Club Paradise, Coron, Palawan

It is centrally located near the dive spot areas which includes: 1. the housereef (reef surrounding the island) with its abundant fish life 2. the nearby feeding ground for green turtles and dugong (sea cow) — (yes not only in Donsol and it is more of a cute sea pig for me) 3. the J apanese freighter Kyokuzan Maru, (30 minutes away) 4. and, Apo Reef Natural Park, a world-class diving destination in the western side of Busuanga (about 3 hours) Also, you can go on a 1 day Coron Tour and Caluit Safari tour . … I would also recommend the island hopping tour of: — Isla Walang Lang-Aw (Island without Trees) — a small sand bar with rocky cliffs on its left side; — Isla Walang Tao (Island without People) — boasts of many tall, splendid corals; and, — Diatoy Island — with its bountiful trees and wild flowers. … And then, they disperse the plants’ seeds by chewing the fruit to extract its juice and spitting out the seeds. (see Club Paradise Faun a) I would recommend that you get the beach front cottages which would costs Php 12,000++ per night (full board, lodging and transfers).

Coron, Palawan – 8 Awesome Experiences in Coron, Palawan

Shipwreck Diving in Coron Coron became famous because of its dive spots and one of these days, I will take up diving and underwater photography. … This is my first time in Coron and I heard stories of people staying with homestays in the town just to enjoy its beauty. … Cashew Nuts Factory — Appreciate how the cashew nuts are processed We decided to buy our Roasted Cashew Nuts and the Cashew Nuts Panutcha from one of the Cashew Nuts factory in the town.