A Glimpse of Raymund’s Isaac Artistic Brilliance


I always have fun watching how artist/ photographers interpret a concept and bring it to life. I’m amazed at how it is being done, and I was fortunate to witness how Raymund Isaac brings the concept of “Essence of Wellness” to life. All elements of the visual are handled with excellence — from the projection of professional models, to the perfect make-up, to the artistic props/setup, and and choreography of the visual scene. Really amazing and just sharing with you the glimpse of the fun shoot below:

–> The use of a huge glass can do wonders for the shot either infront or behind the glass.

–> It’s fun when even the rest of Raymund’s team would pose or act out in the scene.

–> This shot calls for a hand of a person that has the same skin tone as the model. In this particular case, Raymund’s hands were the closest in tone so he decided to be the aloe vera hand props. BTW the aloe vera smells like bad odor — yuck.

>> MORE: Essence of Wellness Photoset


All Photos were shot in Raymund’s Studio in Makati..

5 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Raymund’s Isaac Artistic Brilliance

  1. I just met Raymund Isaac yesterday for a pictorial of ZsaZsa Zaturnah’s movie to be showing in December (for a film festival entry). I was really very impressed. He is very artistic and knows what he is doing. A very professional photographer indeed. He has a variety of props you can choose from and all the tools required to do a great job for you. The environment in his studio is really quite exceptional. He really makes you feel at home, or maybe even better than your home. He has flowing coffee for coffee lovers, a clean toilet, and comfortable furniture just to mention a few things. You can even lay down on the sofa while waiting for your turn to have your fabulous pictorial made. I have been to other studios and they don’t have the same amenities and comfortable environment as Raymund’s does. Nina Dumpa-Make up Artist

  2. Greetings, I understand that Raymund Isaac is one of the best photographers in the Philippines. I am one of Charice Pempengco’s assistants and her web-master – she desperately needs a good professional portfolio made for promotional material and for her web sites as she has never had one made. I would like info on how to contact Mr. Isaac via e-mail to discuss this proposal in further detail. Thank you very much…
    Regards, Mike Platts

  3. I was a student of Raymund Isaac and I learned from him the most important stuff I know about fashion photography. Definitely one of the best photographers ever. 🙂

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