Happy Birthday Baby AIDAN DOMINIC!


The birth of baby aidan3
@ 7.54am on January 19, Baby Aidan Dominic was born in Asian Hospital! After 6 hours of having an induced labor in the triage of the Genesis center of Asian Hospital, we finally have a successful normal birth.

There were alot of challenges along the way:

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The birth of baby aidan2
First, at 12.30am my wife noticed that she was having mucous secretion and we suspected that the bag of water ruptured already. We immediately proceeded to the Asian Hospital and got confirmation that the bag is leaking and we have 24 hours to give birth or else it would be risky. She was already at 3cm but irregular contractions. As per doctor’s advise, we decided to have an induced labor to mitigate the risks.

The birth of baby aidan4
Second, yes, we tried Lamaze but decided to go epidural when she was 6cm (after 3 hours) and she cannot bear the pain any longer. Also, it was early in the morning and I personally feel drained because I did not get any sleep yet. Our deepest respect for those mothers who are able to have successful Lamaze birth.

Stamping of the foot
Finally, she had difficulty pushing the baby so the nurses needed to assist by pressing on her tummy (pundal move). At one point, the baby had difficulty getting out and the baby’s heart beat dropped to 70 bpm (normal is 120) and there was tension in the room. The OB needed to step up under pressure and do the pundal block herself. I started to pray and in a few minutes, I can see Baby Aidan coming out.

Thank God for ensuring safe delivery for Baby Aidan. Thank you for all the prayers and support over Rache’s pregnancy. Happy Birthday Baby Aidan! 

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby AIDAN DOMINIC!

  1. Congratulations from the AAI IT LT in Singapore. Wish you were here Anton, glad you are not. Excellent photos.

  2. I will call you A.D. or Ad or Add (you can choose the spelling later). Your symbol will be the plus sign ( + ). You can choose the color later but I am predicting it will be red. You will be a positive force. An addition. You will add value in whatever you do… how does that sound? You will be very good in math and numbers (somehow taking it after your parents who are engineers).. and because you do nothing but add wealth and prosperity.. I will use your power numbers for the lotto. O yan dapat panalo tayo ha. Okay.

  3. Great Job Mommy and Daddy!
    It’s a good thing you managed to get a photo of yourselself papa Anton. I was beginning to wonder who the daddy was… =p
    Aidan’s so cute… from the pictures he looks more like Rache…. and he’s so pink!
    Conratulations to you both!
    Welcome to the world of parenthood!
    Tita Di

  4. Congratulations Anton and Rache on the birth of Baby Aidan ! Thanks for sharing with us the details of this wonderful experience, parang andon din kami. 🙂 Anton, always take care of Rache and Baby Aidan, ikaw na muna bahala sa puyatan coz Rache is still recovering from the delivery. 🙂 Post more pictures so i’ll see better kung sinong kamukha.

  5. congrats…ayan may kalaro na…i hope we both grow as a wonderful and loving kids. we should love our parents and reciprocate all the love they have provided us. Hopefully as a grown up, we will be responsible and good leaders.. See you Aidan

  6. Congratulations Bro and Rache! Aidan’s definitely good looking. Buti nagawa mo pa maghawak ng camera bro. You can really see Rache’s face having the hardest time. Glad to know everything went normal and safe!

  7. First, Congratulations!
    Now for something a bit off-topic, what can you say about Antonio’s in Tagaytay? I’m from New York but I’ll be in the Philippines for Valentine’s and I would like a romantic dinner for boyfriend. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

  8. Hi, Wanda. Thanks for visiting my website. About your question on Antonio’s, it would really be the most romantic place and I would highly recommend it. Although, I would bet that the valentine’s weekend would be fully booked already (Antonio’s +639178992866). I’ve been to Antonio’s the original one (not the breakfast) for three times already and I’ve seen it glowing at night. Specially now that the weather would still be cooler in Jan/Feb. Other options would be Chef Laudico in Urdaneta, Tita Moning’s in Malacanang, Red in Shangrila, Yacht dinner in Manila Bay, The Farm @ San Benito, among others. I hope this helps, and let me know.

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