I Love Berries Frozen Yogurt — The Best Froyo so far in Manila…

Unlike Cold Spoon or Haven Frozen Yogurt in Pampanga, they use fresh fruits and their frozen yogurt is more creamy than tangy in taste. … I Love Berries Froyo is similar to the taste of Pink Berry and I’m sure Aidan would love its creaminess. … Please let me know what you think of their Froyo (as people would call it 🙂 For more info: check out their multiply site: iloveberries4.multiply.com

Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt – The Next Dessert Craze in the Philippines!

Cold Spoon is located along the Fil-Am highway, a diversion road that’s a shortcut from angeles city to clark.
…T hat main road exiting Friendship gate leads directly to the Fil-Am road that goes all the way to the Nepo Mart area of Angeles City. J ust follow the road, you’ll cross a long bridge along the way, and traverse the highway until you see the Grand Palazzo Royale complex on your right; that would be Barangay CutCut, Angeles City.