Elements of a Successful Birthday Party Celebration!


This is the phase of my life where I have to seriously think about Children’s Parties and events for my Baby Aidan. I attended Aidan’s cousin, Carlos 2nd Birthday and it was fun 🙂 Reflecting on the event, I realized a few insights of what makes a baby birthday party successful:

1. Lots of kids! The party is fun specially for families with kids just playing, eating, and interacting with other kids. So the first on my list is really to invite as much kids as possible.

2. Games/ Entertainment for the Kids. Some of the common items on this would be: toys, cars, bubbles, balloons, balls, swimming, and pabitin.

3. Blowing of the Birthday Cake. Photos of singing happy birthday and blowing of the cake is the highlight of the party. This is a priceless moment…

4. Lolo and Lola. Attendance of Family members are very important. But I would say that the lolos and lolas are the happiest in these affairs having to lived to see their grandsons/grandaughters’ birthday celebration.

5. Goodies delights. Loot Bags, and freebies are a must in any children’s party.

We will be celebrating Aidan’s 1st Birthday in January so I’m starting to plan for it as early as now.


2 thoughts on “Elements of a Successful Birthday Party Celebration!

  1. Anton, I know the guy in the red shirt carrying the baby. Christian ba pangalan? He played goalie for Ateneo Football with my friends when we were freshmen and they won the UAAP championship. Not sure kung maalala pa niya ako but he usually hung out with us in my friend’s Katipunan apartment. Sabihin mo ako yung parati nilang kasama ni Mark Ramos.

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