes.
    its partly the magic of the places you’ve been to . perfect rest and rec.
    question: what do you mean by sky hotel?

    1. Sky Hotel literally means Hotel in the Sky and when you go on staycation you are literally surrounded by the sky.

      The other Sky Hotel is Grand Hyatt in BGC but some of the restaurants and amenities are located in the lobby.

      For Marco Polo, everything remains 22nd floor up.

  2. Sir, my son and I were the ones swimming with you during your stay. I was too shy to introduce myself but I am a huge fan of your blog since 2010 and a loyal supporter of your ultimate taste test. Marco Polo was very generous in giving us an extension since we arrived too late from our check-in time. We also enjoyed our in-room dining and it’ was one of the highlights during our stay. Overall, our stay was impeccable. The only trouble we has was their elevator which we get confused all the time LOL.

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