The bag of water broke!


We are soo excited. As I am writing this, we think that her bag of water broke and we will be seeing Baby Aidan soon. There was some mucuous substance, reddish liquid which we think is a sign that Baby3 is coming. Her expected due date is January 20 and according to Baby Center only 5% of pregnant women give birth on that expected due date. All our bags are packed, and there is still time to get a quick shower. We hope and pray that there is no complication and Good luck to mommy rache and baby Aidan. See you soon Baby Aidan! We are off to Asian Hospital…

2 thoughts on “The bag of water broke!

  1. Apparently, the bag of water is still intact but the doctor suspect that it is leaking already when the mucuous plug was removed. She is measured at 3cm already this morning at around 3am but the contractions are still irregular. We agreed with our doctor to start to induce her to contract because we know that there is a risk if this last for more than 24 hours. The contractions are now starting…

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