Finding my first Geocache in Philippines!

Geocaching is the widely popular, high-tech game of treasure hunting. This is really interesting and I’m really curious what can you find in the Geocache in the Philippines. Of course, you need to have a high tech gps gadget to solve the treasure clues –> GPS Map/Receiver . I’ve checked the cost and it’s like owning a brand new cellphone which costs about $500. In the US, this is a very mature sport where you can use Geocache, Google Maps, Terraserver to help you in your treasure hunting.

I do hope I can find people who are also interested in this type of sport. This is also a good idea for team building, hmmn…

One thought on “Finding my first Geocache in Philippines!

  1. hey hi.. I would want to join you if I have learned about geocaching earlier or if I took the time to research when I stumble upon the game in one of wattpad stories.

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