Manila’s best kept Gourmet Restaurant secret


I love this gourmet resto!

This restaurant has escaped my radar because I have not heard about this either from my usual sources of inquirer lifestyle, sunday dose of F, or from manila bloggers. They have been opened since September of last year. I’m glad my friend Diwat was raving about it and introduced me to this restaurant Terry Selection – Gourmet Store located @ Basement 1, Podium Mall. This is actually a gourmet store ran by Juan Carlos de Terry (Ph. D. in Oenology) similar to Santis but this one appears to be authentic spanish stuff with authentic spanish cooking. This is actually a perfect gourmet restaurant to celebrate my 31st Birthday! I’ll share the dining experience in the next post.

Apparently, they have two locations now and the other one located in Pasong Tamo Extension. Here are their addresses:

Gourmet and Wine Experts, Inc.
2316 Pasong Tamo Extension Karrivin Plaza Bldg. Unit 2, Makati City
Tel# 843-8897, 843-8907, Mobile# 0917-835 0681

Terry Selection. Gourmet Store.
The Podium. Lower Ground Floor, 18 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Tel# 638-5725 to 26


9 thoughts on “Manila’s best kept Gourmet Restaurant secret

  1. i found a great “secret” food delivery service in makati.. its still a big secret, so hurry and order before they become too popular and the food quality changes (like Conti’s – theyre so succesful now, but food is not as good as it was when they were a secret find in Paranaque).. Its called THE URBAN FEAST, its run by a brother sister team.. and they do all the cooking themselves, along with taking the orders and making the delivery! hands on talaga. they make a killer paella .. and risotto is pretty good too.. their rosemary garlic is the best ive tried. hurry and order while its still real real good. oh heres the link:
    change topic.. who has a good recipe for churros ?

  2. hi anton,
    first i’d like to tell you how your blog inspires me to go out and dine and try all the restos i could find. i hope you don’t find this too forward but i’m posting to seek your help/advise. i hope you could send me an email.Ü here goes the dilemma:
    been searching the net whole day for this get-together i am planning for my college blockmates. looking for the right venue. here are the ones on my list (thanks to your bloggin!). i hope you could give suggestions:
    1) Pizzeria via Montenapoleone
    2) Cookbook Kitchen
    3) Terry’s Selection (btw, you mentioned in your blog it’s 500/head, would that be all-you-can-eat?)
    here are the things to consider, we want something within 500 bec some of us doesnt really have money (some are still studying!) we want somewhere where we could talk – you know naman how get-togethers are, catching up and stuff. **wink** we’re all in our early 20s, but we wanna be away from the noisy and rowdy party-people crowd (that’s why the normal Friday’s and Italiannis are out from the list). it’s dutch-treat, but to save the time from us computing how much each of us owe it is ideal that all of us pay equally (thus my question for terry’s).
    i’m looking forward to your suggestion. i hope you could send me an email on this.Ü i swear, if it’s resto we’re talking about i’m listening to you and your awesome family! oh — no worries, i’m no stalker! Ü

  3. hi anton! i love your blog! i check it out before i go to a new restaurant (yours and some other favorite bloggers, like graey eats) or look for new restaurants i can take my family to.
    terry’s has been one of our favorites for a long time — the marquesa cake and the risotto al cognac makes my mouth water just thinking about it! Glad you’s going to try it, I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

  4. i wish i can ‘offer’ the FIRST LOVE restaurant that gmmahoney is talking about but i believe that ‘garden forest park’ planned FIRST LOVE RESTAURANT is not finnish yet to even talk about it’s opening…..but that is ONE of a kind restaurant no ‘filipinos or NOT’ should ‘missed’ i believe you have to ride cable tree cars to go up in there and for reservations only behind are mini cottages for overnighters an archery range mini golf tennis court course mini theater for local plays hanging bridges and spa massages world treatment but the main ‘unforgettable’ is how they cook in excellence the main HOUSE SPECIALTY in their menu called ‘first love beef or pork saucy chops’ all i can assure you it is every dropdelicious! PREPARED COOKEd made in heaven like fashion lol!

  5. By the way, for the REAL candies lover Terry selec is now offering the famous French brand Bonbons BARNIER. I particulary love their Salted butter caramael from Brittany.

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