After Lego Island, Enjoy Yoh-Gurt Froz!

After your Lego Island adventure, you can treat your kid to a Yoh-Gurt Froz frozen yogurt inside Hobbes and Landes.
Yoh-Gurt Froz Classic Fro-Yo Plain Medium (P80) + 3 Top-Ins (P40) Yoh-Gurt Froz has gone a long way from the first time we tried it in Mega-mall. This was the first Fro-yo we tasted ever in Manila but we did not like it because they were using frozen toppings.


Lulubelle has the best ambiance among all the Frozen Yogurt establishments we have visited to date. The hot pink & white ambiance with purple pink christmas tree accent draws you inside this little corner store at the 3/F of Rockwell Power Plant Mall. The Lulubelle logo resembles the cow version of Santa Butsiki of Ang Unang Baboy sa Langit. Lori has the scoop on why it is named Lulubelle in her post, “A Cow Named Lulubelle”.

California Berry Frozen Yogurt

The resemblance of California Berry to the famous Pink Berry is obvious. The color scheme and menu is a bit similar. I like the frozen yogurt which tastes similar to Pink Berry as well. It was great to see nutrition facts for the California Berry yogurt.

The Buzz About Froyo’s

David’s Pure Frozen Yogurt from the Salcedo Market is generating a lot of buzz lately. After 4 weeks of continuous product sampling in the Salcedo Market, Froyo’s is definitely a winner. Let me share with you a bit of trivia about it: 1. These Froyos are flavored fresh yogurt. 2. Yogurt is made from New Zealand Milk. 3.My favorite flavors are Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla. 4. Froyo’s is named after the popular American term for Frozen Yogurt. 5. David’s healthy stuff is popular in a Waldorf school.,

The White Hat – Let the Fro-Yo Wars Begin in Manila!

You gotta try this! The White Hat is the closest frozen yogurt taste to Pink Berry. The yogurt is more on the creamy side with a tangy kick. This is the kind of frozen yogurt taste that started the fro-yo craze in the US.
They serve fresh fruit ingredients (finally!) unlike the Korean-owned yogurt establishments which include Cold Spoon in Clark and Yogurbud. What makes Pink Berry and Red Mango so unique is the assortment of ingredients. In White Hat, their signature ingredient is home-made cinnamon flavored granola. I would recommend that you combine the granola with any fresh fruit toppings.


Yogurbud is the latest dessert place capitalizing on the healthy benefits of yogurt. Surprisingly, they now have three branches in Metro Manila – Megamall, Podium and Tomas Morato. You can really taste the sourness of the yogurt. The frozen mango topping was a turnoff for me and how I wish they provided fresh ingredients instead. For P90, the entire cup is not full and we were disappointed that there is so much air inside the cup.