“The point of living is loving.”


I was deeply touched by this essay “Not everything is a power struggle” by the ExpectoRANTS blog. It makes us reflect that life is not a rat race that the more money you have the more successful you would be. It reminded me of my favorite broadway Rent song “Seasons of Love” where it poses the question:

How do you measure a year in the life? In 525,600 minutes or In Love?

For most part, I’m still measuring it in calendar terms. I need to change.

One thought on ““The point of living is loving.”

  1. if it is true love……the feelings are way beyond comprehensions the highs-happiness-euphorias-completeness
    and however-whatever you describe ” THAT ” feelings is simply ” PRICELESS ” main reasons you want to live over and over again…..just simply UNDESCRIBABLE-UNEXPLAINABLE greatest feelings-emotions anyone would love to have experienced

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