The Best Chili Makers in Manila 2022!

Congratulations to all the winners of the Best Chili Makers in partnership with Philippine Hot Sauce Club in the recently concluded UTT 2022 last November 24, 2022 at Gallery Mira Nila.

I’m amazed at the creativity of the Chili Makers with their new products for 2022 season!

And the Winners of the Best Chili Makers in Manila in 2022 are…

  1. Boy Tikboy Peppers @badboytikboy 3.88
  2. EpicspicE @epicspicemadby Eric del Rosario 3.86
  3. Aleros N’ Sauces / WAP! Fruit Hot Sauce @AlerosPH by Radi Custorio 3.85
  4. Sawse Bawse @SawseBawsePH by John Bribon 3.85
  5. Spicy Louie @louiespicy by Louie Calara 3.84
  6. Big Boi Peppers @BigBoiPeppers And Spices by Abelardo S. Gamboa Jr. 3.82
  7. Don Hulyo Hot Sauce @donhulyohotsauce by Julius Mercado 3.82

1. Bad Boy Tikboy Peppers @badboytikboy by Justin Yenko

I started BAD BOY TIKBOY in 2014. Dahil mahilig ako kumain maanghang. Since chilli farmer ang tito ko, nag karon ako ng access sa ibat ibang klase ng sili. yung mga hot sauces ko din ang sineserve ko kasama ng mga pagkain ko sa gadtropub ko noon (Barley Gastropub) 

BAD BOY TIKBOY kasi TIKBOY ang tawag sakin nung bata ako. 🙂

Bad Boy Tikboy
Small Batch Hot Sauce • Made in the Philippines . Saucin’ since 2014
FB: Bad Boy Tikboy
IG: @badboytikboy

Order here:

“The yenko is a great condiment but the bbq sauce is nicely balanced with heat and flavor.”

“Aaaaack! Hahhaha! Wtf spicy!”

“Xo sauce is rare to come by locally. Loved it. And the Filipino twist and the spice!”

-UTT2022 Judges (Rating of 3.88)


– XO is one of our favorite condiments so we developed our own version and gave them out as gifts to family and friends every Christmas. We received a lot of positive feedback which encouraged us to market the product.  

– This premium condiment is made of Jamon Serrano, scallops, baby shrimp, chillies.


– My 3 kids love chicken nuggets and barbeque sauce from Mc Donald’s. So I made a bbq sauce with just the right amount of heat for them. I named the sauces DADDY DARKSIDE because I am Darth Vader and my 3 girls are my little Luke Skywalkers.

-Sweet & smokey BBQ sauce with a lil’ bit of heat in the end.


– This hot sauce is the hottest among all my sauces. Made for heat seekers, this sauce is versatile and goes well with wings, pizza and alot more.

– Extreme hot sauce using PRIMOTALLI super hot peppers (hotter than the Carolina Reaper)

2. EpicspicE @epicspicemad by Eric del Rosario

Epicspice started producing after winning several awards in 2015 to 2016 at the Chili Festival for our hot sauce creations. We were big fans of spicy food and this eventually led us to create more products using chilis.

Our recipes are curious blends and creative takes on hot sauces and other chili-based products, which makes it unorthodox and quite unique. We proud ourselves with meticulous preparation using different techniques in cooking to create quality hot sauces in small-batches.

Our hot sauces/product names are mostly a nod to movies, tv, books and pop culture.

EpicspicE Hot Sauce
EpicspicE. Awesome hot sauces. Madness inspired micro batch chili products.
FB: EpicspicE
IG: @epicspicemad

“The brown butter was delicious, the fiery jam had a hidden kick to it, but the ghost was too much for my mediocre taste buds hahaha”

“Offers the most innovative, flavorful, fun stuffs! Most engaging and creative group of entrepreneurs.”

“The fiery pineapple passion fruit jam is so good!”

-UTT2022 Judges (Rating of 3.86)

Godfather’s Ghost premium hot sauce

The Godfather’s Ghost hot sauce is a tribute to the film The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola featuring Marlon Brando. Love for family, respect and being reasonable is the inspiration for this sauce as shown in the film. The sauce tastes like a condensed Italian pasta sauce that showcases flavors from rich tomatoes, olive oil, red wine, balsamic vinegar and Italian herbs. The intense heat from Ghost Pepper is a fitting addition to the recipe that reminds us of the film’s intense climax. Indeed an offer foodies can’t refuse.

Smoked Habanero, Roasted Garlic and Sage Brown-butter.
Fiery Passion Fruit Jam – to be sampled on bread or pastry

Both of these are food trends appreciated by the online community all over the world, and we at EpicspicE decided to have a dig at it and to elevate it further by mixing in our expertise in all things spicy. One is a savory intensified butter that would go well with almost anything and the other one is a peculiar jam meant for the gods.

3. Aleros N’ Sauces / WAP! Fruit Hot Sauce @AlerosPH by Radi Custorio

Since it was stict lockdown at the time, the only access i had to good quality fresh fruit was at Legaspi Sunday Market. I grabbled whatever fruit there was and began my journey into hot sauce making. I started out just making very small batches and giving it out to friends and pouring over my favorite latin food in an attempt to replicated my favorite hot sauce from Belize “Marie Sharps”. Late 2020, I stumbled upon the PHSC on FB and noticed that they were holding a local hot sauce competition. Without hesitation, I joined to see how my sauces stack up with local established makers. To my surprised my sauces were taken well and all won awards. It was then where I decided to turn my passion to a business, and the rest was history.

What makes us awesome is that we are the only fruit forward vegan hot sauce brand in the Philippines. Focusing on unique unexpected fruity flavors to enhance all meals, from mild to extremely spicy, we’ve got a sauce that will pique your interest.

Aleros N’ Sauces | WAP! Fruit Hot Sauce 🌶
/a•le•ros/ Honduran slang for best friend
2020 – Fiery Cup Winner
2021 – UTT 2nd Best Chili Maker in Manila
FB: Aleros PH
IG: @alerosph

⬇️Now available on Shopee

Interesting flavors and combos with fruity tangs instead of vinegar with your hot sauce.”

Wonderful mix of ideas and flavors woth the damn kick!

Loved the pomelo & lustful mole!

– UTT2022 Judges (Rating of 3.85)

Lime Bliss

lime bliss is my mildest heat sauce, which is great for all even the uninitiated. Works well as a calamansi replacement for any sawsawan meal. Great introduction sauce for first timers.

Pomelo Burst

Pomelo is part of my newest sauce line, and its an homage to my favorite hot sauce from Belize “Marie Sharps”. Its more of a brighter citrusy notes which highlights the flavors of the pomelo.

Lustful Mole

And lastly introducing our spiciest sauce to date, our chocolate Mole sauce. This is the most complex and time consuming sauce of them all taking around 2 months do develop. Its complex with 20+ spices that balances well with the extreme heat of a carolina reaper. Keeping its flavor forward while still maintaining the heat. The first ever mole hot sauce to appear in the market and a very different flavor that might be familiar but at the same time totally different.

4. Sawse Bawse @SawseBawsePH by John Bribon

I started the business by experimenting on fermentation and exposure to Chili/hot sauce related events

My concept for sauces came from everything i like or mostly inspired from childhood stuff like staple sauces in our home, movies and also music.

Sawse Bawse is from the philippines, Let’s just support local products, i think this would help us and other small/big local businesses as well.

Artisinal hot sauces and chili products 
FB: Sawse Bawse
IG: @sawsebawseph
Shopee link:

“That’s not your usual banana catsup and that a good thing. Delicious with spice that makes your think it would be great with a pork chop too.”

“Loved the banana ketchup. overall standard is world class.”

“The sauces have very complex flavors”

– UTT2022 Judges (Rating of 3.85)

Boogie Sauce

It is a Japanese curry inspired hot sauce with a twist. Named it Boogie Sauce because of the music i was listening to that time i was experimenting this sauce.

Killa Beez Spicy Garlic Honey

Because everyone loves honey and garlic! Named this product Killa beez, inspired from a hip hop group called Wu Tang Clan, which is one of my childhood music.

Buh-Nanaz Spicy Banana Ketchup

Banana ketchup is one of the staple sauces in our home. why not make it homemade? because everything homemade is delicious! Named this product buh-nanaz cause i like to play with words and slangs. 😅

5. Spicy Louie @louiespicy by Louie Calara

In 2016, Spicy Louie began in a small home kitchen in Makati. Sauce maker, Louie Calara acquired a variety of chilies that are not usually available in the supermarkets. Out of curiosity, Louie started incorporating the chilies with usual dishes that are being served at home until family and friends noticed the enhancement of the quality of food. From there, he decided to produce a small batch of condiments to test the market.

Spicy Louie came up with 3 varieties of sauces. The reviews were humbling. Unique, sophisticated and high-quality products were always the feedback mentioned after sauces were added with different kind of food pairings. Since then, Spicy Louie’s product line grew with a wide range of selections. From oil based, fruit based hot sauce, vinegar, and specialty sauces.

Curiosity drives sauce maker, Louie to combine different unusual ingredients to create something out of the ordinary. These sauces received recognitions from an annual competition where all local artisans gather to showcase their respective products.

Spicy Louie
Deliciously Homemade Organic Spicy Oils and Sauces made with pure passion in cooking and love for spicy food
FB: Spicy Louie
IG: @louiespicy

“The spicy meat sauce is awesome for those who love creamy with a spicy flavor.”

“Awesome use of local ingredients and balance of flavors”

“Mixed berries is unique”

– UTT2022 Judges (Rating of 3.84)

Spicy Meat Sauce

Sauces were inspired/originated from family recipes used during holidys and special occations.

Spicy Barbeque Sauce
Mixed Berries Sauce

Curiosity drives sauce maker to combine different unusual ingredients combined with family recipes to create something out of the ordinary. These sauces received recognitions from an annual competition where all local artisans gather to showcase their respective products.

6. Big Boi Peppers @BigBoiPeppers&Spices by Abelardo S. Gamboa Jr.

Big Boi Peppers & Spices is a collaboration of a chili enthusiast couple who love to experiment on condiments to bring extra flavors to everyday dishes.​ ​ Their drive to help farmers involve in chili growing / production had help them to decide to market their homemade family recipe and be it available commercially thru special bazaars, on-line selling and re-sellership.​

The pandemic has opened a great market thru on line selling for MSME that cater foods. Nowadays, what matter most is the “Quality of Taste” you can offer to your customer since sellers are everywhere.

Our products have originated from our family recipe. What make it awesome is that we had developed it thru the critics of others. We know some may be good to others but won’t be the same with someone. What we guarantee is that our products are and can be enjoyed by many.

Our company is a reflection of the hardworking chili farmers in our nation. Chili is not the best crop to plant, however, we have farmers that support us chili products and hot sauce makers. We are nothing without them.

Big Boi Peppers & Spices
FB: Big Boi Peppers & Spices
IG: @bigboipeppersandspices

Loved the spicy pickled mango and the vinegar was delicious combo for for dips.


Bbq sauce A-ok!

– UTT2022 Judges (Rating of 3.82)

Spicy Pickled Mango

Big Boi’s Spicy Pickled Mango is made from mouth watering green mangoes pickled to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, giving you the best of all worlds… Sweet, sour, tangy, salty and spicy.​ It is the “CHAMPION” in Hot Pickles Category on the Hot Sauce Competition in 2017 Philippine Chili Festival​

Hot BBQ Sauce

This mild spicy and flavorful barbeque sauce is layered with savory ingredients to make it complex yet perfect to compliment foods without overpowering them. Well seasoned mixture of spices making it somewhat old fashioned when compared to popular barbeque sauces of today and is generally thinner and less sweet. Best for any foods of the grill. Back to back “CHAMPION” in the Hot & Thick Condiments Category in the Philippine Hot Sauce Club’s Fiery Cup in 2020 and 2021.

Sweet 16 Gourmet Vinegar

Sweet 16 Gourmet Vinegar is a well crafted mixture of distilled cane vinegar, white wine vinegar and dry red wine. It is mixed with locally grown chilis, herbs and spices. It is very mild and sweet to the taste making it a best pair with your fried dishes may it be meat, poultry or seafoods. Awarded as “3rd Place” of the Spiced Vinegar Category n the Philippine Hot Sauce Club’s Fiery Cup in 2021.

7. Don Hulyo Hot Sauce @donhulyohotsauce by Julius Mercado

Don Hulyo Hot Sauce is a small batch artisanal hot sauce company based in Manila and is founded in 2018. Spurred by passion, purpose, and roots, Don Hulyo Hot Sauce started from a humble home kitchen equipped with a vintage Oster and stock pot from his parents. Don Hulyo’s mission is to be part of every people’s lives by providing the highest quality and best tasting product anywhere in the world. Committed in creating food products that suits local tastes as well as international standards. Our focus is to bring people appreciate the flavors and enhance eating experience.

Our peppers are lacto-fermented for at least a year to safely preserve the peppers – and gives our hot sauces their deep tangy flavor. All our ingredients are smoked using local woods which gives our hot sauce the amazing flavor. Don Hulyo Hot Sauces has an interesting, well-balanced, rich, and familiar Filipino flavors, you can definitely tell these are made by love, soul and passion. Our signature flavor is smoked adobo and the ingredients are handmade and all-natural with no artificial preservatives and colorings.

We have a 5 different heat level of hot sauces, 2 levels of spiced vinegar, and 2 levels of chili-garlic crisp that suits your heat tolerance. Don Hulyo Hot Sauce is great with barbecues, steak, lechon, nachos, burgers, fried fish, tacos, sandwich, hotdogs, ribs, burrito, sisig, caldereta, chips, kebabs, sausages, lumpiang shanghai, chips, sausages, embotido, ramen, and isaw. Hell, it’s great with anything you wanna eat!

At Don Hulyo Hot Sauce, we believe In world-class quality and we are on the mission to put the heat, the flavor, the passion, the craftsmanship back to every family’s dining table.

Don Hulyo Hot Sauce 🇵🇭
FB: Don Hulyo Hot Sauce
IG: @donhulyohotsauce

“I’m partial to spicy stuff…these were pretty good”

“Loved the szechjuan”

“Don Hulyo the best”

– UTT2022 Judges (Rating of 3.82)

SzechJuan – Chili-Garlic Crisp

SzechJuan is a chili-garlic crisp inspired by Chinese Mala sauce from Sichuan province with a filipino twist. Mala is a spicy, fragrant and numbing seasoning made from Sichuan peppercorn. This addictive and irresistible blend of spicy, sweet, and savory packs with umami flavor that works perfectly on DanDanMian (Dan Dan Noodles), Hong You Chaoshou (Wontons in Red Chili Oil), Mapo Doufu (Mapo Tofu), noodles, dumplings, and fried rice.

Santor–Philippine Spiced Vinegar

Santor–Philippine Spiced Vinegar is our homage to our barrio in Tanauan, Batangas where our grand parent started the vinegar making using Sugar Palm (Kaong). Santor is made from plant nectar. Fermented and Spiced using the freshest and finest herbs and spices like native labuyo, carolina reaper, black pepper, ginger, onion, and garlic. It is best paired with fried and grilled food. It is also used for cooking adobo, paksiw, and ceviche.

Don Hulyo Hot Sauce – Dry Hot Sauce

This award-winning and versatile dry hot sauce seasoning adds the perfect blend of flavor and heat to a variety of food without impacting the taste and crispy texture. It’s excellent for dishes that don’t like getting saucy. In just a few dash of Don Hulyo Dry Hot Sauce brings new excitement to any food item – BBQ, steaks, seafoods, soups, ramen, salads, fried rice or any meal that comes into your mind. Made from the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper pepper.


Thank you again for the Awesome Chili Makers and the partnership with the Philippine Hot Sauce Club! See you again in the Table of Fire Challenge in UTT 2023 🙂

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

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