Kikufuji — Authentic Japanese in Little Tokyo


Diaz Family @ kukifuji
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Recommended . My friend Shigo-san ( a japanese national based in Manila )recommended that Izakaya Kikufuji serves the best authentic Japanese food in Little Tokyo. It was my Brobo’s last night in the Philippines before going back to the states, and this was the perfect time to try out Kikufuji. Check out these pictures –> Kikufuji Photos The sushi’s and sashimi’s were excellent specially the rice that they used for the sushi. Although it costs P200/order, I think it was worth it if Japanese food is your favorite. We also liked the chicken “sukiyaki” in a big hot pot enough to serve us. My friend Shigo was right. Try it out for yourself.

More information
Kikufuji is located in the Little tokyo area and the restaurant is located along pasong tamo beside Makati Cinema Square.

3 thoughts on “Kikufuji — Authentic Japanese in Little Tokyo

  1. try SERENA. i love japanes food so much… trust me, u’ll never go wrong. it’s near kikufuji infront of mcdonalds. their kani salad taste soo good

  2. Apostrophe before the letter “s” denotes possession of something. Therefore when you write “sushi’s” and “sashimi’s” you are referring to somtehing(s)that belong to sushi and sashimi. 🙂

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