T-House Romance

My Kind of T-House T-House Romantic Suggestions When we visited last Jan 5, there were a couple who were celebrating their anniversary. … You can talk to the T-house manager to organize your candlelight romantic date complete with a flutist and a singer (who happens to be the manager). … Our favorite room in T-house is the Earth Room Garden Suite that has a balcony where you can request to setup a romantic dinner or breakfast.

T-House Dining’s Fluffy Pancakes!

Long drives with awesome music relaxes this consummate foodie, but to get rid of stress completely, she works out at the gym and go out to dine and chat with close friends.  We believe that as part of your getaway from the stress of the fast paced life is serving you healthy food that not only nourishes your body but also fills you with joy with every scrumptious bite.