My first Wedding Photoshoot Engagement


I got carried away with excitement with my first wedding photoshoot assignment. My friend, ask me to be a backup photographer during her brother’s wedding (Jay & Portia) last Sunday. Alot of things went wrong at the start. I was late by 15 minutes in the church and by about 90 minutes in the reception so it was a bad first job for me. Also, I’m having problems with my flash unit. Initially, most of the shots are dark and underexposed, or with an unflattering flash burst. I was able to handle it during the church ceremony but I had a hard time with the exposure during dinner time. I need to practice some more and buy the diffuser for the flash.

I was happy with the shots I got and I tried out a couple of effects I learned from Flickr’s Technique group. Here are a couple of effects that I used in the wedding photos:
1). Explosive Photo Effect
2). Comic Art Effect
3). Ipod Ad Effect
4). Lomo Effect
5). Color / B&W Effect

I’m really having fun with photography and digital art these days. I’m thinking of taking photographs on a weekend basis ala Fol Rana. Let me know if you have some questions on the different photoshop effects above.


4 thoughts on “My first Wedding Photoshoot Engagement

  1. Hi Anton..
    I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all the “tips”. interested to know more about the photoshop effects…Question of ignorance lang…where can i get the program (?). I have a digicam and i havent fully explored yet photoshop effects. Salamat.

  2. Well you would need an Adobe Photoshop CS to do most of the effects. If you have not used it before, it would be tough to follow the tutorials or even the automated actions. Although if you want to be a serious photographer or designer, you should start learning adobe photoshop.
    The original software is expensive. So just borrow/ get a trial version in the meantime. Let me know if you need more info, Daniel.

  3. i really enjoy reading your blog because i am a food addict myself and im from lasalle too. 🙂
    I love digital art and into photoshop editing and i wanna ask how u made the first and last effects in the photos? i already know the ipod effect but the first and last ones are really good. thanks 🙂

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