Croissant Lady Dining Experience in Manila!

The Croissant Lady experience is one of the unique private dining experiences in Manila where you get to enjoy a croissant-themed 8-course tasting menu while having precious conversations with the Croissant Lady herself, Donatella Chua. She recently won in the Ultimate Taste Test 2022 with a rating of 4.03 for her Croissaymada.

Here are some tips to make your Croissant Lady experience awesome.


Story of Croissant Lady by Donatella Chua

My specialty is offering BASICALLY GOOD CROISSANTS using all french ingredients with a promise of being baked ALWAYS FRESH FROM THE OVEN. I only bake them a la minute once the order is confirmed and paid. For example, you order now, we will confirm right away, then we will get it delivered to you fresh within one hour from it being freshly baked! 

SIGNATURE: THE #CROISSAYMADA of Croissant Lady PH is an Ensaymada-Style French butter croissant topped with parmesan cheese, brown sugar, and butter. Last Aug. 24, 2021, in the afternoon, i was having my favorite Earl Grey tea then I craved for ensaymada. I was searching where to buy online (normally, I will conveniently just go to Mary Grace for my ensaymada paired with a cup of thick hot chocolate merienda set). Then a light bulb moment popped up in my head (ting ting ting!), why don’t I make my own ensaymada toppings with my plain butter croissant. I have all the ingredients in my pantry. So I tested just putting the toppings on before and after baking, so you actually get double toppings for double happiness. You are sure to get the trinity of SWEET CHEESY SALTY: crunch from brown sugar bits, the cheesiness from parmesan and the salted buttery goodness.

Croissant Lady PH
French croissant lover + seller🥐 BAKE IT@HOME. ENJOY 💯FRESH FROM THE OVEN! Feel great baking from frozen & experience the freshest croissants ever!🥐💃❤
Unit 306, 3/F Pamana Building, 926 Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila
📞: +63 917 522 6009
FB: Croissant Lady PH
IG: @croissantladyph

The Croissant Lady dining experience is hidden in a private kitchen at the back of the Chef Works showroom on the 3rd floor of the old Pamana Building in Makati.

We have experienced it twice already—brunch with the boys and croissant & steak dinner with friends. The croissant themed dining is best during brunch with bubbles. You may also opt for the steak option for dinner for special celebrations.

Croissant Lady PH Tasting Menu (₱1,250/head)
Croissant Lady’s 8-course tasting menu is offered for a min. 2pax – max 10 pax per group.
Reserve 2days ahead.
First Paid, First Confirmed.

Best to allot about 2-3 hours for the entire experience. It is already good value considering you get a private dining experience with good food and good vibes.


Amuse Bouche of the Day

This varies, but I loved the mini-croissant with caviar on top to start the dining experience.


Savory Pies: Laing Lava, Kimcheese, The Black Pie

The savory pies were stuffed with savory dishes served one course at a time or as a sampling platter recommended to be eaten in this order: Laing Lava, Kimcheese, and The Black Pie last.

My favorites were the pies stuffed with kimchi for the spice and the black pie stuffed with dinuguan, a homage to Donatella’s Bicolano roots.

MAIN (CroiBonara)

A croissant carbonara using sausage of the day (Taiwanese sausage or longganisa) slathered with silky authentic carbonara sauce using only eggs and parmesan cheese

This was one of the highlights of the dining experience. You also get to see Donnatela cooking this dish with eggs and parmesan cheese. The Taiwanese sausage gave a salty meaty flavor that could be addicting.

The pasta sauce was silky and creamy, best eaten with the garlicky croissant and bits of the sausage. Loved the combination, but there was a debate if it was right to call it Croibonara.

STEAK Course

Steak (Based on preference, charged per gram)

For celebrations, you can order a steak course priced on the basis of steak cut and weight. Chef Philip, Croissant Lady’s partner, will cook the steak for you when he is available.

Red or White Wine (₱1,250) or Corkage (₱1,000)

Best to order red wine to go with the steak or you can bring your own if you prefer.

DESSERT (Paired with tea or coffee)

Croissaymada Classic is the original french butter croissants topped with grated cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and brown sugar.
Pain au chocolaymada. Pain au chocolat served  ensaymada-style topped w/ cheese, brown sugar, and butter.

For dessert, we had the croissant with ensaymada flavor which went well with the coffee.

The croissants were topped with butter, making it extra delicious with grated cheese.

Vanilla ice cream, espresso shot, danish apricot

But wait, there is more… I actually loved these danish apricot cuts topped with vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso.

Cacao Tea

Best to enjoy the desserts with brewed coffee or this cacao tea to add chocolatey notes.

Just the perfect ending to the wonderful croissant tasting menu experience.

Best to take out some croissants to bring as pasalubong or to extend the dining experience at home.


Overall, one of the unique dining experiences in Manila in 2022 where you get to enjoy a croissant-themed experience with signature Filipino hospitality in a private kitchen behind Donnatela Chua’s Chef Works store.

We did not get an umay feeling with the croissants because they were cooked fresh, and we didn’t feel stuffed after because we shared them. I loved the CroiBonara experience, Croissaymada paired with the Cacao tea, and the ending with the CroiFFogato. Make sure to order the steak + red wine specially if you are celebrating a special occasion or a milestone.

It’s great to have the whole kitchen area all to your group for your private conversations and enjoy the experience with your family and special friends. An awesome place for an intimate brunch of croissants with bubbly. Budget about ₱1,250/head + steak + wine.

Croissant Lady PH
French croissant lover + seller🥐 BAKE IT@HOME. ENJOY 💯FRESH FROM THE OVEN! Feel great baking from frozen & experience the freshest croissants ever!🥐💃❤
Unit 306, 3/F Pamana Building, 926 Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila
📞: +63 917 522 6009
FB: Croissant Lady PH
IG: @croissantladyph

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Disclosure: Thank you to Donnatela Chua for the Croissant Lady experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. There is no parking allocated for Chef Works in the Pamana building. We parked in Greenbelt and just walked to the Pamana building.

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