Heartbreak Weekend :(


I’ve got a couple of heartbreaks this weekend and I just want to share them with you guys:


1. La Salle was defeated by 1pt by FEU. I got to admit that the defensive stops of Arwind Santos was key in stopping La Salle’s effectiveness in the shaded lane. But there were also alot of miss opportunities from La Salle, including 3 turnovers by FEU in the last 2minutes. Also, when Rico M. was injured and Tang had to shoot in behalf of Rico M., the two free throws could have sent the ballgame into overtime ( he split his free throws). DLSU can definitely beat FEU despite our lack of big guys, we can exploit their lack of point guards. I’m sure that we will meet again in the final four.

2. Our globe platinum theater reservations got cancelled. Aarghh, this was a bummer when we were trying to watch “Must love dogs.” in the Lazy Boy Globe Theater in Gateway. I was excited to watch finally for P300++ in this 40 seater Lazy Boy Theater with free flowing pop corns since January this year. Our reservation got cancelled because you need to get the ticket two (2) hours before the showing time. They are very strict on this and the system just automatically gives up the reservations. Next time, I’m hoping to be able to blog about this soon.

3. Missed the 3rd Flickr Meet in Lamesa ni Grasya. I always look forward to the flickr meets specially since people there are very nice and share the common interest for the love of photos. Particularly on this 3rd meet, Lil Anna and his boyfriend is coming over and this is a rare meeting that cannot be missed. The usual gang was there: Koolitz, Enzo, Ayeona, Stitch, Jolengs, Bing, and much more. I’ve also wanted to meet Rain who is the lomo authority and I’m interested with lomography as well. Lastly, fafa Jolengs gave out Flickr Pins — which I missed! Oh well, will look forward to the 4th meet…


2 thoughts on “Heartbreak Weekend :(

  1. yeah, the DLSU loss was just heartbreak. Aside from the free throws, the call on Casio’s travelling sealed in our fate. Sayang 🙁

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