Photo Mosaic and Rasterized Pictures


I’m beginning to get addicted with alot of the digital programs that creates Photo mosaics and recently Rasterized pictures. On Photomosaics, I have tried Mosaic Magic from Fishsoft (the website is down now), Andrea Mosaic (which has a rough interface and not userfriendly) and Centarsia which I use for the photomosaic above with 100 pictures (click on it to see full blown). Also, for the rasterized image, I used rasterbator which creates a PDF file that contains the rasterized image.

If you want to try out these cool programs check out their website:

Centaria Website:
Rasterbator Website:


4 thoughts on “Photo Mosaic and Rasterized Pictures

  1. Hi, Anton! Glad you like Centarsia, and thanks for the link. We haven’t done anything with it in a while but it’s always nice to see that people are still enjoying it. 🙂

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