MOO BAAN KRUNG THAI: Authentic Thai Restaurant in Marikina City

Moo Baan Krung Thai stands as one of the country’s most enduring and authentic Thai restaurants, having been located in Marikina for 38 years. Founded by Beatriz “Betty” Srimata and her Thai husband, Chef Sorn, it began as a modest stall in the public market before blossoming into a cozy Thai restaurant at Marikina’s Liwasang Kalayaan.

📍 76 L4 Blk5 Liwasang Kalayaan, Marikina Heights, Marikina City
📩 +63 2 634 9386
♾️ Krung Thai Moo Baan Restaurant


The journey to explore Moo Baan Krung Thai is well worth the drive, especially considering its recent accolade: the Thai SELECT Seal of Approval, awarded last November by the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Embassy in Manila.

The Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government has launched the “Thai SELECT” program to certify and promote authentic Thai cuisine around the world.

It is a seal of approval granted to Thai restaurants (both overseas and local Thai restaurants that serve authentic Thai food) and processed Thai food products. 

The objective is to give recognition to quality Thai restaurants and processed Thai food products as well as to encourage Thai restaurateurs and food producers to raise their quality while maintaining authenticity. 

MENU: Salad, Soup | Short Orders, Noodles | Barbecues, Main Entrees: Beef | Chicken, Pork | Seafood, Fried Rice | Rice Meals, Dessert | Beverages

Moo Baan Krung Thai serves home-cooked Thai recipes and specialties.

They also have a sari sari store selling Thai merchandises and pasalubong products.


TOM YAM SHRIMP (₱599). Tom Yam Goong

The Tom Yam version isn’t spicy, allowing you to savor the distinct Thai herb flavors and the refreshing broth.

SPRING ROLLS (5 PCS.) (₱299)

The rolls are crunchy, not overly oily, and pair well with the pineapple tamarind sweet sauce.

PAD THAI SPECIAL (₱349) with Shrimp

Pad Thai has a homey taste and best to mix it well with a touch of lime to unlock the flavors.

CRISPY CATFISH (₱449) with Mango Salad. Yam Pladook Fu

Love the crispiness of the catfish meat and best mixed with the mango salad served separately.

THAI BAGOONG RICE (₱499) good for 2-3 persons. Khan Klung Ka-Pi

The thai bagoong rice is also served separately with the meats, eggs and mango salad on the side. I like to mix it on my own so that you can control the flavors on your plate.


Everyone raves about the Krung Thai Fried Chicken because of the crispiness of the skin, and juiciness of the meat from massaging the free-range chicken. Ang sarap into!


For dessert, try these banana and kamote slices coated in sesame seeds with condensed milk.


Sticky rice in pandan and blue pea colors, adorned with mango slices and coconut cream.


Overall, the drive to Marikina was entirely worth it to experience the authentic and homely Thai cuisine at Moo Ban Krung Thai. The dining experience truly replicates the ambiance of a Thai home restaurant, complete with friendly service. Additionally, you have the opportunity to shop for Thai merchandise and snacks, perfect for pasalubong.

We highly recommend trying the Krung Thai Fried Chicken and the Thai spring rolls served with the sweet pineapple tamarind sauce. The Crispy Catfish and the Bagoong Rice combined with the Green Mango Salad are equally delightful. Their homestyle versions of Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup won’t disappoint.

Congrats to Tita Betty and Chef Sorn for the continued success of Moo Baan Krung Thai!

📍 76 L4 Blk5 Liwasang Kalayaan, Marikina Heights, Marikina City
📩 +63 2 634 9386
♾️ Krung Thai Moo Baan Restaurant

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P.S. This is quite far so best to check out the other Marikina specialties and destinations.

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