Pampanga Food Trip- A Culinary Tour of Pampanga 1.0

This is a one-of-a-kind culinary tour and it beats the tours of any travel agencies because of Spanky’s personal approach and you can feel the passion in him when he starts to share stories, food and history of the place.
…There were quite a handful of patronizers so we know we didn’t go wrong in trying some of their food. >> Read more: Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant Pasalubong Stop: Susie’s Susie is in the heart of Angeles City in the public market area so just imagine the traffic we had to go through to reach this place. We just didn’t know what to order for we are still full but as we spent some time looking and looking we noticed that palabok was one of the favorite to be ordered by the customers and so, Ajay ordered one for take out.

Cookbook Kitchen – a secret homey place in Mandaluyong

My wife would start to sermon on how expensive gasoline is but I just had to satisfy my thrill of looking for these places specially if the only clue I have was “it is just along shaw boulevard.” … Beside the restaurant, there is a home-based gym that one of the son is operating and it probably make sense to co-locate them 🙂 The lovely couple is always there with the husband cooking the best sellers of the house and with wife, Liza, manning the cash register and entertaining the guests.
…” The large mural depicts a colorful Parisienne night scene where diners meet and experience the flavors of local cuisine similar to what Cookbook Kitchen would like to convey. ” (from the cookbook kitchen letter) Home made cream of squash soup (P80) which is a light version and not the usual thick based soup.