Talking Stick, Joy of Fatherhood, RED Valentines


Anton_75k__1One of my resolutions in life is to count my blessings and reflect on life’s lessons. Awesome planet have given me an avenue to reflect on these things and at the same thing hopefully my readers will be able to learn a thing or do.

Talking Stick. I learned a valuable lesson on Friday on emphatizing and seeking first to understand then be understood. Very simple concept that we have learned from 7 habits but very difficult to apply specially in conflict situations. It is very dangerous that we act before we understand a person and this could make a situation blown out of proportion. Last friday, I finally had a chance to talk with my co-worker who I had a word war I. We used a talking stick approach to settle our big misunderstanding and it helped alot. I learned so much about her and how I totally misjudge and misread her. I learned the extreme value of communication and the lack of it. Listening to her exhaustively until she gives me the talking stick was very powerful because I was force to learn and absorb whatever she is saying. When it is my turn to talk, I would have the right to talk my heart out without the fear of being rebutted in the middle of what I was saying as long as I have the talking stick. I came out of the dialogue, an enlightened man and I thank God for giving me this blessing.

The Joy of Fatherhood. My life changes as soon as Aidan was born into our lives. You’ve probably heard of the cliche more than once but its different when you experience it. The joy of becoming a father is when you see your son smiling, hugging you, looking at you, or stops crying everytime you carry him. He becomes a priority and going out with friends becomes less but you don’t miss it that much. The best part of my day is when I get to spend some time with my son and during the time that he would sleeps on my chest. I’m soo excited to see him grow up and so that we do fun things together. I can’t wait.

RED Valentines. This year’s valentines is not only RED with roses but also RED with blood as three bombs detonated in a bus traveling edsa under the LRT station in Ayala, one in Davao and another one in Gen Santos. Just when the Philippines is starting to enjoy a 19th month low of 54.56 exchange rate to a dollar, this situation could affect again all our efforts to rebuild a good image for our country. Thank God, we celebrated V-day at home this year with my wife, son, lolo popc and lola momc.

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