Sanctuario — The best filipino inspired Day Spa @ the heart of Malate


Awesome Spa!! I’m going back for more.

It’s been a while since I’ve blog about stuff in our awesome manila because we have alot of offsite meetings in the office (which I don’t usually blog about them). Last Sunday, I took the opportunity to check this famous day spa @ the heart of the malate area. I was flabbergasted by the beauty of the filipino inspired spa inside a spanish old house in Malate. This is really fantastic and just in the heart of the adriatico circle.

I’ve been a spa addict ever since and in fact we still have a spa membership in Westin Philippine Plaza Spa and Suriya Spa across Gold’s Gym in Glorietta. While in Suriya, I’ve read in one of the spa magazines all the best spa in Manila and the previous two spa was mentioned (Westin Spa and Suriya @ Intercon). Mandarin Spa is also mentioned that is in my next list to visit but what surprises me is the mention of Sanctuario in Malate. Yes, another sanctuario but not the resto in Tagaytay but a day spa. What makes me interested in this spa, is the famous Roberto Nacario who is a true manghihilot who uses a coconut oil made by him during good friday and a menthol oil that is really icy soothing. Enough with the background, but for all those spa addicts out there here is my review on Sanctuario:

1. Try out the Banahaw Mystique! I guarantee you that it is a totally different spa experience that is truly Filipino I should say. You start of by have a shower, steam, sauna and enjoy the different open air pools in aquaria. Then you take a dip in a wooden bath tub with hot water of Pito Pito. After this you get an authentic Hilot Remedial Therapy by Tatang Robert. He is also performing the Bentosa (also called suction cups) which involves “sucking of certain acupoints in negative pressure environment” to clean your system, activate blood flow, stimulate nerve systems. Then you finish off with Dagdagay which is an authentic Filipino Tribal foot massage using bamboo sticks. Total damage is P1,550 which is not bad considering the number of treatments for 2 hours.

2. Roberto Nacario is a must! He is on a by appointment basis only so you should call or set an appointment via the website. Yes, the website appointment system actually works. He is a down to earth guy who is part time manghihilot and in the morning drives a jeepney. Also, expect that his hands would be rough already and he is already mid 50’s but the pressure is the best. He would give you alot of insights on alternative healing. He is also available on home service basis @ P500 per visit. His cell number is 0919-2551151 for home service appointments.

Sanctuario is a full blown spa, salon and restaurant also. To give you an idea about the massage prices, aromatheraphy goes for P1,020, and reflexology/shiatsu by P780. Check out their entire line up of services.

Here are other information on Sanctuario:
address: George Bacobo corner Nakpil, Malate Manila.
Telephone Number: 450-1127
>> Sanctuario Pictures in Flickr


12 thoughts on “Sanctuario — The best filipino inspired Day Spa @ the heart of Malate

  1. yes i agree. i’ve been to sanctuario last week and it was awesome. it was actually my cousins who’ve read about them. after our basketball game, we went straight to malate. i thought we were going out (from a game?). but i was indeed a pleasant surprise.
    nice open aquaria…reminds me of the spa i went to in Korea. (but hey, its not for the shy guy). the bato-bato walkway was also great.

  2. i was not satisfied with the signature massage and facilities as well. Sure they have very nice pictures in their website but the massage is not very relaxing. I am disappointed with their service and facilities, not what I expected based on their beautiful website. Health spa in calamba, nurture spa in tagaytay and the spa alababg and bel air is still the best!

  3. Online reviews like this site are sometimes misleading. My family, on holiday in manila recently, chose to spend a relaxing day at Sanctuario, based on online reviews like this site. However, our relaxing day turned out to be a day of misery. The massages (I’ve had regular thai,shiatsu and other massages not just in the Philippines so I can say this with confidence)were rough and much too abrupt to my (and my two girls’)dismay. My English husband ended up with a big bruise each on his back legs and worst of all, my other daughter who opted to try the hot stone therapy ended up burnt on her left leg and had this weeping burnt blister for days. I live in the UK and had this happened here, the Sanctuario would have a legal case in their hands. I am sorry but I think they ought to be more careful.

  4. We’ve been there recently. The atmosphere is lovely, the masseur was world-class (and he’s worked abroad already), the products used (oils, scrubs) were very good quality.
    it was filthy and badly maintained! I notice that wet areas like showers, baths and pools in the Philippines do get slimy and moldy quickly because of the humidity. But this is unacceptable and tragic in a spa of this purported quality!
    I’d would otherwise recommend it to friends and visit it more often myself because it could be a wonderful place to spend a day in Malate (followed by a nice meal around Remedios Circle) if it were not for the slimy shower walls and peeling paint around the baths….

  5. I like another place but not the restaurant in Tagaytay but a day spa. What creates me considering this spa, is the well-known Roberto Nacario who is a real manghihilot who uses a grape oil created by him during excellent day and a menthol oil that is really icy relaxing.

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