Warning! My CRV Spare Tire was Stolen!


Warning_2WARNING! I know that some of you in one occasion or another will be trying to visit us in our condo at Taft Ave. Last Sunday, my brother parked his car directly in front of the building directly right across the street. When he came back to his car after a few hours visiting Baby Aidan in our condo, he found the spare tire of his CRV stolen! He asked around and of course nobody knew who took it and we even asked the guards.


As a learning experience, here are some tips when parking in condos such as ours:
1. Park directly in front of and on the side of the road where condominium is.
2. If you have to leave your car, ask the guard to keep an eye of your car.
Please be careful, and this reminded us that there are evil people lurking around in the streets.

4 thoughts on “Warning! My CRV Spare Tire was Stolen!

  1. hay.. naku… akala mo ikaw lang… my brother naman parked his car sa harapan ng sister-in-law’s house niya sa makati. and then after a few hours nawala ‘yung spare tire ng Ford ranger naman niya and to think na naka-chain ‘yun at you need to turn and twist it daw to release it from the bottom of the car.. o, diba, hi-tech na mga magnanakaw ngayon.. hay… ingat talaga!

  2. ….one of those unavoidable sad human events stories na should not really occur kasi spare tires or any automobiles gadgets are not worth going to jail for or owning embarrassing bad records-hindrances{job-marriage-community related recourse}for life or beaten to death if caught in actions….this is one reason why i am like a broken record….i keep repeating myself over and over again about IMPLEMENTATIONS OF THE RULE OF LAW….LOVE YOUR OWN COUNTRY like the way you LOVE YOURSELVES which is the best way to get out of any social economic chaos conflicts before all things involved get out of hands that dragged the entire nations into public social unrests economic lossess breakdown of the nation’s laws educational downturns lost directions of entire citizens which of course always ended in civil wars that ends with human casualties sufferings of those who are non criminals non violent civilians caught in the middle….public civility is a must to keep a nation in order in progress in prosperity and in tact etc….i have a lot of faith with filipinos …who must find a way to join-support TESDA govt.programs around the country so lahat ng istambay at mga napakaraming mga grupo ng kriminal ay mahinto na by learning vocational trades that will help them earned a living para sila kumita sa sariling abilidad o kakayahan nila na natutunan mula sa TESDA govt.school na wala namang bayad o maliit lang kung mayroon man….TESDA na vocational type trade learning school eh kahit hairdresser o mechanico o food chef o sastre mananahi man lang at least may diploma itong mga dating istambay dating sanggano na mga tamad o mga dating kriminal para hindi sila ‘pakainin’ na lamang ng bayan na ninanakawan o iniisahan nila kasi tamad at pagnanakaw ang the only rule of law they know nothing else kaya it is necessary to correct ‘govt. mistakes’ in the past na naging lax complacent passive non chalant o unrealistic sila by accepting no implementations of rules of law are necessary just self serving individual grabs of national wealths-taxpayers money or engaging in bottomless corrutions that made a natural resources wealthy philippines talented creative filipinos in year after years political civil public chaos disarrays
    turmoils civil wars between beliefs and culture divides and almost never ending tug of wars of corruptions bickerings terrorizing uncivilities or killing each other forgetting ignoring who’s on the other ends…..their own families relatives friends schoolmates neighbors co workers communities and worst of all….their own country….lol!….so who out smarted the philippines wealthy powerful educated in past decades when philippines is exactly in this POSITION according to internationa-national-local historical archives that filipinos were once historically behaving-living like these….not a myth but it is their own WRITTEN HISTORIES of the past the media wrote them…..criminals gained….criminals out smarted the filipinos in their own callous malicious old past games that hopefully TESDA schools and new educational stand point around the country will help erased that SAD part of old filipinos-philippines national histories….let’s talk about caring appreciating growing up educations
    healthy negiborhoods great friendships-relationships with one another….lets talk about love….like loving your own country the philippines….just like how you love yourselves….just like how you love GOD that you claimed to be 24 hours a day 7 days a week….or is it just plain hypocrisy?….or maybe not….

  3. philippines have improved so much filipinos are happier healthier than ever thanks to philippines genuine leadership president gloria m. arroyo please keep it up we love you your style of leaderships

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