Awesome Bday Dinner @ Terry’s Gourmet


My new favorite 🙂

I was contemplating whether to eat in a gourmet restaurant or in a sumptous buffet of Seven Corners to celebrate my birthday. I’m glad that I chose Terry’s Gourmet and get to taste all the spanish dishes @ P500/head only! ( Alot better than the Zoovenir experience almost at the same price 🙂 This is the kind of place to enjoy the company of friends and family while exploring the various delicious food in its menu. When eating in a new restaurant, we always try their best sellers as a criteria and then check out their selection of healthy food. Here are the food that we loved:

Castellana de Ajo. (P170) Their best soup according to the menu and their not kidding. It is a clear soup with slices of fried garlic bread, poached free range egg (I’m not sure what the heck is this), and the secret ingredient (I think) — the jamon Serrano. These hams are simply addiciting and after a few sips, you wanted the whole bowl to yourself. We also tried the cold soup and the consumme with garlic rice (both highly recommended) which taste like congee spanish style.

Suspiros de Santona. (P260) When this salad was served, it looked like century tuna over fresh tomato with mayonaise on top seasoned with olive oil. However, all of us loved it no matter how simple it looked. Since I was the birthday boy among our group of five (5), I get to have two of the suspiros. This is a runaway winner and will try to replicate this at home 🙂

Lengua Sevillana. (P320) We tried three main courses among which the Lengua was the best. The black spaghetti we thought that it would be cooked in squid black ink, but apparently it is just literally a black one. While the tuna steak, with its delicious fresh basil provencale sauce, was overcooked — too bad. Try the lengua with a glass of Rose wine and it would be the best food you’ve tasted the whole night. The Rose house wine costs P375/bottle versus the per glass rate of P120.

Tarta Imperial Rusa. (P140) It’s a must to end your dinner with this traditional Sans Rival dessert!

>> More photos here of Terry’s Gourmet Dining Experience


9 thoughts on “Awesome Bday Dinner @ Terry’s Gourmet

  1. happy birthday!
    someone can correct me on this but i think the eggs you were talking about are from free range chickens– these are chickens that are left free to roam. Unlike the regular ones that are caged

  2. Ah alam ko na yang place na yan! Yeah masarap nga diyan. I discovered their branch in Pasong Tamo extension (dun sa complex behind Starbucks) about a year ago pero ang nakakain ko pa lang diyan eh yung sandwiches na super sarap din.
    May dessert silang chocolate marquise or something like that na sobrang sarap (hindi overpowering ang pagkatamis niya, or at least not to me) and bagay sa coffee.

  3. @ Tanya — salamat, I truly enjoyed it. Let’s see…
    @ Maong — so, mas masarap ba kung free-range siya?
    @ Christian — oo nga, I don’t know why these gourmet escaped me, but I’ll try their sandwhiches next time.

  4. hey there! the famous anton lim.
    I often visit your blogs and noticed that you’re a food lover, adventurer and quite experimental.Well just wanted to share you this artist chef i’ve came across the intenet. I’d thought you might want to try a different food and unique set up.

  5. yikes. sorry. heard about this artist chef from a friend’s email and he’s anton lim’s friend. thought of sending this to anton’s blog:P

  6. hehehe…
    free range –> meaning the layer (chicken raised for egg production) is not kept in a cage. so its beieved to taste better since the layer can forage and get’s a variety of food source…
    love reading your blog… keep on writing!!!

  7. I always have their Paella which I think is one of the best I’ve ever had. 🙂 I remember trying the one in squid ink which wasn’t bad either.

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