I love “Angelika” — My new ipod photo 60GB!


The new addition to my gadget family is “Angelika” and I immediately fell in love with this gadget! Angelika is an ipod Photo with 60 GB of space that I instantly fell in love after one day of playing around with it. Let me share with you why I love my ipod:

1). The usability design is awesome! The ease of using the click wheel with your thumb is a breakthrough design. At the same time, the looks and aesthetic design is a killer by itself — sleek white and stainless steel design. It is really easy to listen to MP3’s via an iPod.

2). Personalized ipod with laser engraving. I love it when Apple store offered a laser engraving service if you buy it from their website — and I did! I bought my ipod from the apple website which costs me $597.45 net (which already considers $30 discount coupon and a tax rate of $28.45 for the state of Virginia). This is still cheaper if you buy it in the Philippines because at this rate, this would only be able to buy you the 40GB version.

3). Podcasting – I love it! There are a few podcast now available and you just need to download the audio content via RSS with AAC enclosure so that it automatically integrates with your iTunes. I love IT conversations where you can hear interviews with the who’s who of the IT industry (i.e. Tim O’Reilly, Craig Newmark- Craig’s list, Ben and Mena Trott- Six Apart). All you need to have would be:
— an iPod with sufficient amount of space and iTunes software.
— download a podcasting receiver. I use iPodder
— check out the top rated podcast and read the description and comments at Podcast Alley
— my favorite podcast which got me hooked –> IT Conversations
— all software and podcast materials are free!

4. Audiobooks galore. If you are like me who struggles with reading a book, why not listen to the unabrigdged version via iPod and listen to the author narrate the book to you. Such service already exists via audible.com and you can get audio books like Davinci Code, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Getting things done, Angels and Demons, among others. The service costs $14.95/month with one free audio book and one subscription (magazine, newsradio, etc.) or choose the premium service for $21.95/month with any two audiobook.

5. Use it for MP3s, Photos, File Archives. With 60GB, I plan to allocate 40GB of MP3’s, 12GB of photos and 8GB of archived files. With the iPod Photo there is no need for me to print alot of the pictures I took for Baby Aidan. I just need to download them to my iPod and I can show it anytime — I can even connect it to a TV to view the slideshow. Lastly, it was a surprise to me that when you connect the iPod, it would connect as an additional hard drive so you can transfer your backup/archive files for safekeeping!

One thought on “I love “Angelika” — My new ipod photo 60GB!

  1. hay… ikaw talaga anton… naging intense pa tuloy ang pag-long ko for an iPod.. hay… i already read a lot of stuffs about the iPod and ‘yun ‘yung next target ko.. kasi nga.. it’s more compact and powerful just like you have explained here.. thanks for the info re: buying it online.. hmm.. makes me think.. but tsaka na lang.. i still don’t have the moolah.. e.. but someday.. kung meron na.. i pray na.. by that time.. i’ll be able to buy the latest.. hehe.. you know naman how technology changes.. so fast…
    thanks for the review.. i really aprreciate it. : )

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